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ISS FSV UK Alumni Work Status and Evaluation of Educational Program
Fedorková, Marta ; Soukup, Petr (advisor) ; Krejčí, Jindřich (referee)
This paper is a final report from a web-based Alumni survey at the Institute of Social Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. It examines Alumni evaluation of their study and work experiences. Czech and international studies of similar foci served as the methodological basis for the research. First part of the paper presents an overview of the field of Alumni surveys in Czech Republic, followed by exposition of related methodology. Core of the study focuses on the analysis of results obtained in the thematic areas of Alumni work experience, evaluation of studies at ISS, their educational needs and interest in renewing relations with their school. The main outcome is represented by suggestions for curricular changes and creation of Alumni association. Evaluation of possible application of the created design and methodology for further use for the faculty is included.
A Suggestion of a Method for Creating the Typology of the Customers of a Restaurant, Regarding the Product
Blahovec, Václav ; Osuský, Michal (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
The Bachelor Thesis A Suggestion of a Method for Creating the Typology of the Customers of a Restaurant, Regarding the Product Policy of an Establishment (A Suggestion of a Method and its Application) is focused on the question of the exploration of the customer market of a particular coffee house. The aim of the thesis is to provide the segmentation of the customer market of this enterprise in order to develop some key starting points which, along with other partial information, will lead up to the possibility of the increasing sales volume and finally, the aim is also to describe the current clientele from various points of view: a theoretical, an analytical and a personal one. The thesis consists of three parts - the first one, presented by theoretical standpoints, is dedicated to the various methods of the segmentation of the market, describing the customer behaviour and the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), the second unit discusses the description of the research methods used and in the third unit there is conducted the analysis itself. Besides more complex methods, it also covers the description of the general characteristics of the parameters used in the questionnaire. However, what is considered to be fundamental is the final segmentation analysis, which is thoroughly commented in the...
The changing role of public libraries in the information society
Lukeš, Ondřej ; Kuchař, Pavel (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
This dissertation brings an overview of what specific issues public libraries have to deal with under the development of information society. It covers different legislative approaches each country procures and shows where Czech Republics' public library scene belongs in comparison with other European countries. A statistical data analysis has been conducted to point out the specific characteristics of the readers' population of the Municipal Library in Prague, which is the largest public library services provider in the Czech Republic. The random sample analysis anonymously uses database records of readers combined with their history of loans, which allows for pointing out different preferences of each group of readers.
The influence of the Internet on the lifestyle of its (non) users
Kubínová, Eva ; Soukup, Petr (advisor) ; Remr, Jiří (referee)
Bachelor's thesis "The influence of the Internet on the lifestyle of its (non) users" deals with the use of the Internet and its interference in the style of life. Given the scope on lifestyles and a wide range of its examination, the work is focused on leisure and life values and attitudes of individuals. Pivotal to work is own research of young people aged 15 to 26 years. The key is to compare leisure activities and attitudes of respondents in relation to their degree of use of the Internet. Outside the main objectives, for thesis is the important determining what activities the respondents engaged in their free time and what values prefers. The results of this investigation I have attempted to compare the results of studies on leisure and the values of youth.
The Effect of Scientific Argumentation on Climate Activism on Twitter
Bicanová, Jana ; Urban, Jan (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to test the main principle of the Gateway Belief Model (GBM) on Twitter data, as suggested and experimentally validated by other authors. van der Linden et al. (2015 and 2019). The GBM predicts that the perception of scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change increases the probability of support for public action against or in favor of the mitigation of the climate change. In this work I analyse a random sample of 115,940,434 tweets gathered over the course of the first six months of 2020. The big data is pre-processed using unsupervised (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) and supervised (Naïve Bayes Classifier) machine learning algorithms in order to generate keywords for filtering environmentally themed tweets and to classify either absence or presence of the climate activism. Within the dataset, 5,857 environmentally themed tweets were detected, finding that only 94 out of them were explicitly linked to the message of scientific consensus about anthropogenic climate change. The harvested dataset proved to be unsuitable for testing the GBM, not only because of the small number of tweets which contain the message about 97 % of climatologists reaching the consensus, but also because the majority of these tweets deny the consensus and therefore, do not represent a...
