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Preparation and implementation of construction and technical survey of a building
Mezlík, Vojtěch ; Heřmánková, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The subject of bachelor’s thesis is a structural-technical survey of a reinforced concrete frame structure. The theoretical part deals with the inspection of reinforced concrete structures, destructive and non-destructive diagnostic methods for the diagnosis of reinforced concrete structures, and the Czechoslovak architect Jaroslav Josef Polívka. The practical part conducts a structural-technical survey, focusing on the diagnosis of the reinforcement of selected structural elements and the determination of properties of the concrete. The reinforcement was determined using electromagnetic indicator Proceq Profometer 630 and the ground penetrating radar Hilti PS 1000 and verified by chiseled probes. The concrete strength class in the structure was estimated from core drills. In the conclusion, the condition of the structure is evaluated, and measures are proposed.
Preparation and implementation of construction and technical survey of prestressed bridge structure
Kummer, Jan ; Kocáb, Dalibor (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The thesis focuses on a visual excursion with photo documentation, the localisation of prestressing reinforcement of prefabricated beams type DS-T and the analysis of their state as well as the offtake of core drilling in order to establish their strength under pressure. In the theoretical part I describe the principles of the static effect of prestressed concrete and the basic sorting of technical survey and diagnostic methods. Furthermore I explain specific diagnostic methods for the determination of the location and state of prestressing reinforcement. The practical part focuses on photodocumentation of a bridge, the determination of the location of the beams reinforcement using georadar, (chopped probes to reinforcement and removal of core drilling samples. The conclusion provides the location of prestressing reinforcement and the level of its corrosion and grouting, the photo documentation of the bridge and a collection of samples from core drilling in order to determine the strength under pressure of the concrete.
The Influence of the Human Factor on the Measurement Results Acquired by Using the Resistance Drilling Device RinnTech Resistograph R650-EA
Dziadková, Aneta ; Heřmánková, Věra ; Anton, Ondřej ; Szórád, Martin
The diagnostics of wooden structures using the detection drill RINNTECH Resistograph R650-EA is one of the popular semi-destructive methods. This article deals with the issue of the influence of the human factor on the measurement results. The recommended testing direction is the radial direction, perpendicular to the grain. However, the desired direction is sometimes difficult to maintain. The experiment takes into account three different factors that may occur during the testing. The goal is to determine to what extent the human factor affects the measured results. Thanks to the conducted research, it was found that gradual tilting of the device during measurements influences the measurements most significantly.
Survey, Diagnostics and Design of Reconstruction
Novotný, David ; Heřmánková, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the diagnostic investigation of block A in the object at Rumiště 8, Brno. The work includes theoretical knowledge of technical surveys and diagnostic methods and their evaluation to identify the essential characteristics of masonry and timber structures. In the practical part is the diagnostic investigation processed. Part of the diagnostic investigation is the determination of material characteristics of the structure. At the end of the thesis is an assessment of the structure.
Survey and Diagnostics of Building Construction
Řezáč, David ; Heřmánková, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the construction and technical survey of a reinforced concrete structure. The theoretical part describes the tested properties of concrete and the methodology of their tests used in the practical part. The practical part is devoted to the diagnosis of the existing structure, which was determined the strength of concrete using core holes, concrete adhesion by tear tests, and reinforcement of reinforced concrete elements of the structure determined by ground-penetrating radar, electromagnetic indicators and additional chopped probes.
Survey and Diagnostics of Building Construction
Vítková, Barbora ; Heřmánková, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the diagnostic survey of the masonry walls and the connecting bridge in the East Moat of Špilberk Castle. The thesis contains theoretical information about survey and diagnostics of building construction and then evaluation of diagnostic methods used for estimation of essential characteristics of masonry structures. In the practical part the diagnostic investigation of Špilberk Castle walls is processed. That includes determination of material characteristics of the studied structure. In the conclusion there is a suggestion of how to eliminate the structural defects found during the survey.
Global diagnostics of reinforced concrete structure
Pőssl, Petr ; Vítek, Lubomír (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The thesis summarizes methods used to finding material characteristics of reinforced concrete structures, treatment plan of diagnostic survey on the basis of visual inspection of the bridge, documentation of diagnosticated defects and condition assessment of the bridge.
Survey and evaluation state of timber structures
Zouharová, Kateřina ; Anton, Ondřej (referee) ; Heřmánková, Věra (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the assessment of two wooden roof structures of the building, which is located in Brno on the street Rumiště 8. Parts of the work are also theoretical knowledge of roof structures, building technical survey and diagnostic methods. Rating roof truss was based on a survey of sensory and instrumental methods. In the first step were measured dimensions of roof truss members and were determined roof structures. In the next section was researched damage of elements and his causes. Rehabilitation solution was established for each type of damage to the components resist any attack as long as possible. This report had been prepared for the property owner who plans complete reconstruction.
Detection of Failures and cavities in structures using radar
Tkadleček, Petr ; Anton, Ondřej (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor‘s thesis describes non-destructive testing and methods, which are used in civil engineering. It is focused on the detection of failures and cavities in concrete structures. In the first part the methods are described and compared. The second part describes experimental measurements on concrete structures, which contain failures. The results are described and interpreted. The used methods are compared. It was evaluated, which of these methods is suitable for the detection of failures and cavities in structures.
Diagnostics of Reinforced Concrete Bridge
Rozbroj, Lukáš ; Anton, Ondřej (referee) ; Cikrle, Petr (advisor)
This thesis contains diagnostics of a reinforced concrete girder bridge in the municipality of Újezd u Brna. The aim is to conduct an inspection of the bridge, gather quality photo-documentation of defects and failures and design and conduct a diagnostic examination of such extent that would be necessary for judging the load bearing capacity of the bridge. The result of this thesis is the determined load bearing capacity and a proposal of measures required to keep the bridge functional.

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