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Survey and Questionnaire Survey in the Area of Application of Gymnastics Terminology in Practice in Secondary Schools
Loušová, Kristýna ; Černá, Jana (advisor) ; Holá, Iveta (referee)
Title: Survey and Questionnaire Survey in the Area of Application of Gymnastics Terminology in Practice in Secondary Schools Objective: The aim is, based on a questionnaire survey, to evaluate the current situation of the use of gym terminology by physical education pedagogues and the availability of educational materials for pedagogical practice in secondary schools and multi-year grammar schools with graduation exam. Methods: The main method chosen for data collection is a non-standardized questionnaire, which has been send to high school teachers via email. This questionnaire has been created with help of the Department of Gymnastics and Field Sports. The specific questionnaire has been filled out via the web application. Results: Based on the results of an electronic questionnaire, it was found that the vast majority of pedagogues, secondary schools and multi-year gymnasiums ending with the matriculation exam, use gym nomenclature in physical education classes, but to a limited extent. Keywords: gymnastics terminology, gymnastic terminology for trainers, secondary schools, gymnastics, National accreditation bureau for higher education
Survey and Questionnaire Survey in the Area of ​​Application of Gymnastic Terminology in University Practice
Drahotová, Karolína ; Černá, Jana (advisor) ; Novotná, Viléma (referee)
Title: Survey and questionnaire survey in the area of application of gymnastic terminology in university practice Objectives: The goal of the diploma thesis was, through a questionnaire survey, whether gymnastic nomenclature is used in physical education practice at sports universities, to what extent and of what type. Methods: In my work, I used the method of questionnaire survey. Results: The survey showed that the gymnastics title is fully used at all public universities specializing in physical education and gymnastic sports. Keywords: gymnastics, gymnastic terminology, universities, physical education terminology
The use of dance in people with specific needs
Klimentová, Veronika ; Kolbová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Černá, Jana (referee)
Author: Veronika Klimentová, DiS. Title: The use of dance in people with specific needs Objectives: The main aim of this thesis is to analyze the use of dance in people with specific needs as well as determine, based on the survey, if dance is used in social facilities in the Czech republic. I have done so by creating and using a non-standardized questionnaire survey, which examined the established scientific questions. Methods: To fulfill the aim of the bachelor's thesis, the method of qualitative-quantitative research using a questionnaire survey was used. The results were processed and shown by graphical comparison. Results: The results of the questionnaire survey showed that dance is used by different organizations with different target groups. It is mainly a form of therapeutic dance or a dance lesson. All respondents confirmed the positive effect of dance on their clients. Conclusion: Dance can have a positive effect on physical and mental health of an individual. It can also support social relationships of people with specific needs. In the social institutions of the Czech Republic, it is used in the form of therapeutic dance rather as a supplement to the regular program. Greater awareness of social workers about the effects of dance therapy and therapeutic dance, as well as the involvement...
The role of anxiety and fear in gymnastic sports: A systematic literature review
Bydžovská, Kateřina ; Malíř, Roman (advisor) ; Černá, Jana (referee)
Title: The role of anxiety and fear in gymnastic sports: a systematic literature search Objectives: The aim of this undergraduate thesis is to investigate, through a systematic literature search, the evidence base of professional publications on fear and anxiety in gymnastics and their role on sport performance. Methods: To create this bachelor thesis, the methods of systematic search were used in accordance with the PRISMA statement. Based on the script, data were selected from scientific databases (Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed and EBSCOhost), sources were selected according to pre-set criteria for the selection of the thesis. MS Excel was used to process the scientific publications and Zotero citation manager was used to sort the studies. After subsequent selection, the selected studies that met the thesis selection criteria were analyzed in detail. The selected studies were also critically appraised according to the risk of bias ("Risk of Bias") and summarized. Results: A total of 39 selected studies were included in the systematic search. A total of 33 studies dealt with sport gymnastics, with the results of these studies predominantly indicating a higher frequency of anxiety and fear during gymnastics competitions. There were also studies that addressed the issue of fear and anxiety due to...
Development of flexibility in young school gymnasts
Rogozová, Lucie ; Kozáková, Alena (advisor) ; Černá, Jana (referee)
Title: Development of flexibility in young school gymnasts Objectives: The main objective of this work is to create an intervention program focused on developing flexibility for young school-age female gymnasts, and to practice exercises for a period of 3 months during training. Methods: For the purpose of this bachelor thesis, we selected 5 tests from the file of the International Gymnastics Federation. The participants were measured at the beginning of the testing period (March) and then again at the end of the testing period (May). For a period of 3 months, they incorporated exercises from the intervention program into their training sessions, aiming to improve their range of motion Results: The created intervention program had a positive impact on the development of flexibility. Tested girls improved their scores in all 5 tested exercises after the three-month intervention, thus enhancing their level of flexibility. Keywords: gymnastics, artistic gymnastic, young school age, flexibility, intervention
The choreography composition for the Fitness Step aerobic senior category
Šimková, Michaela ; Černá, Jana (advisor) ; Novotná, Viléma (referee)
Title: The choreography composition for the Fitness step aerobic senior category. Objectives: According to Analysis and Predictions of development of step aerobic competitive choreographies create and demonstrate the new choreography on the FISAF, Žij pohybem and Mistry s mistry competitions.
Fitness center and its cocial role
Černá, Jana ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Podaná, Zuzana (referee)
This work deals with the phenomenon of the 20th and the 21 st century, fitness. The work, among other things, emphasizes the training in fitness centres and focuses on their clients. The main task of it is to describe the prime visitor' s motives for attending fiteness centres and the historical and social background ofthese motive s as weB. On the basis ofthem the work tries to describe the characteristics of the visitors themselfs. The work is concemed with the group of visitors, who attend the fitness centers especially in their leisure time.
Implementation of choreography of a movement composition for the Žij pohybem competition, category aerobics show
Fajfrlíková, Tereza ; Černá, Jana (advisor) ; Panská, Šárka (referee)
Title: Implementation of choreography of a movement composition for the Žij pohybem competition, category aerobics show. Objective of the work: The objective of the work is to describe respective phases of creating a movement composition for the Žij pohybem competition. To make it with regard to the requirements and rules of the competition. To evaluate the success of the composition in the season 2012 on the basis of the results in the competition. Methods: To achieve the objective of the work I used information gathered from the study of specialized literature, internet resources and video recordings dealing with this issue. I used suggestions from the work of experienced choreographers and trainers and knowledge from my own choreographic works and activity as a trainer. Results: Using the methods described below the work was successfully implemented. The proof of successful implementation of the composition is the score and feedback of the judges from the Žij pohybem competitions. Kay words: movement composition, choreography, aerobics, Žij pohybem competition, implementation of a composition

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