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Opportunities and Obstacles of Employment of Shelter Houses Clients
Kellnerová, Andrea ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Šerák, Michal (referee)
This master's thesis explores the opportunities and difficulties faced by clients of shelter houses in securing employment. The objective of the study is to identify factors influencing the job placement of this target group. The thesis introduces the institution of shelter houses, their legislative framework, and types of shelter houses from the perspective of target groups. It also delves into the phenomenon of unemployment, focusing on clients of shelter houses, its common causes, and its impacts on this group. The work highlights the employment opportunities available to shelter house clients, including options offered by active employment policies such as retraining, publicly beneficial work, and socially useful positions. It further discusses unemployment support, individual plans used in shelter houses, job activation, protected and open labor markets, training job positions, and also inappropriate employment opportunities. Finally, the thesis identifies the most common barriers to employment in the labor market, including low levels of education and qualifications, indebtedness, psychological and health disadvantages, employer prejudices, and limiting socio-cultural environments. The study also includes a quantitative survey conducted through questionnaires, aiming to identify factors...
The Role Conflict of Sandwich Generation Women Working in the Helping Professions
Macounová, Markéta ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Gruber, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis will deal with the role conflict of women from the sandwich generation working in the helping professions. The aim is to identify the roles of these women and analyse the types of conflict they may encounter. The focus on women was chosen because of their usual position as primary caregivers in the sandwich generation. The thesis will focus on the sandwich generation, and the factors influencing its emergence. It will also look at the helping professions, social roles and the impact of experiencing role conflict on the work and family of sandwich generation women working in the helping professions. A quantitative empirical investigation will be conducted using a questionnaire. The questionnaire will include work-family and work-family conflict scales. The respondents will be women who care for at least one dependent child, care for at least one aging elderly person and work in the helping professions. The expected number of participants in the empirical survey is 60. The aim of the empirical investigation will be to analyse the conflict between work and family among women from the sandwich generation working in the helping professions. Key words: sandwich generation, role conflict, well-being, intergenerational solidarity, population aging, child, elderly
Well-being and Personality Traits of the Elderly Attending University of the Third Age
Řečinská, Denisa ; Baumgartner, František (advisor) ; Šerák, Michal (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of well-being and personality traits of elderly people attending a university of the third age (U3A). The thesis is written in relation to factors that may have a significant role in the context of the education of elderly at U3A. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the relationship between well-being and personality traits. Additionally, it also monitors other factors that may be related to both key variables, including the length of participation in educational activities and general demographic data such as gender, age, and education. This thesis firstly examines the theoretical framework by explaining key definitions such as elderly citizens and university of the third age. It outlines characteristic of elderly students attending U3A, for example their motivation behind studying at U3A or the extent of representation of their personality traits. Subsequently, the thesis presents the concepts of personality traits of the five-factor model and well-being. Emphasis is placed on the connections between these two ideas that have been discovered by researchers thus far. The additional part of the thesis is also empirical research, which is conducted through questionnaires and focuses specifically on the concept of psychological well-being. The research...
Education in the Field of Mental Health for Teachers at Upper Primary Schools
Neuhortová, Justýna ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Šerák, Michal (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of mental healthand pays attentionto the identification of educational opportunities in this area for teachers. The main purpose of this thesis is to analyze the educational opportunities and the offer of educational courses for teachers of the second grade of primary schools in the Czech Republic in the field of mental health. The partial goal of the work is to characterize the role of the state and other actors involved in teacher education in this area. First, basic terms,concepts and components of mental health are defined. Then, the key strategic national and transnational documents, related to the topic of health and its promotion, are presented. Next, the specifics of the teaching profession are described withan emphasis on identifyingthe specific characteristicsof a teacher of the second grade of primary schools. Furthermore, the work describes the specific effects on the mental health of teachers of the second grade of primary schools. Subsequently, the chapters of the work are devoted to identifying the reasons or possible barriers to the participation of second-grade teachers in educational activities in the field of mental health. The diploma thesis elaborates in more detail the possibilities of further professional education of teachers in this...
Possibilities of Implementation of Civic Education within the Prague Sokol Units
Machovičová, Magdalena ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Baumgartner, František (referee)
The aim of the thesis will be to analyse adult civic education in Prague Sokol units in relation to the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture. The thesis is divided into six chapters. The first chapter deals with the characteristics of citizenship, the concept of active citizenship and civil society, including civil society organisations. The following chapter elaborates the general characteristics of civic education, its conceptualisation in European and then national documents and the historical development of this field in the Czech Republic from the end of the 19th century to the present. The third chapter focuses on the characteristics of key competences and competence models applicable in the sphere of further education. This section, devoted to the comparison of two competence models, subsequently leads to the specification of the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture, which is the basis for the empirical investigation of this thesis. The fourth chapter concerns education in the context of the historical development of the Sokol movement. The chapter also includes a description of the current functioning of the Education Department of the Czech Sokol Society. The fifth chapter of the thesis deals with the characterisation of educational activities in...
