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Parish network of the Rokycany deanery until 1436. Structure, equipment, beneficiaries
Pazourková, Anna ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Trojan, David (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is concerned with the questions of the church administration in the late Middle Ages. It is focused on the deanery of Rokycany from the middle of the 14th century to the Hussite Wars. Its sources are especially Confirmation books, Erection books and Court files of the Prague Consistory. It analyses questions of the mobility of the clergy by detecting occupancy of the rectories, or patronage rights. The results of the work are processed graphically and in the form of tables. These tables can be used as part of digital database. Patronage right was in the deanery of Rokycany held primarily by the nobility. It is interesting to observe local contacts and mass permutations in the Rosenbergs dominion. The conclusions are compared to previous published results from other deaneries.
The Adamites in Bohemia: the formation of their image in contemporary literary works
Strupek, Jan ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Libichová Cermanová, Pavlína (referee)
The presented work deals with the phenomenon of the hussite adamite sect, which arised from the Tabor chiliasm in 1420, and which was physically liquidated by the hussites themselves the following year, because of sectarians' radical religious ideas and practices. The contemporary sources have preserved the image of the hussite adamites as rapists and sexual perverts, who completely contradicted order of the medieval society. To this day, historians have not been able to confirm or refute the authenticity of this image. This work focuses on this literary image and, through a rigorous analysis and comparison of selected sources, follows how it was formed. At the same time, it places this image in the context of the phenomenon of heresiological clichés, thereby investigating whether the common view of a medieval people (especially the educated ones) on heretical groups, containing many stereotypes, was used in its creation. Key words: Husitism, Tábor, Adamites, Chiliasm, Heresy, Picards, Jan Žižka
The Thought-world of utraquist priest Václav Rosa
Francová, Marie ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Zdichynec, Jan (referee)
Václav Rosa was utraquist priest, who got his ordination in 1516. Since that time he had replaced several parishes in the Bohemia. He passed away in 1560. Besides casual experiences of lower clergy his notes contain the view into the contemporarythinkingand the perceptionof the world. This thesis follows up my bachelor thesis, which is called Václav Rosa's writings as source for cognitionof religious situationinthe first half of the 16thcentury. This master thesis is focused on Rosa's library and its content, his dreams and his opinions are compared with other utraquist authors, who are Šimon of Slaný, Jan Bechyňka, Vaněk Valečovský, Bohuslav Bílejovský, Jan Laetus and the Priest of Černovice. The aim of this thesis is to detail Rosa's personality and places him in the picture frame of utraquist clergy.
King by the will of Bohemian Estates The Accession of Vladislaus II of Hungary to the Bohemian Royal Throne
Rejzek, Jan ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
The aim of the presented thesis is to describe the ascension of Vladislav II Jagello to the Bohemian throne in 1471. Although this topic has been already researched in earlier works, they have usually focused on Vladislav's election in Kutná Hora while overlooking the following process of enthronement. In my thesis, I therefore concentrate not only on the analysis of the events from March to May 1471, but also on the following months. It was during these months that the negotiations between the Bohemian estates and the Polish royal court were concluded and the necessary ceremonials that made Vladislav Jagello the king of Bohemia were performed.
Territorial church administration in Litomyšl-dioceses on the example of chosen deaneries (half of 14th century - 1st half of 16th century)
Boštík, Vojtěch ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Večeře, Vojtěch (referee)
The bachelor's thesis summarizes the existing knowledge about the foundation and administrative organization of the diocese of Litomyšl (since 1344). It summarizes source references and reports in the literature on individual benefice in the form of tabular appendices. In addition to regional and art- historical literature, the thesis will use the official books of the diocese of Prague and documentary material related to the diocese of Litomyšl. It takes into account the sources of the Olomouc diocese if they relate to the diocese of Litomyšl. Due to the scope of the diocese and the impossibility of processing it all, the deaneries of Vysoké Mýto and Polička will be processed, which are assumed to have the most favorable source base. The main goal of the thesis is to answer the question of whether the church administration in the diocese of Litomyšl functioned similarly to the one in Prague, where the source situation is far more favorable. At the same time, the aim of the thesis is to find out whether it is possible to reconstruct the church territorial administration of the Litomyšl diocese under the given source situation and to bring methodological suggestions to this issue.
