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Motivational Factors Influencing the Education of Seniors
Hříbek, Martin ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
This rigorous thesis is entitled: Motivational Factors Influencing the Education of Seniors. The main goal of the rigorous thesis is to present the theoretical basis in the field of old age in the context of the senior age timeline with an emphasis on the senior education, didactic aspects and gerontagogy. The work is divided into a theoretical and an empirical part. The theoretical part defines the issue of old age from a multidisciplinary perspective. Furthermore, there is a section on lifelong learning (education) dealing with the education of seniors, followed by a section devoted to didactic aspects of senior education. The conclusion of the theoretical part focuses on the specifics occurring in the education of seniors. The empirical part of this work is based on the combination of quantitative and qualitative methodology. A questionnaire survey was used as a tool for data collection. The aim of the empirical research of this rigorous work is to identify the factors influencing the education of seniors in the city of Jihlava and to formulate conclusions and recommendations for the monitored area of senior education. In this part of the work, the starting points of this empirical research are described in more detail. Furthermore, the setting of research goals and questions is presented here....
Influencing of the working environment and conflict management
Šulcová, Simona ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
Thesis is focused on management of conflicts which could arise work environment. Theoretical part of thesis is centered around social and psychological apects of work interactions, its significance and influence on work performance, sums up undesirable phenomena at workspace. Last chapter is about conflicts and their solutions. The empirical part of the thesis focuses on the current climate in the selected organization. It investigates how the selected organization has so far solved the social behavior of its employees in the workplace. Above all, it focuses on conflicts and their influence on the working relationships that prevail in the chosen company, using of quantitative survey (semi-structured interviews and questionnaires). From the analysis of the obtained results, will be proposed an educational seminar as a feedback for the organization.
Conflicts at work and ways how to solve them
Salačová, Sabina ; Svobodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of workplace conflicts. The goal of this work is to compare theory and practice to identify most frequent causes of interpersonal conflicts in school-type institutions, types of conflicts appearing in such institutions and what steps are taken to deal with such conflicts. Core of the work is dedicated to analysis of current situation in two schools of different size. The goal is also to analyze current situation in two different schools dealing with conflict issues. The schools involved differ mainly in their respective size. Initial part of the work will focus on theoretical knowledge of conflicts. The issue will be described from several viewpoints. Author of the work is interested in communication per se, and further deals with conflict formation, types, causes, effects, and solutions. Second line of the theoretical part is dealing with conflicts appearing in workspaces and ways to resolve them in particular. The work includes various recommendations to resolve conflicts. Comparing theoretical knowledge with gathered information allows for the methodical part to illustrate actual state of things in schools. Semi-structured interview was utilized to obtain information necessary to perform workplace conflict analysis. Based on the research findings, a...
Human resources management in terms of public and private secondary schools
Krommerová, Hana ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
The theoretical and empirical work focuses on human resources management with the aim to capture and analyze for a selected sample of heads of public and private secondary schools information on specific human resource management in educational organizations, focusing on possible differences in approach to human resource management according to the legal form of these schools. In the theoretical part, attention is focused on the key concepts of human resources management focusing on educational organizations. The research part uses a theoretical-empirical method to answer the research three questions, which includes an analysis of the literature and a research consisting of semi-structured interviews with three selected principals of secondary public schools and three principals of secondary private schools, two management tests, ČŠI inspection reports and analysis of documents of these schools. The research findings are assessed mainly in terms of the legal form of the school, while the specifics of human resource management related to the aspect are identified. KEYWORDS headmaster, employee, human resources management, human resources development, human capital
Educational needs analysis of teachers at selected elementary school
Novák, Filip ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
This diploma thesis, entitled "Analysis of the educational needs of teachers at a selected primary school", deals a priori with the educational needs of teachers at a selected primary school in Prague, which the student selected as the most suitable for their own research. The aim of the work was to identify and analyze the educational needs, if possible, of all teachers of the selected primary school, on the basis of which an adequate educational program will be determined, which will be mediated in full conclusion its pedagogical staff as a certain directive for the possible improvement of the process of further education of primary school pedagogical staff. Teachers can often encounter certain barriers in their pedagogical work, which stand between themselves and their further education. In connection with this fact, the work is focused on this issue. In the theoretical passage of the diploma thesis, the terminological definitions of the main areas, which the topic of the diploma thesis deals primarily in its content, are then objectively, in fact made. The practical part is mainly involved in research, which seeks to use the chosen method of questioning to identify the full educational needs of teachers in their careers, based on which it will be possible to design an educational program for...
Generating text descriptions of journeys in a map
Svobodová, Zuzana ; Rosa, Rudolf (advisor) ; Mareček, David (referee)
This thesis aims to present the key aspects of a program developed for the purpose of improving orientation in maps by generating text description of routes. Even though such tools are already available and integrated within the most widely used internet map engines (e.g. and, they are not particularly user-friendly, as they rely on directions and distances. People are, on the other hand, more inclined to use landmarks such as significant buildings for orientation and synthetize simple information into more complex one. The program presented in this thesis addresses this issue and offers more intuitive route descriptions enabling its user to reach his/her destination potentially faster and more reliably.

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