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The Project of the Media Concept of the Czech Streetball Federation for 2011
Matějková, Veronika ; Malecha, Petr (advisor) ; Křivda, Tomáš (referee)
k diplomové práci Diplomová práce se zabývá komunikací České streetballové federace, o. s. s veřejností a médii. Cílem je analyzovat, jak organizace pracuje s veřejností a jak přistupuje k médiím, jakou volí strategii, aby byla prezentace organizace efektivní. Záměrem je vytvořit prospěšný mediální koncept pro rok 2011. Abstract The diploma thesis is considering communication of Czech Streetball Federation with public and media. The goal is to analyze how the organization works with public and what is its approach to media, what is the strategy of being the most effective. To create useful media concept for 2001 is the main object.
Specific learning disabilities and its treatment and intervention
Matějková, Veronika ; Vítečková, Michaela (advisor) ; Kremličková, Marta (referee)
The aim of my thesis is to obtain an insight into the field of specific learning disabilities. The thesis has the character of a summary and it mainly concerns the comparison of existing knowledge and approaches to children with specific learning disabilities. This thesis should be used not only for academical purposes; it also should enable the reader to underestand the term, cause, symptoms, reeducation of specific learning disabilities, which improves the understanding of the life of people with this disability.
Self-concept of adolescent individuals with specific learning disabilities
Matějková, Veronika ; Zemková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Mrkosová, Eva (referee)
The self-concept of adolescent individuals with specific learning disabilities The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to be involved in self-concept of adolescent individuals with specific learning disabilities. According to the literature studied, the main terms specific learning disabilities and self-concept are defined. The thesis has the form of a survey study focused on the individuals with specific learning disabilities. It examines the symptoms of specific learning disabilities and the impact on self-concept of adolescent individuals. Furthermore, a survey is conducted on a sample of three boys and two girls. All the respondents are adolescent and diagnosed with the specific learning disabilities. Finally, the necessity of further research in this area is suggested. Key words Specific learning disabilities, self-concept, adolescent
Karel Krejčí's Comparative Approaches in his Understanding of Czech and Polish Literature
Matějková, Veronika ; Janoušek, Pavel (advisor) ; Svatoň, Vladimír (referee) ; Trávníček, Jiří (referee)
The thesis documents and interprets the conflict between the literary discourses of the time on the one hand, and the specific approach of Karel Krejčí (1904-1979), comparatist, Slavist and Czech studies scholar, on the other hand. Based on the Krejčí's studies on literary history and comparative literature, as well as his participation in the methodological debates of his time, the thesis analyses the impact of this conflict on the author's literary theory method, and his work of a literary historian and comparatist in general. The analysis is based on the ambiguous reception of Krejčí's scientific work: while he is recognised as a great personality in the field of Slavic studies, he is considered an outsider in the general context of Czech literary science. The thesis describes how the author, with his methodological approach, was in opposition to the prevailing trend. As a Slavic studies scholar he criticised the 'influence science' and positivist methods employed in the field. In the period between the two world wars he inclined towards the sociology of literature, although this discipline did not become popular. While he was interested in phenomenology and formalism, he defended his 'historical-sociological' approach against structuralism, which was gaining ground. In the 1950s Krejčí wrote a...
Adult Catechetics in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church as an Open Path of God's Word towards Modern Society
Matějková, Veronika ; Kolář, Pavel (advisor) ; Tonzarová, Hana (referee)
RESUMÉ The purpose of this thesis was to outline the current state of catechesis in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and basic regularities of the andragogic discipline as the science of adult education. We put these findings in the context of adult life, which is based in the postmodern era and secularized society. The first chapter dealt with the specifics of contemporary life and the needs of the post-modern man living in a secularized world. In the second chapter we entered the path of God's Word. We interpret the Word of God in the theology of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and pointed out the personal / personalistics dimension of the relationship between man and God In the third chapter, we introduce catechesis as a theological discipline. We captured its mission and emphasis from theoretical and practical point of view, and we have followed with the fourth chapter and the specific concept of catechesis in the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. We focused on its development, legislative basis and especially methods of catechesis. The fifth chapter describes andragogy as a scientific discipline. We were interested in the process of adult education and the elements that enter it. We also attempted to show the process of basic methodological preparation for the educational activity. The description of the...
