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Use of ergotherapy for Down's syndrome in preschool age
Šustová, Kateřina ; Valešová Malecová, Barbara (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
The diploma thesis Use of ergotherapy fro Down's syndrome in preschool age deals with the use of ergotherapy as a tool for the development of fine and gross motor skills in children with Down syndrome in preschool age. The work consists of two parts. The theoretical part defines the issue of Down syndrome, then describes the specifics of the development of a child with an intellectual disability in preschool age, with a focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills, and the last part summarizes the current knowledge about ergotherapy and its use in children with Down syndrome in preschool age. The second part describes the design of an occupational therapy program focused on the development of fine and gross motor skills in children with Down syndrome and then verifies its applicability in practice through action research. Three children wit Down syndrome aged of four to five were involved in the usability testing and their progress in individual fine and gross motor skills was compared. The results of the research show that the proposed program is usable in practice and at the same time give suggestions for its modifications for further use.
Relationships of People With Multiple Disabilities
Ramseidlová, Dana ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Šiška, Jan (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The thesis deals with the topic of partner relationships of people with multiple disabilities. The academic literature does not pay enough attention to this issue. However, knowledge in this area is essential for the proper integration of individuals into society and for ensuring their opportunities to develop social relationships comparable to those seen in mainstream intact society. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to identify the characteristics of partnership cohabitation of people with combined disabilities. To this end, a qualitative research investigation was conducted in the form of structured interviews. The research sample consisted of a total of 13 respondents, 11 persons with combined disabilities and 2 senior staff members of the Jedlička Institute. The thesis provides a detailed insight into the formation and functioning of partnership relationships and identifies the determinants that influence these relationships through the open coding method. The main finding of the analysis is the negative connotation of the identified determinants, which thus represent rather barriers preventing the formation of relationships. This finding represents a challenge not only for social service workers but also for individuals with disabilities to find ways to overcome these barriers. KEYWORDS...
Mobility development of a child with deafblindness
Roubíková, Denisa ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Bertlová, Barbora (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to investigate the various possibilities for the development of mobility in a child with dual sensory disabilities. The work is conducted by the method of analysis of professional literature and other available sources that may relate to the researched topic. The introductory part of the thesis focuses on theoretical knowledge that helps in introducing the issue and defining the concept of deafblindness. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the etiology, possible causes and diseases that can cause the given disability. In the next chapters, among other things, the work will offer various forms of communication, methods and problems, as well as the possibilities of education and development of a child with deafblindness. Due to the lack of literature written in Czech, the research part of the work consists of an analysis of professional literature and other available sources, which examines Czech and foreign literature related to the development of mobility in a child with deafblindness. One of the main tasks of the chosen method - literary research, is to create a comprehensive and complete overview of current literature, in which we can find the researched topic and, based on a thorough analysis of the professional literature, subsequently offer a set of selected...
Family of Children with severe multiple disabilities
Káchová, Viola ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Květoňová, Lea (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of a family with a child with severe multiple disabilities. The first three sections explain the concepts of combined disability, cerebral palsy and the family of a child with severe multiple disability. The actual research investigation follows a selected family with a child with a severe multiple disability. The aim of this paper is to find out how the selected social groups affected the selected family and to answer the set questions: what does caring for a bedridden child entail and what impact does this have on the child's family? Has the social circle around the family changed since the child with a disability entered the family? How does this affect siblings and which social areas of life are affected? The research inquiry is qualitative in nature and is completed through interview and observation. The interview was coded according to predetermined areas based on the sources studied. The results of this thesis contribute to a deeper understanding of the issue of families of children with severe multiple disabilities. KEY WORDS Multiple disabilities, friends, family of children with disability, social media, specialists, community
How sibling constellations can be affected by health disadvantage
Plachá, Lenka ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
The diploma thesis on the topic "How sibling constellations can be affected by health disadvantage" deals with mapping the influence of living with a sibling with a disability and the effect of the family environment and relationships on intact siblings in the field of career choice and attitudes towards planning one's own parenthood. Furthermore, it also examines the possible influence of the gender of the intact sibling on the aforementioned areas. The aim of the research investigation was therefore to find out whether intact siblings in adulthood tend to work in helping professions, specifically whether living with a sibling with a disadvantage led them to choose a profession with persons with disabilities and also whether it influenced their attitude towards their own parenting. Qualitative research was used for the investigation, specifically the design elements of grounded theory. An in-depth, semi-structured interview with five respondents, adult siblings of persons with various types of health handicaps (autism spectrum disorders, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy) was used to obtain data. The interviews were analyzed using open coding. The answers to the research questions are documented by verbatim citations of respondents' answers in individual categories. Since only elements of grounded...
Use of experiential pedagogy to mediate visual impairment to intact children
Balíková, Marie ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Kadrnožková, Monika (referee)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the possibility of using experiential pedagogy programs to mediate visual impairment to intact children in the basic elementary school. The thesis describes the issue of visual impairment, its classification and functional impacts, and the system of education of individuals with visual impairment in the Czech Republic. The paper further focuses on a detailed definition of the term experiential pedagogy, defines the concept of inclusive education and seeks an answer to the question of why to introduce intact pupils to the issue of (visual) impairment. The research to this paper focused on monitoring how the perception of visual impairment by intact pupils at the elementary school changed after being exposed to an experiential pedagogy program, which focused on the issue of visual impairment. In order to achieve the research goal, a method of a qualitative interview was used for collecting the data and the open coding method was used in the subsequent analysis. Research monitored several partial areas of perception of visual impairment (the area of emotions, the area of knowledge and the area of having a hypothetical classmate with visual impairment). The key research issue was answered on the basis of answers to partial research questions in these areas. The research...
The transition of a person with an intellectual disability from school to adult life through the prism of pedagogical workers
Wiesnerová, Kateřina ; Šiška, Jan (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
The thesis deals with the topic of the transition of people with intellectual disabilities from school to adult life. The aim is to understand this process and the factors that influence it, to find out how respondents perceive a successful transition and what leads to it. The theoretical background regarding the transition of persons with intellectual disabilities to adulthood is described. A definition of the transition process, its planning and domains are given. The available support in the Czech Republic, the issue of self-determination and the role of the family during the transition period are described. In the next section, adulthood, its periods and specifics for persons with intellectual disabilities are defined. The research was carried out within the PEDAL project. A qualitative research strategy and a focus group discussion method were chosen. The respondents of the survey were five pedagogical workers of schools according to Section 16 (9) educating pupils and students with intellectual disabilities in the last two to three years of schooling. Through thematic analysis, four themes and several sub-themes were defined to address the research questions. It was found that transition planning during schooling takes many forms and involves many actors. The individual's environment,...

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