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Customers satisfaction research
Rodan, Zdeněk ; Trégerová, Jaroslava (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on customers satisfaction research with provided services. The goal is to find out, evaluate and determine of such steps, which will bring increasing of satisfaction in future. The theoretical part focuses on the explanation of concepts, problems in marketing research and marketing of services. The second part includes questionnaires and data evaluation procedures.
Proposal of Marketing Strategy
Klimková, Iveta ; Holec, Jiří (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
The aim of master’s thesis is to analyze the current marketing strategy of company Estop spol. s r.o. On the basis of the facts I have set up appropriate recommendations to improve business competitiveness and increase market share.
Business Plan for Pizzeria Foundation
Jílková, Kateřina ; Němeček, Petr (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the processing of a business plan for pizzeria foundation. The theoretical part describes the field of business and the theoretical background needed for developing the business plan. After analyzing the current situation there is the proper solution of the specific problem designed in the form of a real business plan.
Proposal of Marketing Strategy
Soudek, Lukáš ; Švec, Jiří (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
Subject of this thesis is the proposal of marketing strategy of the SUBFORM company. For thos purpose was chosen the SUBFORM company. This thesis includes theoretic piece of knowledge, company and market analysis. Using the data obtained by this analysis, I suggested the most suitable marketing strategy leading to affirming the company on this market.
Assessment Competency in Firm Gufero - Tomin
Grenčík, Ľuboš ; Tomčík, Jan (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with competencies of people who participate on a company running. The determination of these competencies and their dividing according to their types and roles that occur in the company are analyzed at the theoretical level. The work examines and studies strategy being the basic reference point for the formulation of the company’s targets and tasks related to them, accomplishment of which is the foundation of the assigned competencies. The practical part of the thesis deals with analysis of an actual company’s environment with the main purpose of determining the particular area of the enterprise which creates a narrowed place and tries to solve this problem by establishing the appropriate competencies.
Stojanová, Hana ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
I engage in my dissertation thesis "Formation of strategy alliances into the segment of Information technologies" with problem of strategy alliance development into sector of information and communication technologies. Strategic alliances become an important factor impacting to the company behaviour, company competition advantages, new markets entering and dealing, sales strategy and channels definition as well as the form of marketing communication decision. The companies are deciding between two basic forms of behaviour, at current days. First form is focused to the independent strategy of compete fight, the second one is fosuced to the strategy of cooperation based on strategy allicances. I occupe by the questions delimitating development of strategy alliances, defining reasons and occasions of their establishement as well as current situation at this field, delimitate role and contribution of strategy partnership and aslo problems of practise application. The dissertation thesis are focused on the fullfilment of two basic goals, the congnitional and the inventive goal, buz first of all to the confirmation and/or disconfirmation of setted hypothesis. Due to the first congnitional goal I am analysing problems of multinational ICT companies strategy aliance development and then generalizing the problem. Due to the second inventive goal I am setting new metod of strategy aliance development. The sets hypothesis, as the main target of this work, openned the questions whether is possible to define the major tools and factors of strategy aliance success? If is possible to define the basic principles of strategy cooperation? Whether is possible to create simply applicable and in the same time higly effective method of strategy allicance developing?
Prospectus development firem
Holinka, Michal ; Villim, Róbert (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with business plan of a trading company. Aim of this business plan is a proposal of expansion and structural change of commercial section of the company. I have created project of simple and working split of sales and technical department of the company. This plan is supposed to improve the productivity of labour, increase staff motivation and company sales.
Business Plan of Development of a Firm
Šíma, Lukáš ; Geryková, Zuzana (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
The purpuse of thos Diploma Thesis is the provide an entire information about realization of business intetion of developing company Surikaty s.r.o. – estate agency. In addition the Thesis qualifies an actual situation in the company, its market position and woys of the future development.
Proposal of Optimalization in Purchasing Procesess and Stock Management Area
Kukulová, Tereza ; MBA, Pavel Mík, (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
This master´s thesis deals with optimalization of procedures in production company using modern methods. Describing actual status of inventory management with focus on purchasing department, inventory movements, stocking and planning. Thesis solve problem by introducing Kanban system in field of inventory management, ABC analysis and evaluation of suppliers in the area of purchasing. The purpose of the master´s thesis is to submit suitable solutions, which can improve existing processes in inventory management and purchases.
Aplication Norm ISO 9001:2001
Hajkrová, Romana ; Ing.Vincent Strébel (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
My bachelor´s thesis describes the implementation of the norm ISO 9001:2001 in the company ABC Security. I record a kind of the company; I do analysis and consider the possibilities of theoretical data. I propose the procedure how to reach the certificate ISO 9001:2001 in the final part.

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