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Quantum aspects of particle physics models with extended gauge symmetries
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Malinský, Michal (advisor) ; Beneš, Petr (referee) ; di Luzio, Luca (referee)
In this thesis, we study quantum aspects of the minimal renormalizable SO(10) Grand Unified Theory with the scalar sector consisting of 45 ⊕ 126 ⊕ 10C. It is an interesting candidate for a theory describing physics beyond the Standard model which has the potential to allow for proton lifetime prediction with Plank- scale-physics-induced theoretical uncertainties confined within the expected one- order-of-magnitude experimental proton lifetime improvement window. With the complete information about the numerical one-loop scalar mass spec- trum and analytical one-loop beta functions of all the dimensionless scalar cou- plings, we formulate consistency criteria that every viable region of the parameter space must satisfy; namely, we require the existence of a stable Standard-model- like vacuum, unification of gauge couplings and robustness of perturbative calcu- lations. Only narrow parameter space regions around symmetry breaking chains with SU(4)C × SU(2)L × U(1)R or SU(3)c × SU(2)L × SU(2)R × U(1)B−L intermedi- ate stages are demonstrated to be potentially realistic. Detailed analysis of the SO(10) Higgs model with 45⊕126 scalar sector indicates a preference for the for- mer option, mainly due to increased perturbative instability and phenomenologi- cally unsuitable values of energy scales predicted in the...
Measuring parameters of large-area capacitive sensors in touch screens
Baďo, Martin ; Mancl, Vlastimil (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
This thesis studies characteristics and technologies used in capacitive sensors. For the purpose of automatic testing of sensors was selected and assembled device LowRider CNC V3. Tested sensors are from materials: silver nanowires and copper electrodes. Device during automatic tests was causing certain level of electromagnetic or electrostatic interference on sensors. Copper electrode sensor responded more significantly to touch but also interference, in comparison with silver nanowires sensor. Results of thesis more closely describe responses by sensors to touch and advantages or disadvantages of automatic testing.
Automatic Modal Hammer
Bomský, Michael ; Čala, Martin (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this work is to design and then construct a solution to automate an impact hammer, which is used for vibration (modal) analysis of various mechanical parts. It is almost impossible with the hammer to achieve the same place of impact, speed and power when used manuály. With automatization of this process it is possible to achieve precise and repeatable results.
Additive technologies in the automotive industry
Beneš, Petr ; Kučera, Pavel (referee) ; Píštěk, Václav (advisor)
The deals of this bachelor's thesis are individual technologies of additive manufacturing and their use in the field of automotive production and development of automotive parts. As part of the work, five specific additive manufacturing methods with the greatest benefit to the automotive industry were selected. The technological procedures were described and characterized their essence, possibilities, pros and cons. The following is a detailed description of how the mentioned technologies are currently used in automotive production. The description is supplemented with examples of specific parts and projects where additive manufacturing was used. In conclusion, the possible future direction of the development of additive technologies is evaluated with the aim of expanding their use in automobile production. The thesis gains information mainly from foreign internet portals publishing articles in the field of the automotive industry or production technologies. The websites of 3D printer manufacturers and companies involved in the commercial use of additive manufacturing were also a quality source of information.
Kibble balance
Tomanec, Jakub ; Kunz, Jan (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis consists of three sections. The first section explains the revision of the international system of units (SI), which took place in 2018 at the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM). The second section explains the concept of Kibble balance and introduces some of the created projects. In the third section of the work, the prototype of Kibble balance was realized. The fourth section contains the measurements of the prototype’s properties of the and the evaluation of the measured data. In the last section, possible sources of uncertainty and their possible solutions were evaluated.
Sports centers
Šefferová, Diana ; Skřek, Daniel (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The aim of the diploa thesis is to prepare documentation for the construction of the assigned building of the Sports Center, which is located on plot no. 845/10 in the city of Brno, in the cadastral area of Bro-Ponava. The building is partially basemented, it has three floors above ground and in terms of building physics is designed as a building with almost zero energy consumption. In the basement, there is a garage for visitors and staff of the sports center. On the upper floors there are designed exercise rooms, technical and hygienic facilities for visitors and employees, an office, a meeting room and on the third floor there is a small wellness center. The vertical structures of the building are designed from a monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton with a filling of ceramic fittings and the basement is made of monolithic waterproof walls. Horizontal structures are made of cast-in-place reinforced slabs. The foundations are designed as a cast-in-place foundation slab serves waterproofing basement. The roof of the building is designed as a flat walkable roof in combination with warm flat green roof. The building is insulated with contact thermal insulation system.
