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Věrnostní programy a generace Z
Alexa, Michael
ALEXA, M. Loyalty programs and Generation Z. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2023. The bachelor thesis deals with loyalty programs and their use. The aim of the thesis was to formulate recommendations how to adjust loyalty programs condi-tions targeting Generation Z customers in retail sales. The recommendations should help increase customer satisfaction, greater loyalty, and increase sales of merchandise in retail stores. For data collection, a questionnaire survey (n=300) was used in the quantitative research and in-depth interviews (n=20) in the quali-tative research. Data were processed using Microsoft Excel and Statistica soft-ware. Based on research finding, recommendations relate to personal data protection, offering valuable and personalized rewards, keeping reward offers simple and easy to understand, linking of the loyalty program to social and environmental campaigns, and increasing awareness of the loyalty program through social media and digital marketing.
Priming efekt a jeho vliv na chování spotřebitele
Hřebíčková, Michaela
The diploma thesis deals with the priming effect and its influence on consumer behavior. The priming effect is referred to as an experimental framework showing that the processing of a previously identified stimulus affects how we react to a later identified stimulus, at a subconscious level. This work consists of a theoretical part and an analytical part, which includes an overview of the current state of e-commerce in the Czech Republic and the results of foreign studies on the influence of the priming effect, as well as an analysis of primary data obtained through questionnaire surveys and in-depth interviews. The results of the primary data analysis show that consumers are influenced by some kinds of priming effect. Based on these findings, a recommendation was proposed for companies on how they can use these types of priming effect in their marketing campaigns.
Chování spotřebitele při nákupu bavlněného spodního prádla
Lasáková, Luisa
This diploma thesis deals with consumer behaviour in the area of buying cotton underwear. The aim of the work was to find out what awareness of this issue is mainly among Czech and Slovak consumers, while identifying problems associated with the purchase of cotton underwear, willingness to buy and knowledge in the area. Quantitative research in the form of a questionnaire survey (N = 212), and qualitative research (N = 38) consisting of eye-tracking research and an in-depth interview is used to fulfil the goal. The importance is mainly based on the preference of colours, the location of certification infographics, the composition of the material and the price. Based on the results, the recommendations for the sellers of the lower lingerie from organic cotton are given.
Změny v chování spotřebitelů při nákupu potravin a nealkoholických nápojů
Osičková, Jana
The bachelor thesis deals with changes in consumer behaviour when buying food and non-alcoholic beverages. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to identify factors that influence consumer behaviour when buying food and non-alcoholic beverages, identify what factors are influencing consumers today, compare the resulting data with historical studies that have been conducted in this area and propose recommendations for Czech retailers in the food and non-alcoholic beverage market. The data were obtained using quantitative research and were processed in Microsoft Excel and Statistica. The results from the questionnaire survey showed that the factors of necessity, quality and previous experience have the greatest influence on consumers.
Výběr maloobchodního formátu u rychloobrátkového zboží
Brydláková, Veronika
The diploma thesis deals with consumer behavior in the purchase of fast-moving consumer goods and the choice of retail format for these purchases. The aim of the thesis was to characterize the behavior of customers in the market for fast-moving goods such as food, drugstore goods etc. and to identify factors that influence the choice of the place of purchase. Based on secondary data, an analy-sis of the market in the Czech Republic was carried out and a questionnaire sur-vey was also carried out in order to determine the behavior of consumers when purchasing fast-moving goods. The obtained data were further assessed using the Excel program and the statistical program Statistica 14. The results of the ques-tionnaire survey highlighted the growing popularity of discount stores and su-permarkets and the factors that influence the choice of store, particularly store availability and price. Based on the findings, recommendations were formulated for subjects operating on the Czech market.
Potravinové zásoby českých domácností
Medová, Daniela
Medová, D. Food stocks of Czech households. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel Univer-sity in Brno, 2023. The diploma thesis deals with the characteristics of consumer behaviour re-lated to purchases of food for storage in Czech households. The thesis identifies the food that Czech households buy for storage, where consumers store it, their motivation to stockpile food and factors that influence the size of food stocks. In addition, the amount of consumption and expenses of Czech households for food, the amount of food waste and the most common reasons for throwing away food are listed here too. The characteristic was created using processed primary and secondary data. Primary data were collected through a questionnaire survey (n = 319) and structured interviews (n = 20). Based on the results of this research, recommendations are proposed for traders and consumers that will lead to a re-duction in food waste.
Identifikace faktorů ovlivňujících spotřebitele při nákupu potravin pod privátní značkou
Hrdlička, Aleš
The thesis deals with the factors that influence consumers when they buy food under a private label. The retail market and private label market is analyzed. The thesis is also devoted to the power of influence of ecological aspects on con-sumers. The ecology affects approximately 50% of consumers. The relationship between socioeconomic characteristics and the volume of purchased food under the private label was demonstrated for the age interval, predominant economic activity and education. A partial goal of the work is also using cluster analysis to segment consumers into similar groups and determining the factors that influence these groups the most. According to that there were created 3 groups of consumers: the ordinary consumers, the environmentalists and the designers.The biggest influence on consumers is the price, the quality, own experience, the availability of the store and domestic origin of the goods. The goal of the work was also suggesting appropriate recommendations for private label food sellers.
Návrh nové marketingové strategie pro odvětví české autorské tvorby
Bocek, Anna
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of Czech authorial creation of fashion and fashion accessories. The goal of the thesis is to propose possible marketing recommendations for Czech creators. The data needed to analyse consumer be-havior and the situation on the Czech authorial creation´s market were collected by using questionnaire surveys. The first – aimed at consumers (n=134), the sec-ond – aimed at creators (n=12). The obtained data were subjected to appropriate statistical tests, which carried out with the help of the statistical software Statisti-ca. Based on the analysis, appropriate recommendations were proposed. This mainly concerned the creator´s activity on social sites, which were found to be the most essential in the promotion of the creator and his products.
Marketingová a komunikační strategie Cyklo Čermák
Čermák, Marek
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a marketing and communication strategy of the business entity Cyklo Čermák for the second half of 2023. The creation of plans exactly corresponds to the specific situation of the subject. It is based on an analysis of the current situation of the subject. It complements the current data with expected trends. The research part of the thesis is based on a questionnaire survey focused on consumer behavior. The bachelor thesis is divided into a theo-retical part, methodology and a practical part. The theoretical part consists of lit-erature research, the methodology describes the methods used and the practical part deals with the specific situation of the business entity. At the end of the bach-elor thesis, there are tips for improving the current situation.
Vnímání privátních značek spotřebiteli
Žemličková, Iveta
Žemličková, I. Consumer perception of private labels. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2023. The diploma thesis discusses how private labels are perceived by consumers. It focuses on consumer behavior in the private label food market, more specifically it examines the factors that motivate customers to buy. In the thesis, the reader will get acquainted with the basic terms and a summary of what has been researched on this problem so far. Subsequently, the consumer's view of private labels is investigated using a questionnaire survey. The results show that there is a change in their perception, as private labels are considered to be of higher quality than before. Consumers are also relatively aware of the presence of private brands in the store, which are associated with a low price. The results serve to determine recommendations for retailers to increase awareness of private labels.

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