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Exercise and physical activities during pregnancy from the perspective of physiotherapist in the Czech republic.
Humlová, Kateřina ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Opatrná Novotná, Irena (referee)
Author: Bc. Kateřina Humlová Title: Exercise and physical activities during pregnancy from the perspective of physiotherapist in the Czech Republic. Objectives: The aim of this diploma thesis is evaluate the opinions, experiences and competencies of physiotherapist from the Czech Republic in relation to work with pregnant woman, which were collected during pre- and postgraduate education. Methods: A non-standardized questionnaire was created for the Leeds of the research. The research was taken by 171 probands (physiotherapists of the Czech Republic). The data were evaluated using Microsoft Excel and mathematical software R. Results: In the examined number of physiotherapists in the Czech Republic (n = 171) it was found that over 85 % (n = 146; 85,4 %) of participating physiotherapists rand the evaluation of informatik during undergraduate study and the posibility of working with pregnant woman as insufficient. There were no statistically signifiant differences between the evaluations of respondents from different schools or between the time from graduation. More than 81 % of respondents (n = 139) were interested in pregnancy education. Interest of women dominated over interest of men. Over 71 % of respondents (n = 119) work regurarly with pregnant women and more than 73 % of respondents (n = 126)...
Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and his significance for today
Krása, Jakub ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Jirásková, Věra (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the legacy of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. The work aims to reveal whether Masaryk's legacy can be important for today. Specifically, the work deals with the still unresolved issues of Masaryk's life, his cult and selected Masaryk's reflections. The author based his work on secondary literature and especially on Masaryk's texts which he analyzed and compared with today. An integral part of this work are the author's comments which are based on philosophy and other social sciences. The author proved that Masaryk is still draws interest of experts and laymen, that Masaryk's cult still has a place in Czech society and that Masaryk's thoughts about morality, politics and education are more than relevant today. Masaryk's ideas about religion may be inspiring for the present but their implementation would not be easy. On the other hand, a new social order based on abstinence seems to be impossible. The author also raised several questions for further research.
From Self-Selection to System Selection: Czech Vocational Education in Captivity of the Labor Market
Kotrbová, Monika ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
The diploma thesis "From Self-Selection to System Selection: Czech Vocational Education in Captivity of the Labor Market" responds to current efforts to divert some students from graduation due to the unification of entrance and final examinations and stricter admission conditions, in a system that is characterized by a high relationship between social background and education, which also tends to strengthen. The thesis aims to identify and describe the main selective mechanisms and institutional barriers of the Czech education system through secondary data analysis, as a result of which students are systematically allocated to secondary vocational schools and subsequently to specific positions in the labour market, which are associated with economic and social instability. The main mechanisms identified by this paper are the distribution of educational opportunities through the differentiation of educational paths accompanied by young age selection of pupils, the associated emphasis on personal responsibility in choosing an educational path, which is highly determined due to conditionality by social origin, and the concept of entrance and final exams as high-stakes of standardized testing, which represents an insurmountable mental and factual barrier for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. The...
Addressing structural inequality through education access
Davey, Elizabeth ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Ndiaye, Sokhna Adele Rosalie (referee)
Elizabeth Davey Public and Social Policy Master's Thesis Abstract Education has long been perceived to be the key to positive social mobility, but mounting evidence has shown that for many low-income students this may be more of a myth than reality. The Achievement Gap between students of different socio-economic and racial groups remains persistently difficult to eliminate despite decades of efforts geared at school reforms. Recognizing the importance of developing more equitable funding allocation for public education institutions, as well as the general consensus that such a policy is an essential step toward increasing equity in the education system, this paper looks at addressing the problem through a different lens. This thesis develops an index of how cross generational relationships and circumstances play into a child's academic access, and as a result, their academic outcomes. Using this index, this thesis adds to the body of knowledge on the topic and a new perspective to the discourse surrounding equity in education, and educational outcomes by considering how Two-Generation interventions can address these intersections. To complete the triangulation, interviews, and observations with leadership staff, program social workers, and participants of a successful Two- Gen program are used to address...
Faktory ovlivňující výši průměrné mzdy
Zámková, Nikola
A remuneration is an important activity from both the employee's and employer's point of view. A wage is a main source of income for an individual or a family. There are many factors affecting the wage. The main aim of this thesis is an identification of the factors affecting the average wage. The aim will be achieved by creating appropriate econometric models. The independent variables will be chosen on the basis of an overview of literature. The partial aim of this thesis is a verification of the gender pay gap. In the practical part, models with differences according to gender and education will be created. These models will be tested on the premises of a classical linear regression model. The results of the models will be compared and afterwards, the impacts on the average wage will be interpreted.
Ekonomické dopady zrušení základních škol praktických v mikroregionu Lipensko
Peterková, Iva
This bachelor thesis deals with economical impact after cancelling practical primary school, specifically in the micro-area Lipensko which is also the main aim. At the beginning of this thesis there are defined various important concepts about education and funding of education in the Czech Republic. In the next part of the thesis there are described all public primary schools in the micro-area and then there is performed an analysis of the costs and expenditure on some of them. In the end of the thesis there are identified new potential costs and expenditure associated with inclusions and an evaluation of the potential economic impact.
Zhodnocení úrovně finanční gramotnosti ve skupině studentů středních a vysokých škol
Naď, Slavomír
The thesis is focused on the evaluation of financial literacy among a group of high school and college students. It is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part offers a definition of financial literacy. Additionally, the main factors which influence financial literacy, family and school are examined. The theoretical part is followed by the practical part which analyses data obtained with the help of a questionnaire. The results offer a clear material describing the financial skills of students.
Vliv politiky zaměstnanosti na integraci zdravotně hendikepovaných osob do pracovního procesu v České republice
Fronková, Renata
FRONKOVÁ R., The impact of employment policy on the integration of disabled people into the work process in the Czech Republic. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. People with disabilities are one of the risk groups in the labor market. For this reason, it is important to devote attention to their integration into employment and tools that help to work process. The diploma thesis deals with Integration of people with disabilities into the work process. within the theme, the thesis focuses mainly on the factors that influence the integration of people into the working process. These factors are mainly employment policy instruments, in which the legislation of Czech Republic and EU are implemented.

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