Thermoanemometric flow sensor control using pulse width modulation
Mlčoch, Albert ; Beneš, Petr
PWM control of the heated element in constant temperature difference mode was designed and tested for the thermal flowmeter. The reason for using this solution is to extend the operating range and reduce the power losses of the control elements. The proposed solution allows linearization and adjustment of the operating point to the desired flow range and fluid temperature without any change in the wiring or electronics. The functionality of this solution was demonstrated over a range of 80 kg/h with a repeatability of 2 %.
Measuring the Parameters of Piezo Energy Harvesters
Kunz, Jan ; Novák,, Martin (referee) ; Hadaš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
This dissertation deals with the measurement of piezoenergy harvester parameters, in particular the measurement of their efficiency. The first part of the thesis summarizes important metrics for their comparison and reviews existing measurement systems for measuring harvester performance parameters. The measurement of harvester efficiency is simplified due to the complexity of power measurement and harvester efficiency is calculated from its parameters. However, this method is not accurate because it neglects mechanical losses and has a large measurement uncertainty. For this reason, the main objective of this work is to find a way to directly measure the harvester power input and thus measure its efficiency by definition, i.e. including mechanical losses. By analyzing the power flow in the harvester power chain, a way to achieve this goal has been found. Then, I have created an automated measurement system that allows to measure the harvester power parameters and also its efficiency including the determination of measurement uncertainties. In the last section, the performance, parameters and especially the two types of efficiency for commercially available harvesters are compared. As expected, the efficiency evaluated according to the definition come out smaller than in the case of its simplified version. However, this ratio varies widely for different harvester types, with the new efficiency being approximately one-third for PZT harvesters but only one-hundredth for PVDF harvesters. This significant difference shows that the different types of harvesters have large differences in mechanical losses, this difference could not be measured until now and thus remained neglected.
The block of flats
Machová, Petra ; Skřek, Daniel (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor´s thesis is the design of an apartment building in Horní Maršov, a village located in Eastern Giant Mountains near Trutnov city. The building plot is located in the built-up center of the village near the square. The floor plan of the house is simple, rectangular. The construction system of the house is a wall made of ceramic bricks with ceilings made of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The roof is designed as a vegetation, counter, double-skinned with extensive greenery. The height of the building is divided into four above-ground and one underground floor, which are connected by a two-armed staircase with intermediate landings and an elevator. In the basement, there is a utility room, facilities for tenants. On the first floor there is a rental unit suitable as surgery. The apartment building has a total of 14 residential units designed from size 1 + KK to size 4 + 1, including a unit for people with limited mobility and orientation located on the first floor.
The block of flats
Kolář, Jan ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The subject of my barchelor thesis is the design and the elaboration of project documentation of the construction of the apartment building. Projected building is located in restful part of city Přerov with viewpoint to surrounding rural area and the place of Saint Hostýn pilgrimage. Detached building with semi-flush basement and three overground floors offers a capacity of 6 flat units for the settlement for 21 persons. Modular flats are situated lengtwise with disposition of 3 rooms + cooking place and 4 rooms + cooking place into two parts of groundplan with different proportions, that have connected by cental corridor with lift and technical utility room. Architectural rendering takes into accout the requests of comfort living and utility space, that every housing unit have larger social zone, with own terrace, storage room and cellar. Parking places for 9 cars are reserved on the plot with possibility of covered parking at the individual garage in basement. There are also meeting room, bike shed and laundry room. Material of bulding is formed of prefabricated system of wall masonry from brick shard fittings with standardized dimensions. External surface of the builng is provided by contact system of heat insulation consistent to the ETICS requests. Ceiling tiles of reinforced concrete are constructed monolithically. There is used prestressed reinforced concrete for better possibilities of use the basements individual garage. The building use technical equipment and technologies for using of renewable resources and is projected like building with almost zero energy consumption.

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