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The meaning of the online worship from a post-covidian perspective
Doležal, Jan ; Vogel, Jiří (advisor) ; Kolář, Pavel (referee)
The bachelor's thesis titled "The meaning of the online worship from a post-covidian Perspective" explores the utilization of live broadcasting and digital recordings of worship services in the congregations of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first part of the thesis provides an overview of the issues related to the digitalization of worship services through foreign studies. The second part is dedicated to research and the evaluation of specific data obtained from a questionnaire, that are subsequently compared with the theoretical part of the thesis.
The Babtism on the Background of Liturgic Reforms of the 16th and 20th Century.
Pekárek, František ; Holeton, David Ralph (advisor) ; Hradílek, Pavel (referee) ; Kolář, Pavel (referee)
The work Liturgical Reforms and Renewal concerning baptism in the 16th and 20th century explores relationship between liturgical reforms of baptismal rites in the 16th century and contemporary liturgical movement. The main theme of the work is the transformation of Christian initiation at the end of 20th and its relation to the reforms of baptismal rites in the reformation period. The first part of the work describes reforms of Lutheran and Anglican baptismal rites. There are two main sources used for comparison: Luther's Taufbüchleins and first two editions of the Book of Common Prayer. The second part of the work is dedicated to contemporary efforts to renew baptismal rites. The rites of Canadian Anglicans and Lutherans serve as prototypes. The investigation of baptismal rites is preceded by the theological examination of any performed changes. The conclusion of the work transcends its aim when it shows the problems of renewal in wider context. It provides with the typology of the opponents of liturgical movement and tries to bring deeper insight into historical connections which form their attitudes. In the conclusion, we can find author's perspective on the contribution of renewal in baptismal theology and liturgy for the broadest ecumena. This work came into being at the Institute of Ecumenical Studies...
Social and ethical issues discussed in the context of modern gene technologies
Kalaninová, Helena ; Vogel, Jiří (advisor) ; Kolář, Pavel (referee)
Social and ethical issues discussed in the context of modern gene technologies Annotation: This thesis deals with social and etihical issuses associated with development of gene technologies. It focuses on moral evaluation of these problems from the viewpoint of Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Ortodox Christian doctrine. It deals also with secular documents, which are concened with this issues and describe a contemporary legislative situation in this field of interest too. It analyze possible approaches of bioethical discourse to these technologies. For example there are presented problems of assited reproduction, embryo research, gene manipulation or cloning. Keywords: assited reproduction, bioethics, biotechnology, cloning, embryo research, genetics, christian ethics, medical ethics, stem cells
Communication between Clergy and Communicants in crisis situations
Vacková, Lucie Isabela ; Liguš, Ján (advisor) ; Kolář, Pavel (referee)
Summary: Komunikace duchovního s věřícími v krizových situacích Communication between Clergy and Communicants in crisis Lucie Isabela Vacková This thesis entitled Communication between Clergy and Communicants in crisis focuses on the work of hospital chaplains. At the beginning, there is a description of basic terms such as communication, priest and crisis. Furthermore, the thesis discusses the pastoral care with regard for the ill and dying ones. In particular chapters biblical and psychological view of illness, dying and death are introduced. In the Chapter Pastoral Care I describe the main goals of care, the history of charity in term of the Christian Church, the main method of pastoral care- conversation and the current situation in the area of care in hospitals in the Czech Republic. The research was conducted in hospital in Chrudim on the department of long-term care. The research`s objective was to determine how the patients percieve the pastoral care, what they expect from the pastoral care and whether they would personally use this care. Pastoral care in hospitals in the Czech Republic is still being shaped up. People often worry that a priest will try to persuade them to believe, if they use his services. Therefore, they are rather indifferent to this care, sometimes aggressively refusing. The...
Somatognosis in patients with chronic vertebrogenic disorders
Křikavová, Alena ; Kolář, Pavel (advisor) ; Lepšíková, Magdaléna (referee)
This thesis called "Somatognosia by the chronic back pain patients" summarizes in its theoretical part the information about the concept of one's own body perception and clears up the terms body image and body schema in various contexts. The experimental part of the thesis includes testing of somatognosia on two sets. This research aims to compare the level and quality of somatognosia by the chronic back pain sufferers and healthy individuals. Powered by TCPDF (

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