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Marketing Activities of ELKO Elektro s.r.o.
Kobližková, Markéta ; Kopecký, Martin (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals proposals to improve the marketing activities of the company based on our assessment of the current situation. The theoretical part defines the various concepts of marketing mix and describes its tools. This section further describes communication mix and its individual parts. Analytical part is focused on assess the overal situation of a specific company. In the end of this thesis recommendations are proposed mainly for new communication mix.
Kopecký, Martin ; Zoubek, Michal (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
Urban and architectural design of architecture gallery, modern art and design. The building is located on the eastern corner of the intersection Milady Horakove and Koliste. The design emphasis is on a dominant corner. The interior consists of a large hall and embedded boxes that divided space and have different functional uses. The resulting system of boxes and terraces gives gallery an unique atmosphere.
Survey and assessment of masonry building castle
Kopecký, Martin ; Kocáb, Dalibor (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the diagnostics of masonry structures. In the theoretical part of this thesis it is described the system of assessment of existing structures and then the assessment of existing masonry structures. The next chapter states the methods of survey of masonry structures, including evaluation. The practical part of the thesis deals with the survey of the building of a small castle. This survey includes a brief history of the castle building, the preliminary inspection of the building and the research of the supporting structure. The result of the survey is to determine the material characteristics of masonry.
New town hall for the district Brno-North
Kopecký, Martin ; Pechman, Tomáš (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
Project for a new town hall for the city part Brno-sever on the site of the former barracks in Cerna Pole. The proposal is an emphasis on spatial shaping inner atrium and the overall work with natural lighting.
Evaluation failures of masonry buildings
Kopecký, Martin ; Stehlík, Michal (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with an evaluation of defects of masonry buildings. The theoretical part gives a sorting of defects of masonry buildings according to various criteria including types of cracks, defects of brick walls and columns and systems of cracks in masonry buildings with their causes. The pictures with examples of the defects are enclosed. The practical part gives the documentation of a typical failure. This documentation is about uneven subsiding of two different parts of the church of St. James in Brno. The experimental part describes the failure in building „C“ which is the part of the area of Masaryk university, Faculty of Arts. This experimental part is based on the measuring of the deformations. The results of the measuring and photos are included.
Noise testing of motor vehicles
Kopecký, Martin ; Strecker, Zbyněk (referee) ; Mazůrek, Ivan (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with noise testing applicated on motor vehicles. At first, basic issues of acoustics are mentioned. Next, types of measurement with a short description of methods are given. An attention is paid to the structure of technical regulations which are valid in the Czech Republic and EU.
Production of supporting holder by solid forming
Kopecký, Martin ; Podaný, Kamil (referee) ; Kopřiva, Miloslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis has been elaborated within the Master's study of department 2307 that submits a production proposal of supporting holder by solid forming. The used material of the forging is steel ČSN 12050 with yearly production of 100 000 pieces. The forging has been performed using drop forging method by two operations at the crank forging press LZK 1000, with induction heating of semi-finished product and flash trimming at the trimming press LKOA 200. For this method have been performed required technological calculations, geometric design of the die and assigning production machines needed for this technology. A part of this study is an economical evaluation where have been stated production expenses and prices of the forging of assigned component.
Monitoring Application for Multicast sessions
Kopecký, Martin ; Komosný, Dan (referee) ; Šimek, Milan (advisor)
This work deals with a monitoring application for multicast sessions. The general aim is to develop the application for monitoring multicast sessions from network elements of a laboratory computer network. The first part describes possibilities of monitoring computer networks in terms of monitoring techniques and protocols. The second part contains a topology of the laboratory computer network and several basic commands for setting of the multicast in Cisco IOS. The third part is devoted to the developed application for monitoring the multicast in Java language. The last part describes the testing on an actual multicast network and an example of such testing is stated there.
Minidarpa robot - software design
Kopecký, Martin ; Veselý, Miloš (referee) ; Kopečný, Lukáš (advisor)
Robotics is very quickly developping sector. Particulary mobile robots belongs to perspective sector of robotics. In the future mobile robots could help in transportation both people and stuff. But knowledge in this sector help in common life for example parking assistent system or safety distance system. Big benefit from automatic controled vehicles could be saving a lot of human lifes. My bachelor's thesis deals with control system of small competition mobile robot, including hardware and especially software parts of control system.
Minidarpa robot - software design
Kopecký, Martin ; Žalud, Luděk (referee) ; Kopečný, Lukáš (advisor)
This master‘s thesis deals with theme of autonomous mobile robots. In sequence of the bachelor’s thesis its goal is to design a control system of the outdoor mobile robot for Minidarpa type competition. It could be practically used for an autonomous transportation of material. In design of the control system the attention is aimed at planning algorithms which are divided into the local and the global parts. Most of the work is paid to a global planning algorithm, which plans, in help with graph algorithms, points needed to travel to achieve the goal. The global map is defined in RNDF file which must be preprocessed for needs of planning. There are designed classes in C++ language for communication with subsystems too. The control system further contains graphical interface for operation of the robot and a remote control through a wireless gamepad.

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