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Measurement of small objects by magnetic resonance
Chotaš, Kryštof ; Bartušek, Karel (referee) ; Klusáček, Stanislav (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with the issue of noise reduction in magnetic resonance imaging. In this thesis we discuss about suitable methods of noise reduction for images obtained by magnetic resonance tomography. Including classical methods we also discuss noise suppression by getting fewer slices than in ordinary situation. Then we would obtain remaining slices by interpolation. This thesis also include comparison of application of these methods. This thesis also deals with the issue of magnetic resonance, which is described in first chapter.
Michelson's interferometer
Rýc, Jan ; Klusáček, Stanislav (referee) ; Havránek, Zdeněk (advisor)
The diploma work deals with techniques of optical contactless distance and velocity measurement. A basic summary of the methods are involved. The problematic of interferometric methods for vibration measurements is analysed in detail. It contains division of interferometers, description of their function principles and also chapters dealing with elements used in interferometers such as lasers, photodetectors and elements in the ray optical way - polarizers, retarders, optical isolators. The vibration and length measurement methods are described, as well as the conception of homodyne and heterodyne detection. Part of this work focuses on the quadrature signal processing and on the proposal of algorithm for demodulation of velocity/displacement and undergoing simple motioning object deviation. This algorithm is implemented in Labview and the whole software instrument served also for visualisation of measured data of the interferometer model constructed in the laboratory. The way how to build up a model, its setting and two possible configurations suitable for homodyne detection are described. Model of interferometer is built-up on the optical breadboard. Particular components are fixed by the help of mounts. The model and software enable to measure the velocity and the vibration deviation with the light wavelength exactness. Functionality and the exactness of the laboratory model are verified by vibrometer. Effects on the measurement uncertainty are discussed here and ways how to restrain them are proposed.
Coaxial multiplexer for automatic measurement of AC current
Boštík, Ondřej ; Klusáček, Stanislav (referee) ; Havlíková, Marie (advisor)
Master’s thesis in the theoretical part deals with literature review on the topic of measurement errors and measurement uncertainties. The practical part deals with the simulation of additional capacitive and resistive load on the amplitude and phase error during shunts based measurement. For this simulation is used mathematical apparatus of cascade matrix of two-ports and their connections. For the actual simulation is used script for MATLAB. Furthermore, the work deals with the design of voltage follower to eliminate simulated errors and its practical realization. The last part deals with the design of the coaxial multiplexer for switching current shunts developed in the Czech Metrological Institute in Brno.
Hardware-in-the-loop simulation with using xPC target toolbox
Benko, Boris ; Dolák, Petr (referee) ; Klusáček, Stanislav (advisor)
The submitted thesis „Hardware-in-the-loop simulation with using xPC Target toolbox“ deals with the using of xPC Target toolbox in conjunction with data acquisition card from National Instruments PCI-6259 for testing diagnostic embedded devices, using hardware-in-the-loop method. In the first part of the thesis, the importance of application of the method to the model based design is discussed. As a demonstration, the specific method is framed, tried out and used for testing the real ECU. The data from the simulation are gathered using the xPC Target, the results are subsequently compared to the data from the documentation of the fuel injection system Bosch Mono-motronic. This whole process is described in the second part of the thesis.
Model identification and measurement of parameters of model turbine JetCAT
Tlustoš, Jiří ; Dolák, Petr (referee) ; Klusáček, Stanislav (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with measurement of microturbine engine parameters. The first part of the thesis covers theory of microturbine parameters measurement, data analysis, interpretation and utilization for model identification, engine control, individual functional block charts and characteristics generation. All possible methods for engine parameters measurement, sensors selection and installation, data acquisition are analyzed here. The focus is on the engine air flow measurement. Selected method of the air flow measurement is described here in detail and verified for the specific case. The Calibration was carried out by means of measuring route with continuous air flow adjustment. In the final part is concept evaluation and recommendation for air flow measurement in the real application on the model turbine JetCAT.
Measurement of electric potential on biological objects
Rúbal, Radek ; Friedl, Martin (referee) ; Klusáček, Stanislav (advisor)
Resource kit for measuring voltage sources with high impedance was designed. This resource kit is suitable for measuring electric potentials on biological objects, especially on plants. Based on the design, workplace controlled from PC that allows automatic measurement was implemented. Workplace functionality was experimentally verified. Experiments led to use of electrodes that minimize interfering electrochemical voltage. Electric potential changes were recorded not only in connection with different substrates but also with the change of light intensity.
Measuring Software for USB Measuring Card National Instruments
Zikmund, Jiří ; Klusáček, Stanislav (referee) ; Keprt, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with measuring with USB card 6009 from National Industries company. The first part of the project deals with attributes and parameters measuring card. The second part of the project is aimed to programming environment LabView. In the third part of the project is descriptioned program to reading and generating curves, preferences and limits of this program, method of use and its options. In the last part of the project is valorization executed measures.
Flight Management System Model
Franěk, Lukáš ; Kaňa, Zdeněk (referee) ; Klusáček, Stanislav (advisor)
Diplomová práce shrnuje nejdůležitější informace o letectví, jako například základní používané termíny, popis letových fází apod. V této práci je popsán flight management system, jeho funkce a schopnosti vytvořit cenově příznivý a současně absolutně spolehlivý letový plán. V další části práce je nastíněna důležitost předpovědi počasí pro bezpečnou a současně cenově příznivou leteckou dopravu. Tato práce je vytvořena v programu Matlab a všechny bloky jsou naprogramovány jako m-funkce. Důležité části kódu jsou z důvodu názornosti zobrazeny jako vývojové diagramy. Praktická část práce je rozdělena do několika podkapitol, kde každá podkapitola popisuje jeden blok z blokového schématu pro výpočet nejistoty odhadované doby příletu. Současně je zde vysvětlena funkce ostatních bloků pro plánování letu, předpověď počasí, kombinování větrů a výpočet odhadnuté doby příletu a její nejistoty.
Continuous conductivity measurement of produced copper wire
Kozáček, Peter ; Hadinec, Michal (referee) ; Klusáček, Stanislav (advisor)
My project is about possibilities of conductivity measurement of copper wire. I focus on basic principles of conductivity measurement and their applicability for continues measurement. Also I focus on proposing methods which would be the most appropriate for continuing measurement of conductivity. Each individual method is based on basic physic principles. I compare these measurement methods from different important industrial point of views in this project.
Contactless measurement of operational deflection shape
Tomek, Tomáš ; Klusáček, Stanislav (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis provides an overview of 2D/3D laser scanners used in measuring operating deflection shapes. Describes the issue of measuring the operating deflection shapes and modal analysis. My work also contains a description of the measurement chain. From the contactless measurement of a vibrating surface using the application created in LabVIEW to its visualization in Pulse Reflex.

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