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Act on Undertaking de lege lata and de lege ferenda
Štainc, Richard ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Millerová, Ivana (referee)
As the title of the submitted thesis "The Act on Undertaking de lege lata and de lege ferenda" follows, this thesis deals first with the valid Czech law of undertaking. For the purpose of a comprehensive assessment of the legal status of specific legal institutes and selected legal regulations, comparative approaches and historical interpretation were undertaken in the work in numerous places. I have gradually paid attention to current problems or problems that may arise in the future. I therefore dealt with the qustion of the legality of the exhibition of dead human bodies from the point of view of the Czech legislation in force at the time of its realization, as well as the current legal regulations, when for several reasons I came to the conclusion that such exhibition contradicted a number of provisions of the current legislation and there certainly will be no changes in the future. I continued to pay attention to the lawful forms of burial of human mortal remains. Here, as in other places of work, I have pointed out the possibility of conflict of two or more existing legal norms, according to which the participants in legal relations can interpret their rights and obligations differently. The chapter on the preserving of human mortal remains before the funeral addressed some of the...
Leisure Activities and Education of Elder Adults in Retirement Homes
Kratochvílová, Hana ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on leisure activities and education of elderly people in retirement homes. The aim of this work is to determine which leisure activities and educational opportunities are available to clients in these facilities. First, I present the theoretical definition of the term activation and its potential impact on the lives of older people. Leisure time is defined in this thesis and the most common types of leisure activities of older people are listed. These are described and set in the environment of homes for the elderly. Furthermore, I focus on the education of this target group, its importance and specifics, and also the possibilities of educating the facility's clients are listed. The thesis also deals with the way their coming to these facilities affects them. Qualitative empirical research takes the form of semi-structured interviews with activation workers. The aim of the survey is to identify the possibilities of activation in selected homes for the elderly in Prague with regard to their potential impact on the adaptation and quality of life of clients. Among other things, the results show that activation programs are considered an important factor in the adaptation of clients, and can have a positive impact on their quality of life. Attention is paid to local and...
Participation of the Second Generation of Vietnamese in the Czech Republic in Education at Universities
Van, Dominik ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Gruber, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the participation of the second generation of Vietnamese in higher education and its broader context. First, it focuses on the history of Vietnamese migration to the Czech lands, their ethnic identity and values. It also deals with the differences between the values of the minority and the values of the majority society and especially the participation of second-generation Vietnamese in higher education. The aim of the work is to identify selected facts (language and cultural barriers, stereotypes) that they encounter during formal education at universities, and to find out what are the views of young adult Vietnamese - university students - on the perceived differences in their education compared to ordinary students, who are not members of a national minority. A qualitatively oriented empirical survey, which is conducted in the form of interviews, focuses on the analysis and interpretation of the motives of second-generation Vietnamese in the Czech Republic to participate in education, obstacles encountered in accessing education, and ways to overcome them. Keywords: education, second generation, Vietnamese, universities, values, stereotypes, ethnic identity
Support of Intergenerational Dialogue and Cultural Older Adults´ Participation as Tools of Transfering and Sharing Cultural Values at Local and Regional Levels
Bargel, Robert ; Bednářová, Hana ; Černá Lucie ; Gregoriniová, Jindřiška ; Lössl, Jiří ; Klementová, Kateřina ; Perlín, Radim ; Novák, Jaroslav ; Zborníková, Andrea ; Kocianová, Renata ; Baumgartner, František ; Kopecký, Martin ; Richter, Eva ; Šerák, Michal ; Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kuluturu NIPOS ; Katedra andragogiky a personálního řízení FF UK
The fundamental goal of the project presented is to encourage older people’s cultural participation and the associated positive intergenerational impact of cultural events and activities at the local and regional levels. The project’s implementation will provide public administration with comprehensive guidelines for systematic encouragement of intergenerational transfer and sharing of cultural values through cultural dialogue at the local and regional levels. In that way, public policies in the area can significantly contribute to intergenerational cohabitation. The project enhances understanding of a character of the mechanisms of intergenerational dialogue that is connected with learning and cultural transmission in the contexts of local and regional cultural events and initiatives. It shows the possibilities and indentify the competences (of public administration sector), that need to be strengthened if we want to improve the mechanisms of dialogue. The practical goal of the project is to offer the set of recommendations how to support the process of intergenerational dialogue and create the space for its functions in the public space of the municipalities and regions.
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Civil service regulations according to the Act on Civil Service
Hrdinková, Zuzana ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Petrmichl, Václav (referee)
Civil service regulations according to the Act on Civil Service Abstract This diploma thesis is devoted to the civil service regulations according to the Act on Civil Service, governing logistical aspects of the service. The concept of logistical aspects of the service is not defined in the Act on Civil Service but it can be understood as the area of exercise of the power of appointing authorities, conditions of exercise of rights and obligations related to the civil service employment of civil servants and of other persons for whom the civil service regulations are binding. In addition, logistical aspects of the service also mean the systematization and organisational structure of service authorities. Civil service regulations impact not only the civil servants themselves, but also the public because the public is inevitably affected by the activities of the state administration. This diploma thesis is structured into five parts and its main purpose is to provide a comprehensive view of the issue of civil service regulations. The first part of the thesis deals with the Act on Civil Service, with its history and problems with its adoption. The second part defines civil service regulations and deals with their scope, both material and personal. It also examines the process of creation and issuance of civil...
