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Strategic communications in the conditions of information warfare between Russia nad Ukraine
Storchak, Yelyzaveta ; Shavit, Anna (advisor) ; Konrádová, Marcela (referee)
The thesis "Strategic Communications in the Information War between Russia and Ukraine" explores the complex relations between the two countries, focusing on the interaction of strategic communications and information warfare. The theoretical part presents a brief analysis of the main scientific publications, which introduces the reader to the concepts of hybrid warfare, information warfare as its component, and methods of information warfare. This part also defines the concept of strategic communications and strategic narrative. The practical part of the work is presented in the form of a case study, which aims to identify and analyze different narratives used by Russia and Ukraine to describe the events of the first week of the invasion (24.02.22 - 03.03.22) using a selected news portal of the country (Russia and Ukraine). The conclusion is that Ukraine and Russia use both different and similar methods of information warfare and a large number of narratives, thus forming different perceptions of reality among the people of the country. Keywords Information warfare, strategic communication, strategic narrative, Ukraine, Russia, war in Ukraine
Self-presentation strategies of political candidates in the Czech presidential campaign 2023
Balážová, Zuzana ; Shavit, Anna (advisor) ; Konrádová, Marcela (referee)
The bachelor thesis examines the role of visual communication in politics and the formation of self-presentation strategies of selected candidates during the Czech presidential elections in 2023. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces visual political communication, cognitive processing of images and the formation of political image through visual frames and relevant dimensions. The analytical part of the thesis uses quantitative and qualitative content analysis to explore the self-presentation strategies of candidates Petr Pavel, Andrej Babiš, Danuša Nerudová and Pavel Fischer on Instagram. The aim of the study was to find out how the selected political candidates used the social media Instagram for self-presentation and which visual frames they emphasized. An analysis of 1,371 Instagram posts of the selected candidates reveals a preference for the ideal candidate frame over the populist candidate frame. The analysis equally reveals gender differences in the use of the dimensions of compassion. The work further explores users' interactions with different visual frames and dimensions, and slight differences in the number of interactions are noted.
Targeting and positioning in a presidential election campaign of Petr Pavel - young voters generation
Dejmková, Tereza ; Konrádová, Marcela (advisor) ; Shavit, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with targeting and positioning of the presidential election campaign of Petr Pavel and focuses mainly on addressing the youngest generation of voters, Generation Z. The 2023 presidential election was different in several ways, but one of them was, for example, the targeting of some candidates to Generation Z. The generation currently includes the majority of voters who participated in the presidential election for the first time, and who may also have followed it more closely for the first time. The aim of this thesis is therefore to find out to what extent the targeting and positioning of the campaign was adapted to Generation Z in the development of the strategy, and also to find out whether Petr Pavel was able to reach this target group through the campaign and through which steps he achieved this. The theoretical part of the thesis first describes and defines the tools of political marketing, characterizes Generation Z and the specifics of their voting behaviour. In the practical part of the thesis, the aforementioned tools of political marketing are applied to the campaign of Petr Pavel. The information for this part of the thesis was obtained from a personal interview with the marketing director of the Petr Pavel campaign, Martin Klčo, conducted by the author of the...
Andrej Babiš's negative campaign in the Czech presidential elections in 2023
Chudá, Ema Lujza ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Konrádová, Marcela (referee)
The thesis deals with the negative campaign of Andrej Babiš before the second round of the presidential elections in the Czech Republic in 2023. Specifically, it tries to find an answer to how the negative campaign of Andrej Babiš before the second round of the elections was perceived by the public and, in particular, whether it was one of the reasons for the failure of this candidate. Data obtained through quantitative research, specifically a questionnaire survey, showed that Andrej Babiš's negative campaign was perceived differently depending on voting behaviour in the second round of the elections. Voters of Andrej Babiš perceived his campaign differently than voters of Petr Pavel and respondents who did not participate in the second round. On the contrary, the answers of Petr Pavel's voters and respondents who did not participate in the second round were the same. The research also confirmed that Andrej Babiš's negative campaigning contributed to his failure in the second round of the election.
Correlation between the popularity of the ANO brand in the Moravian-Silesian Region and the success of the elected mayor Tomáš Macura in the 2022 municipal elections
Vítek, Tomáš ; Shavit, Anna (advisor) ; Konrádová, Marcela (referee)
The bachelor's thesis titled Correlation between the Popularity of the ANO Brand in the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Success of Elected Mayor Tomáš Macura in the 2022 Municipal Elections is dedicated to a case study of Tomáš Macura within the framework of municipal politics in Ostrava. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the terms associated with brand, branding, political brand, and personal political brand. It is followed by a chapter on the socio-political context, where the work summarizes the ANO 2011 party's results at different political levels, with a specific focus on the Ostrava region. This chapter also addresses the rise of the ANO 2011 party, along with its history. A subsequent subsection is dedicated directly to Tomáš Macura and his political career. In the analytical part, the thesis delves into the analysis of internal party research and the media visibility of Tomáš Macura prior to the 2022 municipal elections. The result of the study reveals that both parties - Tomáš Macura and the political party ANO 2011 - benefited from their coexistence, thus creating a symbiotic relationship between them.
