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Proposal of communication mix of the selected company
Novohradský, Michal ; Michna, Dennis (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The thesis deals with the communication mix of a selected company, which is a marketing agency. In the first, theoretical area of the thesis, individual theoretical backgrounds related to marketing and communication mix are explained. The second area of the thesis deals with the analysis of the current state of the selected company along with the implementation of the research part, which consists of semi-structured interview and competitor benchmarking. Based on the results obtained in the analytical part, the proposed solutions are then presented to improve the communication mix of the marketing agency according to the set objectives.
Order Processing in the Company
Kabát, Adam ; Kabát, Miroslav (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The diploma thesis will discuss the issues of the order in the company MINUTKY.CZ s.r.o. In the first part we will explain the theoretical concepts related to the topic. The next part is devoted to the course of the contract in the mentioned company and subsequent analyzes of FMEA and Ishikawa's diagram for risk management. The last part proposes measures that should cause risks as little as possible.
Marketing Mix of Company
Nezhyba, David ; Markes, Radovan (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the marketing mix of a company targeting the consumer market in the USA. It includes a theoretical review serving as the basis for the analytical section. Furthermore, it contains an analytical part providing an evaluation of the current company situation. The final section consists of proposals contributing to the improvement of the marketing mix.
Marketing mix of the selected brewery
Koplík, Vojtěch ; Smolka, Pavel (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the marketing mix of a particular brewery. The structure of the thesis is divided into three main parts: theoretical, analytical and design. The theoretical part provides definitions of key concepts from the field of marketing and presents selected analytical methods. In the analytical section, the characteristics of the investigated brewery are performed and individual analyzes are performed. The proposal part follows on from the findings and results from the analytical part and brings concrete proposals for adjusting the marketing mix of this brewery
The processes of the contract by the company
Koryčánek, Martin ; Milichovský, František (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the processes of the order process in the selected company Alcadrain s.r.o., which operates on the market as a manufacturer of sanitary equipment. The master thesis is divided into three parts, where the first part defines the partial theoretical background within the chosen topic, the second part is devoted to the analysis of the current state of the selected company and last but not least the suggestions for improvement in the problematic segments are completely described.
The Proposal Modification of The Marketing Mix in The Selected Restaurant
Ryšavá, Monika ; Havíř, David (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with modifications to the marketing mix of a selected restaurant. The theoretical part contains a definition of the concepts related to the topic of this theses. In the analytical part, an analysis of external and internal environment is performed, and the current marketing mix is determined. The analytical part includes marketing research in the form of mystery shopping. The last part of the thesis consists of proposals for modifications to the marketing mix.
Sales promotion and advertising of specific driving school
Holbová, Daniela ; Milichovský, František (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on marketing communication of driving school, with a focus on advertising and sales promotion. Terms and methods related to marketing and communication mix are defined in theoretical part of this work, which are further used to analyze specific driving school and its competitors. The last part of this work focuses on proposing specific suggestions that aim to improve marketing communication of this driving school.
Proposal Marketing Mix for Selected Company
Kvapilíková, Jana ; Mráček, Pavel (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This thesis deals with a proposal for improving the marketing mix of a selected company for the introduction of a new foreign supplier. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the theory, which explains the theoretical basis for a proper understanding of the problem addressed. The next, analytical, part of the thesis focuses on a closer introduction of the company, includes an analysis of the internal and external environment of the company and qualitative research. The last proposal part contains suggestions for improving the marketing mix that will be used to attract a new foreign partner.
Marketing Mix Proposal of Newly Emerging Business Activity
Husáková, Tereza ; Havíř, David (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The master's thesis focuses on the creating of marketing mix a newly emerging business planning to enter the market. Initially, the main objective is defined, along sub-goals for its achievement, and the processing methodology is described. Building upon the theoretical insights in the first part, these findings are applied to a specific business introduced in the second section. The final third part is dedicated to proposed solutions derived from the practical section.
Proposal of Communication Mix for a Selected Business
Bečková, Veronika ; Sikorová, Ing, Petra (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the issue of communication mix in the company Lumenawen, which specializes in handmade jewelry. It identifies weaknesses in the current way of communicating with the target customer base, primarily through the Instagram platform and e-shop. Based on theoretical knowledge and analysis, it proposes specific measures to improve the communication mix using communication tools. The aim of the thesis is to increase brand awareness and propose measures that will enable Lumenawen to achieve this goal.

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