Territorial proceedings (de lege lata, de lege ferenda)
Rendl, Tomáš ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
Territorial proceedings (de lege lata, de lege ferenda) Abstract The topic of this thesis is an analysis of problematic areas of procedural regulation in territorial proceedings according to the Building Act No. 183/2006 Coll., and the submission of proposals for their streamlining. The introduction refers to the regulation of spatial planning in the area where Czech Republic is currently located, including the introduction of spatial planning in foregoing Legislation of spatial planning. Subsequently, spatial planning tools and spatial planning bodies are introduced. The third chapter discusses in detail the process of territorial management. The issue of participation of participants in territorial proceedings is discussed in detail. Furthermore, the issue regarding the methods of service of documents via data-boxes and the so-called hybrid mail post, and the possibilities of reviewing the issued binding opinions is analyzed. In the end of the third chapter, the simplified forms of territorial proceedings, which are contained in the Building Act, are thoroughly introduced. In the final chapter, due to the author's opinion, the problematic areas of territorial proceedings were analyzed in detail, including proposals for their correction. Within the framework of this chapter, the author proposes the...
Use of Competencies Gained by the Scout Leaders in the Supporting Leader Preparation Course
Šudák, Patrik ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Vojtko, Tibor (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of competencies of scout leaders working in the organization Junák - český skaut, z.s. after finishing the supporting leader preparation course and passing the supporting leader preparation exam. The aim of the work is to find out whether competencies, which are acquired in the course, are usable in practice by leaders. According to the literature and available manuals, the work describes primarily the competence profile of the graduate of the supporting leader preparation exam. The work also includes an empirical survey, which deals with the question, how much the mentioned competencies are needed during the work of the scout leaders. The survey also shows which competencies are used more and which less in practice, and whether there are competencies in the profile that have no usability. The survey provides new information that may be useful to the scout movement. The results of the empirical survey indicate that the competence profile of the supporting leader is adequate and scout practice allows the use of the most mentioned competencies. The profile also includes competencies that are not used so often in practice, but they can surely be used in relevant areas of scout movement.
Comparison of Environmental Education in the Czech Republic and Sweden
Rudová, Julie ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Záškodná, Helena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of environmental education, which is perceived here in the broader context of sustainable development. The aim of the thesis is to compare the conditions of environmental education in the Czech Republic and Sweden. First, the fundamental concepts (environmental education, sustainable development) and their historical development are defined. The main theme of the following part is the UN strategic document Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the concept of the so-called Sustainable Development Goals. Attention is paid to the implementation of this document at the national level and to a comparison of performance in achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Czech Republic and Sweden. The third chapter forms a key part of the thesis, as it deals with the comparison of environmental education in the selected countries. Historical and political contexts as well as the form of educational activities related to environmental issues both in the school and outside of it are reflected. Attention is also paid to public attitudes towards sustainable behavior and environmental issues. Keywords: environmental education, environmental pillar of sustainable development, The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Sustainable...
Guidelines of the Educational Event "Weekend for Unit Boards" of Junák - Czech Scouting
Manková, Jiřina ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Vojtko, Tibor (referee)
The Czech scouting organisation (Junák - český skaut) has an elaborated system for training of active volunteers. Focal point of the system lies in courses that qualify their absolvents for education of children and leading of scout troops and camps. The topic of this bachelor thesis is a new form of an educational event, not yet embodied in the training system. This relevance of this form - a Weekend for unit boards - was tested in 2019. The Weekend for unit boards emerged with the idea of cooperative education of scout troops. The thesis concentrates on the preparation of the event and will include the description of its implementation based on literature and supporting documentation of the Czech scouting organisation. Main source of information about the preparation of the Weekend for unit boards are experiences and opinions of the organizers, which were identified through participant observation. The aim of the thesis is to analyse and assess main aspects of the preparation and implementation of the Weekend for unit boards, so it can be a source of information for other trainers inspired by this event. The thesis also discusses whether the Weekend for unit boards fulfils the opportunities expected by the Czech scouting organisation. KEY WORDS scouting, education, teambuilding, team development,...
Key Ideas of Tomáš Trnka's Concept of Popular Education
Kazimourová, Veronika ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Kopecký, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with the key ideas of the popular education concept of Professor Tomáš Trnka, who is considered to be a leading theorist of popular education in the interwar Czechoslovakia, and who has significant merits in the gradual constitution of andragogy as an independent scientific discipline. The main focus of the thesis is on the analysis of his key publications The Basics of Popular Education (published in 1934) and Popular Education, its theory, components, methods and organization (published in 1946). The text aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Trnka's work in the field of popular education, with regards to relevant andragogical and historical contexts. The thesis also contains a critical evaluation of Trnka's work and a reflection of its development in the following historical periods. Key words: Tomáš Trnka, popular education, public education, Masaryk Institute for Popular Education, interwar Czechoslovakia, content analysis

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