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Proposal of Multimeda Presentation of Company
Raszka, David ; Mráček, Pavel (referee) ; Zich, Robert (advisor)
The thesis is based on analysis of current situation in the field of multimedial presentations of universities. In addition, a multimedial presentation in the form of videoclips was proposed, along with its analysis and evaluation.
Survey and Questionnaire Survey in the Area of ​​Application of Gymnastic Terminology in University Practice
Drahotová, Karolína ; Černá, Jana (advisor) ; Novotná, Viléma (referee)
Title: Survey and questionnaire survey in the area of application of gymnastic terminology in university practice Objectives: The goal of the diploma thesis was, through a questionnaire survey, whether gymnastic nomenclature is used in physical education practice at sports universities, to what extent and of what type. Methods: In my work, I used the method of questionnaire survey. Results: The survey showed that the gymnastics title is fully used at all public universities specializing in physical education and gymnastic sports. Keywords: gymnastics, gymnastic terminology, universities, physical education terminology
HR Excellence in Research Award as a tool of quality management in universities
Janouchová, Kristina ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Liška, Roman (referee)
The thesis focuses on the award of the HR Excellence in Research Award certificate as an international standard for quality rules in the management and development of human resources in science and research at selected universities. This is an award given by the European Commission for excellence in the management of human resources in a scientific environment and is the result of the successful implementation of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers. For researchers, the HR Award guarantees European standards of care for staff, openness and transparency in the selection procedures for positions, and quality of the working or academic environment. The European Commission's aim with the HR award is to introduce the concept of strategic human resources management, the application of modern HR practices in the research environment and the consistent adherence to modern principles of human resources development in research. The thesis describes the basic theoretical starting points for the topic, the conditions for the European Commission to award the HR Award, and the assessment of the relevant provisions of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The research part describes the selected survey subjects, selected public universities, and...
To study in Germany
Stuláková, Klára ; Hnilica, Jiří (advisor) ; Míšková, Alena (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on higher education in Germany from the view of Czechoslovak students. Time scope of the thesis is limited by years 1918 and 1933. It is based on archive files of Archiv Univerzity Karlovy and contemporary literature. The historical context is taken especially from two extensive monographs, namely Germania docet from Daniela Siebe and Die Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung und das Ausländerstudium in Deutschland 1925-1945 from Holger Impekoven. The aim of this thesis is a statistical conclusion of the number of Czechoslovak students who went to study in Germany in the given period of time. It also captures political, economical and study aspects of the studies in the Weimar Republic as well as the problems of the integration of Czechoslovak students in german surroundings. According to the studied sources it is necessary to consistently distinguish Czech and Slovak people on one side and German people at the other side. There were fundamental differences between these nationalities not only in the number of Czech and Slovak people traveling to Germany, but also in the way of intake by the local inhabitans. Czechoslovak German people, called Auslandsdeutsche, didn't hesitate to repeatedly elicit unrests against the Czechoslovak people in the Weimar Republic. These unrests...
Accomodation of university students in Prague between years 1918 and 1939
Daněčková, Michala ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with practical issues of life of the university students in Prague du- ring the inter-war period. The main attention is on types of student's living and additionally on fi- nancial aspects, catering and social life. The thesis consists of three parts.Introductory chapter eluci- dates the structure of universities and students in the years 1918-1939. Furthermore there are also results of statistical research concerning forms of accommodation of students in the years 1913/14, 1920/21, 1930/31, 1939/40. The basic source of this statistical research are catalogues of students of the Charles University and the Czech Technical University in Prague. The second chapter describes forms of accommodation, their general attributes and system of dormitories in this period. The conclusion consists of presentations of particular dormitories in Prague. The thesis draws infor- mation from archival material of the National Archive and other archives. A source of useful infor- mation were also brochures and press for students from this period, memoirs and literature on histo- ry of universities.
Comparison of selected Czech and Slovak academic libraries : on the example of Charles University in Prague and Comenius University in Bratislava
Juračková, Lenka ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
(in English) The goal of the thesis is to describe, evaluate and compare the present state of university libraries at the Charles University in Prague and Comenius University in Bratislava. The first chapter briefly describes the present state of Czech and Slovakian university libraries, their anchorage in the laws of the given state and also deals with societies associating the university libraries. The second chapter describes history, present and prospects of three selected faculties of Charles University and Comenius University (Faculty of Art, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Physical Education and Sport) and also the buildings where the faculties are located are described. The third chapter already follows up the libraries of the selected faculties, their history, services, personnel, space descriptions, and their promotion among the general public etc.. The fourth and fifth chapter presents the main body of the work. These chapters include assessment of the questionnaire survey, between to the directors of the selected libraries, and comparison of these libraries on the basis of the survey and other obtained data. [author abstract]
Quality Ensuring of Universities in the Czech Republic Through Evaluation of the Educational Activities
Horáková, Hana ; Šikýř, Martin (advisor) ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis concerns with issues of evaluation and systemic procuring of educational activities of universities in the Czech Republic. It defines status of universities in the framework of educational system, their classification according to the type of providing curriculum and submission of actual overview regarding to the universities which operate in the Czech Republic in the present day. It provides view to the world rankings, their history and position of Czech universities in them. Further, it clarifies the term of evaluation in education and the difference between inner and outer evaluation. At the same time, it introduces the activity of the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education and its distinction from antecedent Committee of Accreditation. The empirical research of this diploma thesis is concentrated on revealing the advantages and disadvantages of the setting in the actual system of the quality of educational activities in the Czech universities. Everything mentioned is possible thanks to using the content analysis of inner documents from selected universities dealing with the problems of evaluation and setting the inner systems ensuring the quality of educational activities. KEYWORDS Assessment, education, evaluation, quality, university
Temples of knowledge had been orphaned: The interventional struggle which was led by representatives of protectorate administration in order to mitigate consequences of the German proceeding against Czech universities in autumn 1939
Borl, Petr ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
The diploma thesis concerns itself with a struggle of the administration of the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia to deal with the consequences of the German action of 17th November, when as a revenge for previous demonstrations Czech universities in the Protectorate were closed and more than a thousand of their students were arrested and sent to concentration camps in Germany. The thesis is divided into 4 main chapters. The first one concerns itself concisely with reasons, course and immediate consequences of the German "Special action of 17th November 1939". The content of the second chapter is formed by an exposition of a struggle to achieve liberation of the jailed students and their comeback home that was realised by the interventions of the state president Hácha and the Protectorate government at the representatives of the occupation regime; and then an inquest of their tactics and its successfulness at these interventions. A topic of the next chapter is a description and an analysis of the problems accompanying the closure of Czech universities, with which the Protectorate government was also forced to deal. Among them there were for example a placement of the students, who were not jailed but prevented from continuing in their studies and whom the Protectorate government strove to protect...

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