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Bare -ed participles as modifers
Marek, Jiří ; Šaldová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Luef, Eva Maria (referee)
This thesis deals with the modification of nouns by bare past participles in the pre- and post- head positions and uses authentic examples from the written component of The British National Corpus. The aim is to describe the possibility of corpus excerption of this construction and to qualitatively compare participles in both positions using examples with context. In the first step, a simple search query was entered to retrieve bare past participles in the postnominal position with the result of 21,437 concordance lines which were then manually filtered. The resulting 14,529 lines were used to obtain a random sample of 400 lines which was again manually filtered. The resulting Sample 1 of 247 lines was described quantitatively in terms of the left and right context of the noun phrase and in terms of the head nouns. Sample 1 contained 118 unique participles, from which 10 were randomly selected for a qualitative description (Sample 2; 70 concordance lines per position, 140 lines in total). Sample 2 was then described in terms of the presence or absence of determiners, in terms of the types of definiteness, reference and restrictivity. An interesting feature is the presence of quantifiers, and the generally implied quantificational meaning of the construction. Semantics and the possibility to occur...
The new concept of maintenance and operation of manufacturing technologies
Klus, Jakub ; Marek, Tomáš (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with a new concept of maintenance and operation of production technologies, where spare parts are manufactured using rapid prototyping methods. The options are compared with currently used methods. Furthermore, methodological recommendations are written on how to proceed with the application. The aim of the work is to evaluate the concept and confirm the theoretical assumptions on a case study.
Multi-spindle headstock and tool magazine for machining center
Jež, Jan ; Marek, Jiří (referee) ; Dokoupil, Vladimír (advisor)
The master‘s thesis deals with the design of the spindle and tool magazine for multispindle machining centre.
Creative centre - Koprivnice
Křížová, Lucie ; Zdvomka, Ondřej (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
Right in the city center, there is a plot with old factory halls. These halls are fascinating and have great potential. But now, they are more of an obstacle. They form a barrier, they are in poor condition, and it robs the city of its values. In my diploma thesis entitled Creative Center in Kopřivnice, in addition to the design of the creative center, I will also deal with how to use the beauty and potential of these old halls, further, how to create beautiful and modernized buildings with a new value. I want to open the whole area, to create a place where people would like to meet and where various functions will be mixed- a place for fun, relaxation, culture, education or even just a shopping or walk. The work is very diverse - from the urban design of the entire plot, through the revitalization of old industrial halls and the layout of a new building, to the interior design of a new gallery.
Creative centre - Koprivnice
Rušarová, Eva ; Zdvomka, Ondřej (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis proposes a design for a creative hub in the town of Kopřivnice. The site would create an ideal environment for research, exhibitions and discussions about major social issues through various forms of art (e.g. visual art, literature, performing arts). The area of interest is situated in the centre of Kopřivnice, defined by the Štefánikova street from the southwest and by the railway from the northeast, which forms a boundary between the Tatra plant area and the rest of the town. Considering the historical context and the location, the area has potential, which could be fulfilled by a realisation of the creative hub of contemporary art. With my proposal, I try to showcase the actual value of the place and thus enrich the historical construction of bricked halls with the dynamics which organic curves of a new auditorium and the vertical aspect of an observation tower provide. The thesis includes an analysis of trends and examples of similar hubs for contemporary art and an urban study, including solutions for a connection to surroundings, a definition of the possible functional use of neighbouring areas and a vision for potential restoration of the area.
Creative centre - Koprivnice
Mžiková, Michaela ; Zdvomka, Ondřej (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
Kopřivnice as a town that is waking up from the past. There are many places with a potential to be a quality place for a culture, bussines or housing. The project is located near the centre of Kopřivnice, where is a suitable place for the Creative centre. The design uses the potential of old industrial factory halls, which are given new functions of use. The Creative centre as a place for a culture, education, creating and also for fun. The centre with an art gallery, cafe, offices, workshop and place for freetime activity. Close the centre is conversioned hall with new loft apartments and also a new development with apartments, shops and park with water reservoir.
Vrazne - Extension of the Zen Centre Kwan Um
Gross, Kamil ; Zdvomka, Ondřej (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma project will deal with the extension of the Zen centre located in the small village of Vrážné. In general, in this landscape around the town of Jevíčko, the number of residents in these small villages and settlements is declining and the picturesque, but over time decaying farms with residential and farm buildings remain. One of the hopes of bringing life back to this gradually declining village structure is in this particular case the Zen school of Kwan Um, which bought one of these properties and began to repair it slowly. Zen meditation itself comes from East Asia, namely from the South Korea. How to transform this tradition into a rural environment, how to support the community of this school and find harmony with the whole village and local traditions? These are the questions which the diploma project will address.
Visions for Krnov
Moravcová, Sofia ; Mašek, Radomír (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The Library is a place, which convey knowledge and information to the general public. It should be a place for a person to immerse oneself, but also provide space for communities. The library building should be representative and welcoming institution, which has an important role within the city and the events taking place in it. With these things in mind I proceeded to design this building.
Visions for Krnov
Janíková, Marika ; Mašek, Radomír (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
Visions for Krnov

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