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Future through the eyes of preschool children that are bringing up in orphanages
Motlová, Kateřina ; High, Radka (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
As the title of the bachelor's thesis reveals, it aims to find out how preschool children growing up in foster homes view their own future. To what extent does growing up in institutional care affect their future lives. The theoretical part consists of several chapters that are closely related to the topic of the work. One of the chapters describes children's mental and physical development starting with conception and ending with preschool age. The chapter divides development into developmental periods - newborn, infant, toddler and preschool age child. Each subchapter contains important milestones of development periods related to the topic of the bachelor's thesis. The next chapter, which is included in the work, describes the functioning of foster homes in the Czech Republic in terms of legislation. The following chapter then discusses the impact of placing children in institutional care (in this work, specifically in foster homes). One of the important parts deals with the concepts of time, time perspective and time perception of preschool age children. The last chapter of the theoretical part deals with the development and specifics of children's drawings, because drawing is the main method for research in the empirical part. The empirical part took place in April 2022 in a foster home,...
The cooperation between family and school in the case of pupils with special educational needs from teachers' point of view
Kaštánková Pecháčová, Michaela ; Viktorová, Ida (advisor) ; Sotáková, Hana (referee)
Annotation: Michaela Kaštánková Pecháčová's diploma thesis "The cooperation between family and school in the case of pupils with special educational needs from teachers' point of view" deals with the issues of school-family cooperation. It is divided into a theoretical part, which describes the functions of the family and school, forms of cooperation and communication between both parties. It also focuses on the role of educational counsellor and form teacher. Theoretical knowledge is mainly from the field of pedagogy, psychology, didactics and special pedagogy, as well as from professional experience. The second part of this thesis is the research. The research consists of two parts. The first part deals with the area of expertise of the educational counsellor during the online education. The second part researches the opinions of the teachers about the problematics of the cooperation between school and parents in primary educational system using qualitative interviews with teachers and subsequently their analysis. Keywords pedagogy, cooperation, psychology, communication, family, pupil, school, educational counselor, class teacher, problem parent
Signature of Preschool Age Children
Ondráčková, Blanka ; Viktorová, Ida (advisor) ; Páchová, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis devotes to the issue of writing and understanding the signature of preschool age. The theoretical part, after a concise summary of the characteristics of the developmental period and defining the relationship between literacy and graphomotory, primarily egages in children's understanding writing and perception of printed words. It mentions relevant researches related to the topic of child ability to write their name and the influence of this skill to the next child development. It also deals with the notion of "signature" and the reasons its attractiveness for preschool children. The focus of this thesis is own empirical research, the aim was to determine the relationship of preschool children to the signature. The first point of interest was the linguistic understanding of the signature and the other children's image of its social importance and usefulness. The attention was paid to the graphic representation of the signature and the ability to read it subsequently and repeatedly in context of linguistic understanding of the signature. This part of the research is focused on children's understanding of the print system and the function of letters as placeholders, ie the awareness that isolated letters do not mean itself. The children's view of the importance of the signature...
ICT: A Modern Weapon Againts Teachers in the hands of Students?
Flekácsová, Katarína ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
My thesis focuses on electronic communication between adolescents and teachers and the aspects of communication among adolescents with regards to their teachers. I used all the resources mentioned below, as well as my realised research. This theme has not yet been completely processed. As a result, I have aimed to create a comprehensive view on the function of electronic communication within the teacher - student relationship. This essay consists of two parts; a theoretical view and a practical view. The theoretical view consists of four chapters. The first two chapters deal with the specificity of the virtual world and its place within the lives of adolescents and how they communicate. The last two chapters of the theoretical view are focused on the school environment. The third chapter talks about relations of adolescents with teachers and relations among adolescents themselves. The final chapter within the theoretical view covers issues of virtual communication in relation to the school and education. In the practical view, I present quantitative public opinion surveys carried out in the 3rd class of high schools. The research focuses on the neutral, positive or negative ways in which adolescents use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to communicate with teachers and how they...
