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Development of creative skills of managers
Corvinová, Klára ; Šnýdrová, Ivana (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
Development of creative skills of managers This graduation thesis deals with the creativity of managers as an essential condition to increase the productivity of a business. The first part of my thesis looks at the concept of creativity, including the concept of creativity as a process and complex of abilities. Apart from the above-stated, it contains a description of a biological-psychosocial model of creativity. The first part concludes that creativity development is possible. The second part of my thesis focuses on the issues of manager creativity and its importance. Attention is paid to internal and external barriers of creativity which can be removed to some degree by using the training methods of a lecturer and individual techniques of a manager. The end of my thesis shows a list of basic conditions of creativity development in an organisation. This knowledge can be used by lecturers training adults, managers or HR staff members.
Key Ideas of Franz Pöggeler's Andragogical Concept
Kosová, Barbora ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the key andragogical ideas of Franz Pöggeler. Pöggeler was an important German adult educator in the second half of the 20th century and he is considered to be one of the founders of andragogy as an independent scientific discipline. The thesis is primarily based on Pöggeler's major andragogical work, Erwachsenenbildung: Einführung in die Andragogik (Adult Education: Introduction to Andragogy), which was published in 1974. The aim of the thesis is to interpret and organise Pöggeler's key andragogical ideas and to provide an integrated view of his andragogical concept in the context of his era. The thesis also includes a critical assessment of Pöggeler's andragogical ideas. Keywords Franz Pöggeler, andragogy, educational process, partnership between an educator and an adult learner, full maturity, help in a life, dialogue, Christian aspect
A comparison between Malcolm Knowles` and Jack Mezirow`s theories of adult learning
Jurečka, Pavel ; Dvořáková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Šerák, Michal (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis comprise of a presentation and a comparison between Malcolm Knowles's theory of Andragogy and the Transformative learning theory of Jack Mezirow. Both theories are very popular in the USA, but there is not a sufficient attention dedicated to them in the Czech literature. The comparison is built on the basis of three criterions. The fisrt criterion includes inspirational sources of the authors, the second criterion takes into consideration the conception of the adult educator and finaly the conception of the learner constitutes the third criterion. Keywords Malcolm Knowles, Andragogy, Adult education, Jack Mezirow, Transformative learning theory
Looking into and Evaluation Quality, Efficiency and Effects of Further Education
Žufanová, Hana ; Beneš, Milan (advisor) ; Palán, Zdeněk (referee) ; Pisoňová, Mária (referee)
Looking into and Evaluation Quallity, Efficiency and Effects of Further Education A thesis centers upon description and comparison of methods that gain a feedback in the field of the quality of further education. It considers both institutions providing further education and institutions/organisations (e.g. schools, offices of public administration) representing source of participants of further education courses. A theoretical part the thesis compares well known methods reporting on the quality and effectivity of further education in a view of both a provider and a customer. A research aims for an analysis of gaining a feedback in the field of further education from 50 providing institutions and 340 institutions/organizations in a role of a customer. Those 340 institutions/organizations include 32 offices of public administrative and another 308 publicly figuring organizations (e.g. schools). This part of the thesis also presents positives and negatives of chosen methods. A conclusion of the thesis summarizes findings and provides recommendations for both surveyed groups.
Education of older adults in the area in of new media
Tomczyk, Lukasz ; Mühlpachr, Pavel (referee) ; Krystoň, Miroslav (referee)
In the paper characterized were chosen, most important determinants of educating seniors in the matter of new media. Learning and teaching of seniors were depicted through "non-formal system" created by Universities of Third Age (U3A). Actions of teacher and adult students connected with the effective learning about possibilities connected with new media discussed were in following dimensions: social changes, transformations of education of people in late adulthood, individual features of seniors and institutional and theoretical solutions in the matter of andragogy and educational gerontology. The book also contains a chapter in which described were transformations of society by new media and causes and results of digital exclusion among seniors. The crucial part of the paper is a practical answer to the question, how to educate seniors in "non-formal education system" in the matter of electronic media? To achieve this, presented was a complex methodical proposition derived from andragogical and geragogical theories with a reference to didactic practice of the author in computer sections of universities of third age. The consideration is supplemented by last chapter depicting functions and meaning of geragogics in U3A. In the described paper, attention was paid to the aspect of senior education...
