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Self-development, social and manager abilities training for lectors of adult education: key competences and personal conditions
Pytlíčková, Blanka ; Šnýdrová, Ivana (advisor) ; Beneš, Milan (referee)
This diploma thesis aims at the self-development of a lector of adult education as a worker whose concern could be, from one point of view, considered as a helping proffession. The diploma thesis will first introduce the possibly theoretical recources that characterize the proffession of adult education, the roles that lectors of adult education can find themselves in and it will bring closer the preparation for this proffession. In the following, it pays attention to the key competences, not only on the general level but in particular to those competences that prove to be necessary for a lector of adult education and for the most effecient performance of his proffession, also on the manager level. It will introduce the possibilities of the development of these competences by an interactive system and that is mainly because certain abilities have to be developed not only by a theoretical preparation and a classical study programme but above all by a person's own activity. These competeces develop mainly in groups and the ways of development are defined in particular with the help of a socially-psychological training, manager training and the methods that spring from the principles of experience pedagogy. The final part of the thesis describes the particular activities that lead to the development of the...
Outdoor activities in adult education
Vyvadilová, Kateřina ; Beneš, Milan (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
Nowadays the employees are challenged with evergrowing requirements, therefore their development and education becomes a necessity. Besides the expert knowledge, the importance of improving the social-psychological proficiency grows as well. This is, where outdoor education might help. This work is aimed to contemplate about opportunities and significance of utilizing the outdoor programs in education of the adults, from the personnel officers point of view. The introductory part is dedicated to the history and description of the theoretical basis of outdoor programs, to demonstrate its utilization in the company business has its foundations based on psychological, social and educational theories. Next part is more practicall and describes, what personnel officer should know about the methodology of organizing the outdoor programs. This work will answer the questions such as why utilizing the outdoor activities, how to realize them with desirable efects and how to evaluace their benefits and purposefullness in company education.
Realization of andragogic profession in the area of psychosocial services
Jahodová, Jitka ; Šnýdrová, Ivana (advisor) ; Beneš, Milan (referee)
The thesis concerns the possibilities for the use of andragogues in the area of provision of psychosocial services. The starting point is the characteristics of andragogy and psychosocial work, which are contained in the first and second chapters. Attention is given especially to delineating the area of psychosocial assistance and defining the profession of andragogue and andragogic competences. On the basis of the description of the two discussed specialisations, the third chapter creates, by means of individual categories, an overview of their mutual connections and common areas of issues. The structure of this overview offers a complex view of the issue. In the fourth and fifth chapter, the theoretic scope of the work is expanded to include a comparison of the viewpoints of andragogy and the sciences which create the theoretic basis of psychosocial care regarding the adult, his needs in various life situations and support for him in the context of specialist andragogic and psychosocial work. In the sixth and seventh chapters, conclusions are drawn from the knowledge acquired regarding the possibilities of collaboration in the fields of andragogic and psychosocial work. Emphasis is placed on the identification of needs in the area of psychosocial work that could be satisfied by the use of andragogic...
E-learning and Its Use in Tuition of Social Sciences
Růžanská, Hana ; Beneš, Milan (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee) ; Pančocha, Karel (referee)
This doctoral thesis provides a comprehensive treatise of contemporary modern methods of education including e-learning. In its preface the author presents its content, purpose, basis and objectives and sets the main goal of the thesis, namely an intention to analyse and evaluate the latest trends in e-learning, modern forms of education and use of information technology in organisation of studies. Sub-objectives of this dissertation relate to the structure of its prime objective and correspond with its individual chapters in which it presents the history of e-learning within the history of science and institutional education, evaluates the position of e-learning and other modern forms of education in the scope of political and legislative priorities of the European Union and of the Czech Republic and presents several core strategic and legislative documents covering this area also in connection with the concept of lifelong learning. The key theoretical part of the thesis contains a detailed overview of main theoretical issues related to e-learning and other modern forms of education in contemporary local and international literature. This part describes e-learning as a part of the concept of lifelong learning, provides basic definitions of e-learning as well as an analysis of related terms,...
Function of mass media in lifelong learning process, focusing on meaning of media communication in the context of post modern society
Zídková, Eva ; Beneš, Milan (advisor) ; Reichel, Jiří (referee)
Media and media communication extremely affects our lives nowadays, affects our behavior, actions, attitudes, opinions and values. We should always recognize and learn about the right accession to media. The aim of this thesis is to define the basic types of media, with special emphasis on the so-called "new media" and to focus also on their functions, effects and influence. A substantial part of this thesis consists of essay on the Internet as the most advanced medium of our times and the analysis of media messages that affect us significantly in all areas of our lives. Contribution that this work should have, is specification of the meanings of media messages and determination, how much important is continuous education for media literacy and the role of media education as such. It is not just to show the negative influence of media, but in particular, if we will understand the media, it will be the great benefit to us, a source of information, knowledge and entertainment.
