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The role of the program The leader in me in developing competencies
Kučerová, Zuzana ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Frombergerová, Anna (referee)
The subject of this work is to describe and present the program The Leader in me as one of the possible starting points of the current educational effect on students of all levels of the educational system in terms of their equipment with competencies. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts related to the framework educational program, key competencies in education and the school educational program. Furthermore, the principle of 7 habits of effective behavior is described here and it is stated how they can be applied in the school environment with the help The practical part of the work focuses on the methods leading to the acquisition of key competencies within the classes of Personal - Social Education and on the possibilities and impact of introducing of the program The Leader in me into practice at the Primary School Bratří Čapků in Ústí nad Orlicí. The information was collected through interviews and follow-up questionnaires. This research showed that the location of Personal and Social Education as a separate subject, its content and outputs, are in accordance with the recommendations of The Framework educational program for basic education and the thinking and intentions of class teachers. Furthermore, it turned out that despite the fact that, according to teachers, the principles...
Construction of intencionality by adolescent deliquents
Onder, Jakub ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Chrz, Vladimír (referee)
In this paper I will be mapping so-called intentional profile of juvenile delinquents. This is way of their perception and experience of surrounding world, how they apply significance and how they think about it. Part of this profile is idea of role and participation within the frame of this world. Next goal of this research is explanation of delinquent behavior as part of intentional profile. Research took place in youth detention center. It consisted of narrative and discourse analysis of four fifty minute long autobiographic interviews with four boys sixteen or seventeen years old with delinquent past. In interviews was emphasized independent selection of subject by respondents themselves. Result of analysis was formation of so-called theory of egocentrism. This theory has been compared with other theories and research and embodied in context of social sciences in second part of this paper. Egocentrism is compared with splitting defense mechanism according to M. Klein. In conclusion of this paper were formulated psychotherapeutic recommendations for employees of youth detention centers for work with juvenile delinquents based on findings of performed research.
Math self-efficacy of children at primary school
Vozková, Anna ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Pavelková, Isabella (referee)
Self-efficacy significantly influences human functioning. It is not only individual's belief about his capabilities but also what he thinks he can achieve with them. This bachelor's theses is concerned with a specific domain of self-efficacy in mathematics and also with variables related to mathematics. The theoretical part summarizes a basic theoretical background of self-efficacy with an emphasis on the self- efficacy concept from Albert Bandura. Other parts involve topics such as academic self-efficacy, mathematical self-efficacy and gender differences in mathematical performance and attitude toward mathematics. The empirical part describes the realized research. Its goal was to find out the measure of self-efficacy of children in four grade of elementary school. The research was also focused on a relationship between self-efficacy and other variables (performance in mathematics, grades in mathematics, identification with mathematics) and concerned with a question whether there are any gender differences in math self-efficacy and in those other variables. Methods used in this research were two kinds of questionnaires and a mathematical test. Results of this research suggest that there are no gender differences in mathematical self-efficacy, neither in other variables. On the other hand, there were some...
Pupil's vulgarity against teachers in 6th and 9th grade
Vajc, Vladimír ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Strejčková, Helena (referee)
Vulgarity can be understood as a bio-psycho-social phenomenon, which pervades our everyday life on every single step literally. Nevertheless, this topic is still relatively insufficiently explored. This thesis is aimed on specific example of vulgarity - namely male and female pupils' vulgarity against teachers and not only on verbal vulgarity (curse words). It will be about broader conception containing even non-verbal and paraverbal phenomenons. This thesis explores pupils' vulgarity against teachers through observation and interviews. It brings demarcation of what is manifestation of pupils' vulgarity against teachers, findings that boys compared with girls and older pupils compared to younger ones are more vulgar against teachers. Thesis further presents functions and forms of pupils' vulgarity against teachers, touching (non)reactions of teachers on pupils' vulgarity addressed to them and teachers view on the topic of pupils' vulgarity against teachers and even their view on vulgarity at school in general. At the same time, teachers' (non)reactions on pupils' vulgarity against teachers and on phenomenon of pupils' vulgarity against teachers and even on phenomenon of vulgarity at school in general is viewed from perpective of male and female pupils. Keywords: male pupil, female pupil, vulgarity,...
ICT: A Modern Weapon Againts Teachers in the hands of Students?
Flekácsová, Katarína ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
My thesis focuses on electronic communication between adolescents and teachers and the aspects of communication among adolescents with regards to their teachers. I used all the resources mentioned below, as well as my realised research. This theme has not yet been completely processed. As a result, I have aimed to create a comprehensive view on the function of electronic communication within the teacher - student relationship. This essay consists of two parts; a theoretical view and a practical view. The theoretical view consists of four chapters. The first two chapters deal with the specificity of the virtual world and its place within the lives of adolescents and how they communicate. The last two chapters of the theoretical view are focused on the school environment. The third chapter talks about relations of adolescents with teachers and relations among adolescents themselves. The final chapter within the theoretical view covers issues of virtual communication in relation to the school and education. In the practical view, I present quantitative public opinion surveys carried out in the 3rd class of high schools. The research focuses on the neutral, positive or negative ways in which adolescents use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to communicate with teachers and how they...
Self-efficacy and burnout syndrome among teachers in primary schools
Topková, Petra ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Trpišovská, Dobromila (referee)
Annotation: Teching is a profession burdened with high working stress that can in long term lead burnout syndrome. However, not all teachers suffer from burnout. They can be protected by factors as is for example teacher self-efficacy or social support. This bachelor theses is concerned with burnout syndrome among primary school teachers and also with the relationship between this phenomenon, teacher self-efficacy and social support. Theoretical part concludes theoretical ground according to authorities in the field and findings from previous research. The purpose of the empirical part is to develop an instrument for measuring teacher self-efficacy and to explore the relationship between burnout syndrome, teacher self-efficacy and social support. A questionnaire consisting of five parts was used: anamnestic part, Shirom-Melamed Burnout Measure, teacher self-efficacy questionnaire, SVF 78 and ESSI. Negative correlation was found between burnout, teacher self-efficacy and social support. No differences were found between women and men. Differences in teacher self-efficacy and social support were found between teachers with high burnout scores and teachers with low burnout scores. Keywords: burnout syndrome, social support, primary school teachers, teacher self-efficacy
Achievement motivation of pupils
Svobodová, Veronika ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; Smetáčková, Irena (referee)
Title: Achievement motivation of pupils Author: Veronika Svobodová Supervisor: Doc. PhDr. Isabella Pavelková, CSc. The concern of this dissertation is the achievement motivation of pupils on the 2nd grade of primary schools. The aim of the theoretical part is the introduction to the theme of motivation of human behaviour with an accent on specifics of motivation for learning and especially the description of achievement motivation. In the practical part, there are set two research targets. The first target is to map achievement motivation of the pupils on the 2nd grade of one specific primary school. This mapping is done by the statistical processing of data from the questionnaire of achievement motivation MV-9, which was given to pupils. The second research target is a detailed analysis of achievement motivation of selected pupils from one class of the 2nd grade of the primary school. The aim is to identify significant demonstration of behaviour in relation to their achievement focus. Besides the filled questionnaire MV-9, the data are gathered from observations and interviews with pupils. Keywords: motivation, school achievement motivation, school achievement

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