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The Complex Diagnostics of Reinforced Concrete Construction
Marek, Michal ; Heřmánková,, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is a complex evaluation of reinforcement in reinforced concrete construction and its comparation with contract documents. In the next step we will calculate static reviews for each part of the construction. In case that some of the parts will fail this review, we will have to project such a solution that the construction wont get damaged from excessive load. In the end we will make an all in all evaluation of the examination and the construction.
Datalogger for UL aircraft
Marek, Michal ; Vágner, Martin (referee) ; Klusáček, Stanislav (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of flight data recorder for UL aircraft. The theoretical part describes the basic principles of measurement of the quantities in relation to the operation of the aircraft, such as altitude, air speed. A separate chapter deals with systems for determining of GPS position. Furthermore, there are examples of instruments measuring these quantities. The practical part is focused on the description of selected components and their connection to PIC24FJ64GA004 microcontroller. This is followed by a description of the control of USB drives with USB Controller Vinculum-II. The work is finished by the functional test of the device.
Position measurement
Marek, Michal ; Klusáček, Stanislav (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
This paper describes the possibility of measuring plane controls deflection. It also analyzed a number of principles displacement sensing. Subsequently, it was chosen triangulation distance sensor and this sensor was carried out measurements.
Automatic train protections system tester
Marek, Michal ; Musil, Vladislav (referee) ; Šteffan, Pavel (advisor)
The Master´s thesis describes continuous automatic train protection system and its functional properties, principally the transmission of special encoded signal between stationary part and rail vehicle. There is also summarized some important information about the gear rotational speed sensors and its communication with other onboard peripherals. Depends by analysed parameters of electrical signals, the general suggestion of portable electronic device is outlined. Portable electronic device or TESTER will be used to in phase of testing mobile part of automatic train protection system mounted onboard of rail vehicle. Tester will generate equivalent electrical signals to signals in system automatic train protection and the real system response will be possible to evaluate. The generator block allows to model real electrical signals in automatic train protection technology type LS or type EVM and signals rail vehicle odometry.
Led matrix 8x64
Marek, Michal ; Macháň, Ladislav (referee) ; Šteffan, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis describes what is a LED matrix and how to control them. The function of the control circuits for the LED matrixes, the function of the current controller and microcontroller programming method are delineates in the project. These include microcontroller programming via universal serial bus, changing source code parameters via local ethernet network with the ethernet connect module, using standard peripheral buses for serial transmissions and the ways of controlling LEDs using relevant libraries. Objective is to introduce a solution for LED controlling using the Windows software application and propose complex assembly includes all the necessary blocks, which provides simple operating for new users.
Strategiic communication of public policies: The case of Milostivé léto
Marek, Michal ; Konrádová, Marcela (advisor) ; Moravcová, Hana (referee)
Public policy communication is a discipline that has not yet been explored much, and this thesis has chosen to examine it through the example of the government's Milostivé léto debt relief. This was a response to the long-lasting untenable economic crisis of a part of Czech society caused by the amount of accumulated distraints affecting the quality of life of the population. At the same time, the social and economic situation of citizens are the strongest determinants of their relationship to democracy, which makes the strategic communication of a legislative aimed at removing these economic obstacles all the more important. This thesis takes an approach to communication based on government communication, stakeholder theory and theory of public policy according to Potůček, and builds on these theoretical concepts with three research questions focusing on stakeholders, communication strategy and communication recommendations. It answers each of these questions using a separate method - first exploring the online space through stakeholder mapping, then defining strategy through semi-structured interviews with government communication representatives, and finally analysing the data to formulate communication recommendations through SWOT analysis. The thesis thus contributes to research on government...
Local inhomogeneities in granitic rocks: Formation mechanisms and implications for internal dynamics of magma chambers
Marek, Michal ; Špillar, Václav (advisor) ; Žák, Jiří (referee)
Granitic rocks are full of inhomogeneities. These structures provide evidence of processes that take place inside of magma chambers. Studying them can bring valuable information about processes of emplacement and movement of magma, interactions between two magmas with different composition and about internal structure of magma chambers. This thesis is focused on studying the inhomogeneity type of schlieren channel. Using hand scanner, four samples of this type of structure in the Liberec granite (Krkonoše-Jizera plutonic complex, Bohemian massif) were scanned. Three samples of homogenous Liberec granite were scanned for comparison. For the purpose of this thesis, an automatic method for modal analysis of the scanned samples was developed. This method uses approaches of image analysis for separation of the minerals. Based on the results obtained by this method, the studied structure was identified as a part of schlieren channel. The structure is composed by a 2-3 cm thick layer (schlieren), which is represented by the accumulation of mafic minerals, and approximately 12 cm thick layer, where the concentration of mafic minerals is reduced (transition zone). During formation of this type of structure, shear sorting is significant. Although the direction of gravity was unknown for the studied samples,...
Risk assessment and prediction of natural fires in the immediate vicinity\nsurface sources of drinking water.
Trnka, Miroslav ; Kudláčková, Lucie ; Čermák, P. ; Balek, Jan ; Novotný, Jan ; Homolová, Lucie ; Semerádová, Daniela ; Brovkina, Olga ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Zahradníček, Pavel ; Skalák, Petr ; Bláhová, Monika ; Benáček, Patrik ; Fischer, Milan ; Sedlák, Pavel ; Janouš, Dalibor ; Žalud, Zdeněk ; Marek, Michal V. ; Možný, M. ; Hájková, L. ; Chuchma, F. ; Knozová, G. ; Beranová, J. ; Zatloukal, V. ; Albert, J. ; Mašková, R. ; Cienciala, E. ; Vizina, A. ; Nesládková, M. ; Melišová, E. ; Hanel, M.
The methodology formulates a procedure for assessing the risks of the occurrence and spread of natural fires in the immediate vicinity of surface sources of drinking water. The methodology\nproposes methods for estimating the consequences of natural fires on surface water quality, forecasting the change in the risk of fires due to climate change and the procedure for determining the risk of secondary pollution of reservoirs due to changes in run off after a natural fire. On this basis, the methodology proposes and diversifies preventíve and operational measures.The measures were designed in connection to modeling results for the Hadce pilot síte near the Švihov reservoir and the experience with the adverse effects of extensive deforestation on the water quality in the Vranov and Vír reservoirs.
Comparison of gradient measurement and modelling of deposition rate of ozone to spruce forest in locality Bílý Kříž.
Zapletal, M. ; Chroust, P. ; Večeřa, Zbyněk ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Cudlín, Pavel ; Urban, Otmar ; Pokorný, Radek ; Czerný, Radek ; Janouš, Dalibor ; Taufarová, Klára ; Marek, Michal V. ; Hůnová, I. ; Černikovský, L. ; Medlen, A.
Comparison of measured and modelled deposition rate of ozone to spruce forest in locality Bílý Kříž. Estimation of daily changes in deposition and stomatal flux of ozone into spruce forest.
Automatické čištění HTML dokumentů
Marek, Michal ; Pecina, Pavel (advisor) ; Straňák, Pavel (referee)
This paper describes a system for automatic cleaning of HTML documents, which was used in the participation of the Charles University in CLEANEVAL 2007. CLEANEVAL is a shared task and competitive evaluation of automatic systems for cleaning arbitrary web pages with the goal of preparing web data for use as a corpus in the area of computational linguistics and natural language processing. We try to solve this task as a sequence-labeling problem and our experimental system is based on Conditional Random Fields exploiting a set of features extracted from textual content and HTML structure of analyzed web pages for each block of text.

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