Real-time eLearning with direct visual contact
Borecká, Markéta ; Palán, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Beneš, Milan (referee)
This thesis focuses on the issue of eLearning in real time with direct visual contact (RTeL). Since it is a form of education, which in the Czech Republic is not extended, it tries to bring as much information as the author of the theory and practice.
Scheme of further education in the company GEFCO Czech Republic
Schwarzerová, Lenka ; Beneš, Milan (advisor) ; Nováková, Kamila (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to the training and education of employees in the logistic company Gefco. The employee training in Gefco takes currently place only occasionally and unsystematically and this thesis puts forward a concept of a training system how it could look like and work in the future 6 with all different actions which are needed to be taken for the system to work properly. This theme is elaborated on the basis of technical literature in the area of theory and on the basis of own experience in the area of praxis. Training in Gefco is divided into four basic areas - general training and development, management training, language training and health and safety training together with related courses; out of these four the most voluminous part of the thesis is dedicated to the area of general training and development. The training system itself is divided into following stages - identification of training needs, scheduling of the training, realization of the training and training evaluation. Within each training area all of these stages are analyzed and it is put forward which procedures should be put into practice and what is needed to be changed and improved in order for the training in Gefco to become an effectively working system. The thesis is closed by a chapter dealing with training...
Universities and lifelong educations system in the Czech Republic
Faifr, Jindřich ; Mužík, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Beneš, Milan (referee)
Main objective of this thesis is to develop a schematic broader view which would be able to represent generic and therefore detailed structures of flight crew a personnel education and development which is pursued worldwide. This educational area is connected with commercial and non-commercial scope and it ranges from piloting specifically tiny training aircraft flying within the inter-city patterns and reaches to acpects of becoming an air traffic pilot of huge turbine airplanes within the flying on the international, continental and / or transcontinental basis. A flight training can have variety of attitudes. Meeting the target means to provide overall characteristics and complex analysis of flight personnel educational network including the scaled list of partial pilot license qualifications. · Setting up these goals may include following topics: · Lifelong education principles (however, "learning to fly" is definitely a lifelong learning process) · Outlining the commercial and non-commercial aviation environment · Schematic system of partial pilot license qualifications · University degree studies and flight training compatibility · Flight training alternatives, achievable goals and flight training schedule customization within
Foreign language teaching and learning as an instrument of intercultural education by adults
Blažková Sršňová, Šárka ; Beneš, Milan (advisor) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee) ; Jakoubek, Marek (referee)
The doctoral thesis deals with questions of intercultural education in context of foreign language teaching and learning by adults. Language and culture are interrelated and inseparable from each other in terms of their acquirement. Language is the main medium through which culture is expressed, language doesn't exist without culture. Contemporary foreign language education gives priority to integrative acquiring of language and culture, i.e. it is necessary to learn culture by means of language and language by means of culture. Culture and interculturality are significant and key part of foreign language education and fundamental for the development and formation of the student's personality. The main topic of this thesis is the study of the relationship between foreign language teaching and learning versus intercultural learning by adults. The main goal of the thesis is to find and describe what possibilities and media contemporary foreign language learning and teaching anticipate for involving and implementing of culturological paradigm. The text also focuses on some problematical questions in view of the essence of intercultural education, namely in relation to foreign language education. The thesis concerns with the language education of adults in the Czech Republic.
Selection of qualified foreign workers in the Czech Republic. Project of MPSV.
Schimmerlingová, Dita ; Beneš, Milan (advisor) ; Žufan, Jan (referee)
The subject of the master thesis is the problematic of work migration. In the thesis concepts dealing with migration are being defined and most important theories of migration are being explained. The thesis is especially focusing on the migration of qualified foreign work force into Czech Republic and is closely presenting the project of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) "Selection of qualified foreign workers". In the framework of this project attention is paid primarily to the conditions of involvement in this project and to the recruitment procedure. Another part of the thesis describes the development of work migration into Czech Republic in the period before and after 1989. Attention is also paid to legislative conditions concerning employment and residence of mainly third country nationals in the Czech Republic. Further the thesis deals with programs for qualified migrants in foreign countries, which have been an inspiration to the Czech Republic when creating the project.

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