Measurement of (anti)immigration Attitudes from the Methodological Perspective. Quality of Measurement with the Special Focus on Measurement Equivalence
Šarapatková, Anna ; Remr, Jiří (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
Opportunities that we have in today's world are sharply evolving, and the world is changing all together with these changes. This development is noticeably observed within the topic of global movement of (not only) population, which has changed fundamentally, both economically, politically and socially. Today's so much diversified form of migration, which has lost its transparency it used to has, is a very up to date and debated topic currently almost all over the world. Because of high importance of the topic "migration" it is often subject of research and number of surveys. One of the most examined area within the topic migration is attitudes of people towards immigration and immigrant, oftentimes together with investigating cause leading to particular attitude. Due to the international reach of the topic, these attitudes are often subject of cross-national research or national research, which, however, use data from international surveys. There is a clear disparity across European states in these attitudes towards immigration and, above all, the immigrants themselves. Given this nature of cross-national surveys measuring attitudes towards immigrants, it is important to focus on the measurement quality, which is becoming increasingly complex in the perspective of international research. It is...
Meta-analysis: User motivations to use mobile dating apps
Petrová, Angelika Nelly ; Soukup, Petr (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the motivations of users to create an account within the location- based mobile dating applications. The work is processed by statistical analysis of already published studies dealing with the same or similar topics. The main target of this paper is to calculate the effect size of individual motives in relation to the sex of the respondents. The diploma thesis starts with description of the history of online dating, specific mobile applications included in my meta-analysis, user behavior in individual stages of using these applications (profile settings, selection of other profiles, communication and its development in time), followed by the methodological part where the meta-analysis itself is desribed, the process of its creation and its weak and strong aspects. In the following chapter the results of the meta-analysis and their interpretation are presented as well as self-reflection of this paper along the recommendations for future researches. Analysis helped to reveal the differences between the sexes and also helped to synthesize the acquired studies dealing with this topis. The most notable influence of gender can be seen in the motivation of casual sex, to a lesser extent in the motivation to seek love, friends, the use of the application because of the ease...
Methodological Optimization of the Median Research Agency's Likely Voter Model Based on Findings from Czech Household Panel Study
Kunc, Michal ; Buchtík, Martin (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
The aim of this graduate thesis is proposing an optimization of the likely voter model parameter values utilized by Median (research agency) based on secondary analysis of data from the third wave and post-election follow-up of the Czech Household Panel Study 2017 and the Median omnibus survey. The theoretical chapter presents selected aspects of the analyzed likely voter model parameters. Secondary data analysis confirms hypotheses regarding the relationships of: 1) voter turnout, prior voting behavior and the intent to vote, 2) pre-election voting preferences and actual voting behavior, 3) reported prior voting behavior and time elapsed since the prior election. Hypotheses are confirmed, and analysis results are utilized in construction of an optimized likely voter model. This model's results are then compared to the results of four currently or formerly published likely voter models (MEDIAN, CVVM2017, CVVM2018, KANTAR), all computed using an identical dataset (September/October 2017 Median omnibus survey). Based on prior-set comparison criteria, the proposed model has the highest ranking out of all the compared models. Areas of future research proposed, namely exploring the relationship between prior voting behavior misreporting and voting preference trends, in accordance with cognitive...
Agent-Based Modelling and Its Use in Sociology
Kudrnáčová, Michaela ; Soukup, Petr (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
Master thesis elaborates on agent-based modelling (ABM, computer simulation method) founded on the concept of analytical sociology and its use in empirical sociology. The use is demonstrated by creation of a model based on the principal of environmental sociology studying the influence of social factors on the environment. Thesis works with the empirical- theoretical concept New ecological paradigm (NEP) measuring the values and opinions on the environment. The origin of the paper was motivated by the absence of the projects combining the method of empirically calibrated agent-based modelling and sociological grounds, particularly in the Czech context, but also abroad. Based on the environmental module of Czech data ISSP 2010 and research question "How parameters of social network influence the willingness to sort waste?" model was created and analyzed. Relationship between both types of agents (sorting and not sorting waste during the whole simulation) and their neighbourhood was found. The higher the number of neighbours, the more agents with this particular type of behaviour. The likelihood of bond creation with long-distance agent at the expence of bond abolition with close neighbour was without any influence on the number of non/sorting agents. It seems the agents tend to replicate behaviour...

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