Political institutes in the Czech Republic - political communication and managerial relationship with parent subjects
Dolejš, Jakub ; Konrádová, Marcela (advisor) ; Shavit, Anna (referee)
This thesis examines the managerial relationship of selected political institutes in the Czech Republic with their parent entities from the perspective of political management theory, specifically through the function of political planning. Furthermore, the author applies theoretical concepts related to political institutes to this relationship. The second area of research is the political institutes' communication within their activities and the targeted audiences of their communication. Thus, the thesis investigates whether institutes in the Czech Republic are autonomous in setting their agenda based on data obtained from semi-structured interviews with representatives of policy institutes in the Czech Republic. The interviews and analysis were supplemented with data from content analysis of key documents of political institutes, such as founding documents, statutes or websites. The thesis thus contributes to an area that has not yet been academically explored.
Strategiic communication of public policies: The case of Milostivé léto
Marek, Michal ; Konrádová, Marcela (advisor) ; Moravcová, Hana (referee)
Public policy communication is a discipline that has not yet been explored much, and this thesis has chosen to examine it through the example of the government's Milostivé léto debt relief. This was a response to the long-lasting untenable economic crisis of a part of Czech society caused by the amount of accumulated distraints affecting the quality of life of the population. At the same time, the social and economic situation of citizens are the strongest determinants of their relationship to democracy, which makes the strategic communication of a legislative aimed at removing these economic obstacles all the more important. This thesis takes an approach to communication based on government communication, stakeholder theory and theory of public policy according to Potůček, and builds on these theoretical concepts with three research questions focusing on stakeholders, communication strategy and communication recommendations. It answers each of these questions using a separate method - first exploring the online space through stakeholder mapping, then defining strategy through semi-structured interviews with government communication representatives, and finally analysing the data to formulate communication recommendations through SWOT analysis. The thesis thus contributes to research on government...
The use of negative campaigning in the communication of selected candidates for the office of the President of the Czech Republic on the social networks Facebook and Twitter
Gelnar, Matyáš ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Konrádová, Marcela (referee)
This thesis examines the use of negative campaigning in the communication of selected presidential candidates on the social networks Facebook and Twitter. The aim of the thesis was to find out how much negative campaigning was present in the published posts of the social networks. The chosen research method is quantitative content analysis. For purpose of this analysis, the time period from one calendar month before the first round of the presidential election to the day of the of the second round of the presidential election was set out. The analysis examined published posts of 3 candidates, who according to the election model of Data Collect and Kantar CZ, had the highest percentage chance of advancing to the second round of the election of the President of the Czech Republic. They were Petr Pavel, Andrej Babiš and Danuše Nerudová. The subjects of the analysis were, for example, the time distribution of individual posts, the use of the negative campaigning and the number of likes. The results of the analysis showed that negative campaigning was a certain part of the pre- election communication on the social networks of each candidate, but differences could be observed in the extent of its use. The analysis also showed that posts with negative campaigning were more popular on social media only for...
Brand building in art: Case study Damien Hirst
Mai, Binh Thanh ; Ježková, Tereza (advisor) ; Konrádová, Marcela (referee)
Budování značky v umění: Případová studie Damien Hirst Bakalářská práce Autor práce: Binh Thanh Mai Studijní program: Mediální a komunikační studia Vedoucí práce: Mgr. Tereza Ježková, Ph.D. Rok obhajoby: 2023 Abstract This bachelor's thesis explores the phenomenon of personal branding and its application in the art industry, specifically focusing on Damien Hirst's personal brand. The theoretical section defines terms related to the practical part of the work, describing the branding mechanism and the process of creating personal brands in the world of art. Additionally, the most prominent branded galleries, museums, and auction houses are identified. The second section of the thesis conducts a content analysis of various information sources detailing Hirst's life, personality, and work, with the objective of describing the perception and development of the artist's personal brand. The study highlights Hirst's ability to leverage opportunities for building his brand, thanks to his understanding of the art market and consumer society. Hirst also recognized the importance of self-promotion through the media, which he frequently utilized to enhance his brand. Furthermore, the work examines Hirst's role as a brand manager who aimed to shock and attract attention. The thesis seeks to provide insights into the...
The Crisis Communication of anti-epidemic measures of the Government of the Slovak Republic during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/2021
Macko-Forgáčová, Noema ; Konrádová, Marcela (advisor) ; Hájková, Karolína (referee)
This diploma thesis titled "Crisis communication of anti-pandemic measures of the government of the Slovak Republic during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/2021" employs a case study approach, analyzing the crisis communication of government institutions throughout the entirety of the pandemic, up until the official visit of Pope Francis to the Slovak Republic. The significance of institutional communication during times of crisis has been overlooked in professional literature, as the topic has not received adequate attention until the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis communication strategies employed by the Government of the Slovak Republic during the pandemic were characterized by chaos, lack of organization, and inconsistencies. Such issues negatively impacted the government's ability to effectively manage the crisis, highlighting the importance of effective institutional communication during such challenging times. The objective of this thesis is to evaluate the effectiveness of the communication of anti-pandemic measures employed by the Slovak government during the Covid-19 pandemic, utilizing the established model of ideal crisis communication as a framework for analysis. The study will primarily focus on the impact of the government's communication strategies in terms of media...

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