Adult Catechetics in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church as an Open Path of God's Word towards Modern Society
Matějková, Veronika ; Kolář, Pavel (advisor) ; Tonzarová, Hana (referee)
RESUMÉ The purpose of this thesis was to outline the current state of catechesis in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and basic regularities of the andragogic discipline as the science of adult education. We put these findings in the context of adult life, which is based in the postmodern era and secularized society. The first chapter dealt with the specifics of contemporary life and the needs of the post-modern man living in a secularized world. In the second chapter we entered the path of God's Word. We interpret the Word of God in the theology of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and pointed out the personal / personalistics dimension of the relationship between man and God In the third chapter, we introduce catechesis as a theological discipline. We captured its mission and emphasis from theoretical and practical point of view, and we have followed with the fourth chapter and the specific concept of catechesis in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. We focused on its development, legislative basis and especially methods of catechesis. The fifth chapter describes andragogy as a scientific discipline. We were interested in the process of adult education and the elements that enter it. We also attempted to show the process of basic methodological preparation for the educational activity. The description of the...
Andragogical support for the development of employees' professional careers
Špicar, Vladimír ; Pavlov, Ivan (advisor) ; Paulovčáková, Lucie (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The work deals in general with the acquisition and keeping of the necessary knowledge and skills needed for work in an industrial company with a high degree of automation of production operations. Attention is focused mainly on the issue of the entry level acquired at school and subsequently personnel development in lifelong learning. At the same time, the issue of determining career paths and competence matrices, on which the need for educational measures is based, is also taken into account. KEYWORDS Adult education, qualifications, andragogy, human capital, human resources management, corporate education, lifelong learning, employee development.
Education of members of the Army of the Czech Republic using e-learning
Habrová, Aneta ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
The aim of the presented rigorous work is to describe the use of e-learning in the education of soldiers of the Army of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as AČR soldiers) at a specific military unit and to examine how effective is this method of teaching in relation with the needs of target group. The thesis deals with the issue of e-learning and its application in the conditions of the Army of the Czech Republic, where is used as the one method of education. This work is divided intotheoretical and research part. The theoretical part of the from of literary research. Attention is paid to e-learning, principles of education through e-learning, didactic-pedagogical aspects of education through e-learning, principles of adult education, etc. The research part of the work was divided into three basic parts by the author. There are: a qualitative research, a quantitative research and data interpretation. The qualitative survey will be conducted in the form of interviews in order to obtain feedback - how the soldiers approach e-learning course and how they promote newly acquired knowledge in practice. The quantitative survey will be conducted in to the form of electronic inquiries in order to define satisfaction with the amount of acquiring knowledge after the course. And the aim of data...
Ethics as a part of digital literacy of secondary school teachers
Sissak, Jiří ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Krámský, David (referee)
This thesis explores the content and position of ethics in the digital literacy of secondary school teachers. Ethics plays a very important role in the overall adult literacy in the 21st century. Ethics is an essential part of the everyday life of a secondary school teacher, not only in online teaching conducted through digital technologies with social networking elements, but also in working with the information (data) that they encounter in the course of their job duties and in their daily lives The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on ethics in relation to digital literacy and the digital world. It analyses the notion of digital as such and, on its basis, the andragogical view of ethics and digital literacy. It defines the concepts of digital ethics and digital literacy in all interactions, both in a historical context in relation to the development of digital technologies and in relation to the digital identities of the contemporary citizen. The thesis explores the new concept of "digital identities-domains" in terms of the emergence of information (data) about the individual and the interaction of the individual with the digital world through digital identities. It systematizes individual digital identities, their influence on the individual and his/her life in the technological world. It...

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