The influence of Kutná Hora town council on the church conditions in town at the turn of the 15th and 16th century
Holý, Ondřej ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (referee)
Inaddition to political and economic power, the city of the Jagiellonian era also exert ist influence in rhe specific space of rhe Utraquist spiritual sphere. The sudject of thle work is to determine the deree of influence of the city council on church conditions in the city at the turn of the 15th and16th centuries. InKutná Hora and describe the mechanisms of municipal power in thisarea. The environmment of the mining Down associated with a high accumulation of financial andresources andpeople Leeds to the question of how these aspekt manifed themselves in the relations between the Down and the durch. The degree of influence of the city of Kutná Hora on local durch conditions can be churcg institutions. The degrese of influence of the city of Kutná Hora on local churcgh conditiones can be observed in the reletionship.
Elizabeth of Pomerania - wife, queen, mother
Lisnerová, Natálie ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is Elizabeth of Pomerania, the fourth and last wife of Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. Using her as an example, this work examines the status of a medieval queen and empress in general terms. By entering into a marriage with Charles IV, a role was bestowed upon Elizabeth to play as the wife of a monarch, from which arose certain tasks that she had to fulfil. She acquired her husband's titles and shared his position of a monarch and as a woman her primary task was to bring heirs into the world. Elizabeth was a young bride and she outlived the aging emperor by 15 whole years, during which she stood down from prominence into a position of empress-widow. This thesis asks what tasks Elizabeth's role entailed and whether she fulfilled expectations placed on her. By these criteria the work is divided into thematic chapters - marriage to Charles IV, the role of a monarch, a mother and at last a widow, all of which follow a rough chronological order, with some themes overlapping over the whole course of Elizabeth's life. The main milestones are: Elizabeth's date of birth (1346 or 1347), her marriage to Charles IV (1363), the emperor's death (1378) and the empress' own death (1393). Key words Elizabeth of Pomerania, Charles IV, Luxembourg dynasty,...
Zvolští of Zvole in the service of catholic church. Kuneš and Beneš of Zvole as bishops of Olomouc
Sitta, Jan ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
(in English): Feudal lords Zvolští of Zvole, which were fundamentally bound by vassal bonds to the diocese of Olomouc, are worthy of our attention because of the way, in which they intervened into czech internal struggles and european problems of the turbulent hussite war's and unstable post-hussite war's era. The credit for that belongs to their two members, who reached the episcopal throne of Olomouc - Kuneš between years 1430-1434 and Bohuš between years 1454-1457. The aim of this diploma thesis is to comprehensivly describe life stories of these two remarkable men and their careers from their study years up to their early deaths, which were the cause of overlooking of these individuals by modern historiography so far. Making use of biographical methods, we described there Kuneš and Bohuš as hardworking and purposeful students of the canon law, zealous defenders of catholic church and proponents of strict actions against utraquism and influential and loyal servants of king and Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg, respectively king Ladislaus the Posthumous. Moreover, this thesis adresses equally interesting topic, which is the struggle between conciliarism and papacy and the role, that Kuneš and Bohuš played in tih struggle. Last but not least is this thesis essential for better...
Masters of Prague Faculty of Arts 1437-1448
Kotau, Pavel ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Svatoš, Michal (referee)
The thesis deals with masters of arts who lectured at the Prague faculty of arts or graduated from it in the years between 1437 and 1448. The work includes a reconstruction of the corps of masters for the period, their individual descriptions, and an analysis of the academic community, with special attention to the ties between masters and groups of masters.
Lord Menhart of Hradec in the Swirl of Events of the First Half of the 15th Century
Miczanová, Veronika ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Zilynská, Blanka (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is dedicated to one representative of a significant Southern Czech noble family of Lords of Neuhaus, Meinhard (1398 - 1449). Meinhard belonged to moderate Utraquists, became an ally of the Taborites and later an important person in the negotiations with Sigismund of Luxemburg. He also played a major role in the period of interregnum after the death of Albert, Archduke of Austria and in the period of the reign of George of Poděbrady which he opposed later in his life. His sudden death was uncertain. So far, no extensive individual study about Meinhard of Neuhaus has been published. The thesis uses materials from contemporary literature and edited sources, or, as circumstances allow, takes account of non-printed sources stored in National Archive in Prague and the documents from the Lords of Neuhaus stored in State Regional Archive in Třeboň in the section Jindřichův Hradec.

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