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Financial literacy of secondary school students.
Havlena, Ondřej ; Prokop, Jiří (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
Name: Ondřej Havlena Work leader: Doc. PhDr. Jiří Prokop Ph.D. Topic: Financial literacy of secondary school students. Abstract This thesis will be divided into two parts. In the theoretical part I will focus on the principles, definition of concepts and explanation of the functioning of the financial market. The theoretical part will also focus on the interpretation of the phenomenon of financial literacy and will show the basic range of tools that can facilitate the acquisition of basic financial literacy methods and techniques by today's young generation. Furthermore, I will discuss the integration of financial literacy into school curricula. In the second, practical part of the bachelor thesis, I will develop a quantitative financial literacy questionnaire for secondary school students to determine their level of financial literacy. I will conduct the questionnaire survey in selected schools, a grammar school, an industrial school and a vocational secondary school. Finally, I will analyze and evaluate the results of this research and possibly propose possible theories on how the situation could be improved. Key words: Finance, Financial Literacy, Student, High School, Research
Implementation of career counseling at secondary vocational schools and the Labor Office in the Karlovy Vary region
Januška, Martin ; Prokop, Jiří (referee)
Rigorous work on the topic of Implementation of career counseling at secondary vocational schools and the Labor Office in the Karlovy Vary region deals in the research part with ontogenetic aspects in the period of adolescence in the context of choosing a profession. The personality of the adolescent individual is taken into account, while social-psychological factors in the process of transitioning to the labor market are included. One of the chapters deals with career concepts. Subsequently, options for career counseling at the level of secondary vocational schools and the Labor Office of the Czech Republic are addressed. In the empirical part of the work, the set research goals are fulfilled. The fulfillment of the set goals consists in the verification of cooperation in career counseling at secondary vocational schools and the Labor Office in the Karlovy Vary Region. In this context, the actual implementation of career counseling at individual levels and the use of these services by pupils is verified. Questionnaire methods at the level of secondary vocational schools and semi-structured interview methods at contact workplaces of the Labor Office are used for the research investigation. The results of the research investigation show non-cooperation and inconsistency in the preferred topics of...
Motivation of Primary School Students for English Language Studies
Piňosová, Bohdana ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Prokop, Jiří (referee)
Currently, there are relatively few studies that focus on the motivation to learn foreign languages in children. This diploma thesis focuses on the attitude of primary school students towards the teaching of English. The theoretical part follows the concept of motivation from the point of view of psychology, pedagogy and current researches on foreign language teaching. The purpose of the practical part was to investigate their motivation to learn English and what aspects of teaching can demotivate them. The goal was to record, analyze, evaluate and interpret the obtained data. The research was conducted at a smaller elementary school in Prague, where English language instruction begins in the third grade. Data were obtained by a novel questionnaire with both open and closed questions. The analysis was then performed using mixed research. The quantitative part of the analysis, which monitored the popularity of the subject of English and the assessment of the attractiveness of individual activities in teaching, was carried out first. The qualitative part of the teaching, using open questions, sought answers to the reasons why the teaching is popular or not popular and what motivates the pupils to learn English. The results of the questionnaire survey showed that the majority of pupils perceive the...
Didactic Use of Life Stories of Famous Musicians and Their Oeuvre to Prevent Addictions in High School
Hejčová, Kateřina ; Prokop, Jiří (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
The diploma thesis aims to give high school students an insight into an addiction to psychoactive substances as a complex problem affecting the health, social and professional areas, by using activities connected with the attractive topic of well-known personalities of the music scene; to provide them with an insight into the two faces of this issue (an illusive benefit at the beginning versus deepening later negative consequences) and lead them to consider the risks of using these substances outweighing the erroneously expected initial benefits. The thesis uses examples of life stories of personalities who themselves experienced addiction to psychoactive substances. The work concretely demonstrates the use of these life stories on practical examples of didactic activities for the following school subjects: English language, German language, and music. The given life stories or some of its moments are connected with the content of the curriculum of these subjects, they use verbal methods (work with song lyrics, a book excerpt, vocabulary in a foreign language), illustrative-demonstration methods (work with images), discussion methods, group/pair work, brainstorming, individual work of pupils. The assumption is that the individual aspects of the mentioned life stories associated with addiction will...

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