Communication of children with autism spectrum disorder (older school age)
Matějková, Veronika ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Homolková, Kamila (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on communication of children of older school age with autism spectrum disorder. The first part of the thesis, the theoretical part, introduces basic concepts related to autism spectrum disorder and its types and is based on information from scientific literature. The second part of the thesis, the analytical part, presents the analysis of communication of two children of older school age with autism spectrum disorder and the comparison of their communication. The analysis is based on semi-structured interviews with children and is focused on typical features of communication of the children on individual language levels. Children's legal representatives gave an informed consent that the interviews may be recorded and used anonymously as data for the bachelor's thesis. Keywords Autism spectrum disorder, older school-age, Czech, communication
Vliv reklamy na zákazníka v kontextu marketingu podniku Moje Kávová Hvězda
Matějková, Veronika
Matějková, V. The impact of advertising on a customer in the context of a marketing of the company Moje Kávová Hvězda. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel university in Brno, 2017. The goal of the thesis is to identify a target group of customers of the cafe Moje Kávová Hvězda in Brno and find out how its customers perceive company's image, advertisement and what are their needs. There are measures suggested on the basis of the results of the research which could contribute to improve company's marketing in various fields of marketing mix. The study is divided into two parts. The first part concerns general marketing terms and concepts, advertisement and consumer's behaviour. The second part focuses on verifying validity of specified hypotheses by a survey and suggests marketing recommendations and improvements on the basis of these results.
Chování spotřebitele na trhu s vínem v České republice
Matějková, Veronika
Matějková, V. Consumer Behavior on the Wine Market in the Czech Republic. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2020. The Diploma thesis deals with the behavior of consumers aged 18-26 on the wine market in the Czech Republic. It includes an analysis of the wine industry, detailing the development of production and consumption of this commodity in the Czech Republic and comparing these indicators with the situation in selected countries of the European Union. The analysis of the behavior of a given segment of consumers and identification of preferences, habits and other factors that influence it makes up an essential part of the thesis. The performed analysis along with results from the survey provide data for suggested recommendations concerning marketing communication in the small winery sector in the Czech Republic.
Porovnanie účinnosti chemických a biologických prípravkov proti hubovým patogénom
Matejková, Veronika
This diploma thesis concentrates on testing the efficiency of antifungal and biological agents against fungal pathogens Colletotrichum acutatum and Fusarium culmorum. Five single-component antifungal agents were used for the testing and the sizes of the inhibition zones were evaluated. It was found out that the sensitivity of the pathogens to the agents varies. Most effective against Colletotrichum acutatum was the azoxystrobin compound in the Ortiva agent, whereas against Fusarium culmorum it was the Horizon agent with the active compound tebuconazole. With the biological agents, the zone of mycoparasitism was evaluated and the effect of the agents on the growth of the phytopathogenic fungi mycelia was analysed. Trichoderma harzianum exhibited better ability to colonize and suppress the growth of the pathogens‘ mycelia than Pythium oligandrum.
Academic self-efficacy of pupils with problematic behavior in instituional care
Matějková, Veronika ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (advisor) ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (referee)
The thesis deals with the topic of academic self-efficacy of pupils who have been given protective or institutional education due to significant problematic behaviour by the court and who became clients of children's homes with the school. First, the concept of self-efficacy and the concept of academic self-efficacy is presented. Resources as well as social environment issues and gender differences are related to academic self-efficacy. The following chapter describes the topic of problematic behaviour and behavioural disorders. The third chapter is devoted to protection and constitutional care. The last chapter describes the topic of academic self-efficacy of students with problematic behaviour. The empirical part includes research carried out in children's homes with students showing significant problematic behaviour, using the Myself As a Learner Scale and Children's Self- Efficacy Scale questionnaires. A significant difference was found between the level of academic self-efficacy between a set of pupils from children's homes with a school and a set of pupils from ordinary upper primary schools. Only a partial correlation has been proved between the study average and the level of academic self-efficacy. There was no difference in the level of academic self-efficacy between genders. Equally, the...

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