Value priorities, materialism and subjective well-being in Czech students in relation to the socio-economic status of their family
Bariekzahyová, Tereza ; Hnilica, Karel (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
This study is focused on findings distinctions in value priorities, materialism and subjective well-being of Czech students in relation to the differences in socio-economic status of their family. The theoretical part of my work is divided into four chapters. In the first chapter there is presented the Schwartz's theory of the universal content and structure of human values - one of the most powerful theories of human values. In the second chapter I introduce the conception of materialism from Richins, who deals with the researches of materialism in the USA. The third chapter explains what is in fact the quality of life and presents the Diener's theory of subjective well-being. In the fourth chapter I deal with the influence of socioeconomic status of family to the individuals. I show this influence on a researches about inequalities in educational chances of children, researches about differences among families from lower and higher social class. There are also presented the theories of socio-cultural handicaps.
Book in the Preschooler's family
Pitelková, Hana ; Viktorová, Ida (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
1 Abstract: This diploma thesis deals with the role of a book in a preschool child's family. The aim of the theoretical part is to point out the importance of a book reading to a pre-school child in a family and also to point out the importance of books, the position of children's literature in the multimedia world. The theoretical part also deals with the description of different kinds of books a child of this age may encounter and also with the demands on children's literature. Practical part deals with the interpretation of data gained through research lead in a form of half-structured interviews of a parent with a pre-school-age child. The survey observes books in a family in three areas: Book and the parent's own childhood, Current situation in adulthood and Current situation with the parent's own child. Emphasis is put especially on the situation with the parent's own child focused on the work with a book as a means of education, on the child's interest in books and reading, on the child's and parent's book choice and their library attendance. Key words: pre-school age, book, reading
Psychological aspects of reading and its ontogenesis
Andrlová, Lenka ; Viktorová, Ida (advisor) ; Klusák, Miroslav (referee)
The thesis addresses the topic of reading. By means of the qualitative research it analyzes reading of the pupils of the secondary professional school and secondary extension courses, i.e. young people 15-32 years old. Primarily, it deals with two topics: the process of reading (choice of the book, process of reading itself and subsiding of reading) and the reading evolution. Moreover, using individual interviews, it surveys other subtle aspects of reading and accompanying experience. Finally it characterizes individual reader's stages according to the age of the child.
Attention in preschool children
Černá, Veronika ; Trpišovská, Dobromila (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
English abstrakt The main task of the thesis is to identify and measure the attention of children of preschool age. It is divided into two parts. Theoretical part, which is devoted to the definition of attention, provides a comprehensive overview of the history beginning with the issue, describes the different types, characteristics, attention disorders and conditions affecting the attention. An integral part is a description of the preschool child and work with children of preschool age. The second part of the research, then engaged in empirical research with preschool children. Children in kindergarten were placed on various characteristics of the tests of attention. These tests were then evaluated and processed. Were investigated differences in tasks between children and between the three established groups of children Bachelor thesis aims to answer the question, what are the differences between the four-year, five year old and six year old children and compares the performance and level of awareness among different groups of children. Key words: attention, attention characteristics, pre-school children
Biblical Stories in Hagiotherapy and Pastoral Care
Kynclová, Dana ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
KYNCLOVÁ, Dana. Biblical Stories in Hagiotherapy and Pastoral Care. Praha, 2013. Master's thesis. Charles University. Faculty of Education. Department of Psychology. Supervisor M. Kucera. Keywords: pastoral care, hagiotherapy, Christianity, integrated approach, psychology, theology, spirituality, religion, psychotherapy, Bible, Bible stories, exegesis, existential psychotherapy This thesis deals with the relationship of hagiotherapy and pastoral care on the basis of their approach to work with motifs from biblical stories. The theoretical framework of the study are various findings on the relationship of psychology and theology and their application disciplines of psychotherapy and pastoral care from a clear definition of the boundaries of both disciplines to their integration. Due to the default assumption that personality is composed of bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs, an integrative model has the potential to meet human needs in this wholeness. Hagiotherapy, as a direction of existential psychotherapy using Bible stories as a therapeutic tool, is close in nature to pastoral care and this fact gave rise to the research project. The aim of the research is to determine how hagiotherapy and pastoral care work with the motifs of biblical stories and whether it is possible to find similarities in...

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