Comparison of the Institutionalized Form of Education of the Elderly in the Czech Republic and in France
Lávičková, Anna ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Vojtko, Tibor (referee)
The aim of the thesis will be to compare the institutionalized form of education for seniors in the Czech Republic and in France. First, attention will be focused on the position of senior education in the context of lifelong learning, and then on its meaning, specifics and functions. Furthermore, the work will reflect the current demographic situation in both countries, including a comparison with the overall situation in the European Union. In the next chapters, the analysis of public policy documents related to the education of the elderly, the institutionalization of the education of the elderly and the participation of the elderly in education in the Czech Republic and in France will follow. The data will be analyzed on the basis of professional literature, statistical data, legal documents, documents of ministries and other state bodies or research reports of professional institutions. These chapters always result in a comparison of the given area in both countries, where the selected parameters will be the types of institutions, areas of education and the target group of education. One of the outputs of the work will be the proposal of recommendations or development opportunities for both countries and the identification of examples of good practice at the state level. Keywords: elderly,...
Comparison of Adult Education Systems of the First and the Third Czechoslovak Republic
Hanáková, Petra ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Vojtko, Tibor (referee)
The aim of thesis is to compare the adult education systems of the first and the third republics of Czechoslovakia by identifying the similarities and differences between the two systems. The systems are compared in terms of the role of the state and associations, the financing of adult education, state-controlled education of adult education workers, the legislation which regulates the adult education and the role of the Masaryk's Educational Institute as an institution that had a overarching character for the adult education activities in Czechoslovakia. An important context is provided by the introductory part of the thesis, which is devoted to the terminological anchoring and the development of adult education from the national revival, through the Austro-Hungarian period until the First World War. The elaboration of the different areas of comparison is based on the study of period and contemporary literary sources, magazines, studies and laws. The final part of the thesis is devoted to the comparison of similar and different features of the two systems, and to the discussion about the influences that impacted the further development of adult education. Key words Czechoslovakia, First Republic, Third Republic, Postwar Period, Adult Education, Educational Politics
Modularisation of the Retraining System in the Czech Republic
Nová, Hedvika ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Sycha, Martin (referee)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is a detailed analysis of the current system of retraining in the Czech Republic (legislative regulations, types, forms and subjects of retraining, data on their use) and its possible transformation through modularization because of changing requirements and conditions on the labour market. The aim of the thesis is also a content analysis of the outputs of the project Zvyšování kvality a efektivity systému dalšího vzdělávání ve spolupráci se zaměstnavateli (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) on the basis of the provided reports from the project, which includes also the evaluation of participants in the pilot survey on the implementation of modularised retraining. The thesis compares the current system of retraining with the proposed changes and discusses the benefits of the modularised retraining for the project participants. Keywords: retraining, modularisation of retraining, modularisation, vocational education, labour market, employment policy, employment, labour market changes
Tools of Work-Life Balance to Harmonise Lives of Single Mothers
Švehláková, Žaneta ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Gruber, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on single mothers and the harmonisation of their work and family life. The focus exclusively on single mothers is based on their numerical predominance in the group of single parents. The aim of the thesis is to identify tools supporting the harmonisation of work and family life of single mothers provided mainly by employers, alternatively by the state. The thesis reflects the current changes in the concept of family, the economic situation of single mothers and their position on the labour market or family policy. Attention is paid in particular to flexible forms of work organisation and childcare services provided by employers. The thesis includes a quantitative empirical survey conducted through questionnaires sent to single mothers. The aim of the survey is to analyse which tools supporting the harmonisation of work and family life provided by employers single mothers employed in the tertiary sector in the territory of the capital city of Prague use or if possible would like to use, thus which tools supporting the harmonisation of work and family life they prefer. Key words transformation of family, single mothers, economic situation of single mothers, work-life balance, tools of work-life balance, family policy of the Czech Republic, employer
Perceived Influence of Educational and Sport Activities of the Czech Sokol Organization on the Quality of Life of their Adult Participants
Svobodová, Anna ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the subjective quality of life and leisure time of adults. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether adult participants of educational and sports activities of the Czech Sokol Organization feel the influence of these activities on their quality of life. The work tries to achieve its goals by comparing selected researches on the influence of leisure activities on the quality of life of adults with own research. First, the thesis deals with concepts of the quality of life and methods of its measurement. The concept of well-being, which is closely related to quality of life, is also introduced. The third chapter is devoted to leisure activities of adults and their potential influence on the quality of life. Subsequently, the Czech Sokol Organization is also introduced. Among other things, the chapter is devoted to the Czech Sokol Organization in the present day and its current activities. Part of the work is a quantitative questionnaire survey, the aim of which is to find out the subjective view of the participants in the activities of the Czech Sokol Organization on the potential influence of these activities on their quality of life. The research investigation is carried out using a standardized questionnaire to measure the subjective quality of life SQUALA and...

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