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Headteacher Competences within an Educational Institution
Círal, Gabriela Sarah ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Liška, Roman (referee)
Most kindergartens in the Czech Republic are managed by a headmaster/ headmistress and their deputies (depending on the size of the kindergarten). There are also some kindergartens which fall within the management of a primary, or even a secondary school in the particular municipality, and the function of a headmaster/ headmistress is performed by the primary/ secondary school principal. If that is the case, the kindergarten headteacher position is introduced, who is not a deputy but is in charge of the kindergarten and responsible to the principal. This thesis examines the competencies of a kindergarten headteacher as an educational institution leader. The aim of the thesis is to research kindergarten headteachers' job competencies and job description in South-Bohemia Region (Jihočeský kraj). In the theoretical section, the thesis focuses on a headteacher's position, what professional requirements there are in such a position; what the measure of participation in the organisation management, and the headteacher's approach towards interpersonal relationship in the workplace is. The thesis furthermore discusses the concerns of kindergarten management, and what the term educational process includes. Self-reflection is important with everyone, it is crucial in educators, and absolutely essential in...
HR Excellence in Research Award as a tool of quality management in universities
Janouchová, Kristina ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Liška, Roman (referee)
The thesis focuses on the award of the HR Excellence in Research Award certificate as an international standard for quality rules in the management and development of human resources in science and research at selected universities. This is an award given by the European Commission for excellence in the management of human resources in a scientific environment and is the result of the successful implementation of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers. For researchers, the HR Award guarantees European standards of care for staff, openness and transparency in the selection procedures for positions, and quality of the working or academic environment. The European Commission's aim with the HR award is to introduce the concept of strategic human resources management, the application of modern HR practices in the research environment and the consistent adherence to modern principles of human resources development in research. The thesis describes the basic theoretical starting points for the topic, the conditions for the European Commission to award the HR Award, and the assessment of the relevant provisions of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The research part describes the selected survey subjects, selected public universities, and...
Climate measurement at High School
Grygorsky, Nikola ; Liška, Roman (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
v anglickém jazyce This bachelor thesis deals with school climate and different types of high school climate measurements. The goal is to use a standardized tool to explore the climate at the Prague high school. School climate fundamental terms are described in the theoretical part. The term school climate and climate are specified in this work. Because climate is a multi-meaning word. The first thing that many people think of is weather. However, this thesis deals with the concept of climate from the perspective of a social group. Interpersonal relationships, mood, atmosphere, environment, and feelings can be imagined under this term. The term climate is defined by many authors, some authors agree on the definition, and some contradict each other. In the introductory part of the thesis, the definitions of the term are described by several authors. The next chapter explains the types of school climate, and a separate chapter also describes what a positive school climate should look like. Moreover, the theoretical part is focused on factors which influence school climate and its creators. The last chapter of the theoretical part talks about the possibilities of school climate measurements. In the practical part, the state of the chosen high school climate is explored through quantitative research...
Development strategy of the selected school
Kočová, Karolína ; Hubert, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Liška, Roman (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the area of strategic management of a selected educational organization, which is a vocational school. In the theoretical part of the diploma thesis, attention is paid to the theoretical basis, that is the field of education, management in a broader context and strategic management with specifics in education. The diploma thesis also focuses on the selected educational organization and its characteristics, and the general specifics of special schools. The research part analyzes the current state of management of the organization and using interviews and a questionnaire survey information is obtained to meet the goal of the thesis, to compile a development strategy for a selected organization. The aim of the thesis is to develop a draft strategy for the development of the selected school, based on an analysis of the current state of school management using the results of a questionnaire survey and interviews and in connection with the strategic documents of the educational policy of the Czech Republic, including the use of the results of projects developed at the national level for the issue under investigation. The key step in creating a strategic plan is to determine the school's climate based on questionnaires and interviews, SWOT analysis, content analysis of school...
Quality management of selected school educational and accommodation facilities
Rubeš, David ; Liška, Roman (advisor) ; Hubert, Vlastimil (referee)
This thesis deals with the quality management of selected school educational and accommodation facility, specifically a youth home operating at the secondary school. The theoretical basis of the thesis covers areas such as upbringing, education, quality management in the broader sense, and quality management with specifics in education. The research section contains an analysis of the survey object, for which the structure of a self- evaluation report is proposed in the context of quality management. Included is a pilot evaluation performed based on the created questionnaire, interview, and monitored data. Additionally, a draft is provided of possible recommendations for quality improvement and pertinent adjustments to the documents of the youth home. The main resource for the empirical part of the study and following autoevaluation report are mainly Quality criteria of the Czech School Inspectorate in modification for youth homes. KEYWORDS Education, quality criteria of the Czech School Inspectorate, quality management, school educational and accommodation facilities, secondary school, upbringing, youth home

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