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Work values and motivation of generation Y and Z
Bistřický, Maxmilián ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of work values and motivations of Generations Z and Y in the Czech Republic. As Generation Z enters the job market, researching their values and motivations becomes increasingly relevant. A good understanding of generational values helps create a work environment suitable for optimizing performance and satisfaction. This work builds upon foreign research of generations and seeks to explore this topic further within the Czech population. In the first part, the thesis is grounded in theory. Both generations are described, including their characteristics and differences on a general level, as well as already researched work value characteristics. The thesis is also anchored in the study of values, and three dimensions are conceptualized, forming the basis for subsequent analysis: internal, external, and socio-relational values. Data from ISSP modules Work orientations III and IV from 2005 and 2015 are utilized for the analysis. The analysis in the IBM SPSS program is based on crosstabs tables supplemented with the Chi-square test. Factorial and cluster analyses are then performed, testing the consistency, strength, and structure of the conceptualized dimensions and variables. In conclusion, the results of the analysis, the limitations of the work, and...
Humour in post-digital collage
Svobodová, Tereza ; Magidová, Markéta (advisor) ; Vartecká, Anna (referee)
The work focuses on the phenomenon of post-digital humorous collage, which is present in the contemporary world in various situations of our visual perception, from the digital environment to the physical one. The text will interpret internet memes, analyze the works of artists focusing on collage in post-digital society and the joke as such. According to the analysed images and collages, a series of collages reflecting a specific exhibition is then created in the practical part. The didactic part will then creatively and through humour animate the original works in the given exhibition space. KEYWORDS humor, collage, memes, post-digital art, new media, art education
Prevalence of addictive substance use among persons diagnosed with ADHD
Svobodová, Tereza ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Background: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is becoming an increasingly important research topic among adult ADHD clients. It is likely to be one of the risk factors for developing addiction. Most of the available research examines ADHD in individuals who are already being addressed as part of treatment in an addiction treatment service. Yet, these researches show that hyperactivity disorder does occur in persons with addiction issues. At the same time, hyperactive disorder is likely to be behind many of the complications in the progression of addiction interventions, increases the risk of early treatment drop-out, and places a greater burden on both clients and staff. Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of substance use among adults diagnosed with ADHD, i.e. whether this specific group uses substances and to what extent. A complementary aim was to provide insight into what effects substance users reflect and what may be motivating their continued substance use. Finally, the thesis aims to compare these results with the general population. Methods: An online questionnaire inspired by the European Model Questionnaire was used to collect data, which contains a set of questions measuring the prevalence of substance use at lifetime, 12-month and 30-day time...
Media Representation of Elderly in the Czech Press: Changes in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Folprechtová, Kamila ; Svobodová, Tereza (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Hynek (referee)
The bachelor thesis addresses the media representation of elderly in the Czech press and its transformation before, during, and "after" the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic was a crucial period for the media representation of elderly, as seniors were identified as one of the most at-risk groups, age became the main determining variable of risk, and there was a great wave of ageism. The research was conducted using quantitative content analysis, and media articles (n=450) were manually coded. The chi-square test was used to evaluate statistical significance. The main finding is that in all periods, aging is associated more with negative sentiment, and during the pandemic, there were statistically significant changes in its representation. Older people were significantly less associated with positive sentiment during this period, and there was a considerable increase in ambivalent sentiment (positive and negative at the same time). During the pandemic, elderly were most associated with the theme of help and security, where seniors were portrayed as passive, sick, and incompetent, and therefore must rely on other active members of society. Stereotypical and distorted representation can lead to discrimination and marginalization of seniors, both during times of crisis and beyond, and therefore,...
Content analysis of Twitter comments towards selected male and female candidates in the 2023 presidential election
Millková, Tereza ; Svobodová, Tereza (advisor) ; Dvořák, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis analyzes Twitter comments under the posts of three selected candidates during the 2023 presidential election. The goal is to map whether there are differences between emotions, gender stereotypes, or topics towards a particular candidate's gender, and whether these variables change reflecting the gender of Twitter users. Thematic content analysis is chosen as the research method. Data are manually collected on the Twitter platform for candidate posts. Three dates during the last month before the first round of elections are chosen for data collection. A coding method is further used for the analysis of the collected data. The results respond to six pre-selected hypotheses. The analysis is divided into three parts - a message emotion, gender aspect and progress in time. In the first part, it is shown that more comments with negative sentiment are aimed towards the female candidate, and it does not matter whether the comment is written by an anonymous or non-anonymous user. In the second part, it is confirmed that more comments with a gender aspect are aimed towards the female candidate, and they are mostly focused on appearance. In contrast, for the male candidate, gender stereotype allusions to ability and sexual innuendo are the most common themes. The last section of the...
Supply of Accommodation Services by Means of Shared Accommodation in the Tourist Region Česká Kanada (Bohemian Canada)
The diploma thesis is focused on shared accommodation in the tourist area of Czech Canada. The aim is to evaluate selected factors of competitiveness of the offer of shared accommodation services with regard to the location of tourism attractions and the offer of accommodation facilities. The data was obtained from the created Accommodation Database and the Airbnb portal. It was found out how many objects of shared accommodation are located in the tourist area of Czech Canada and analyzed their distance from the attractions of tourism against official accommodation. Selected competitiveness factors were evaluated first with respect to all objects and official accommodation facilities, and then within 20 kilometers of the selected attractions. The price was also analysed and the biggest perceived benefits of shared accommodation were identified. The outputs of the analyses and the own observation in the issue enabled the elaboration of proposals and recommendations leading to a possible increase in the competitiveness of shared accommodation in the Czech Canada tourist area.
Visitors` Satisfaction in South Bohemia (Czech Canada Tourist Area)
The main goal of the thesis is an identification of factors influencing satisfaction of South Bohemian visitors, particularly in Czech Canada Region, based on a quantitative research. It solves the issue of quality and quantity of a primary and a secondary supply of tourism in the chosen region in terms of demand. The outcome of the thesis is a proposal of measures leading to increasing in the satisfaction of tourism participants in the destination.
Transformation of the real and the digital in the dance environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dance lessons through digital platforms.
Tukanova, Mariia ; Svobodová, Tereza (advisor) ; Spalová, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is devoted to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dance lecturers as representatives of the creative economy. The aim of the work was to reveal what strategies and practices were used by dance instructors to move dance lessons to an online environment under the conditions of limiting personal contacts as part of anti-coronavirus measures. Attention was also paid to the positive and negative factors that influenced the transition and adaptation of dance instructors in the online environment. The research draws on the concepts of the creative class and the creative economy as sources of economic progress in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The work is based on qualitative research, using the methods of semi-structured interviews with dance instructors and hidden participant observation of dance lessons. 8 dance trainers aged 21-35 participated in the research. Keywords Creative class, creative economy, digitization of work, COVID-19, dance, dance industry
Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy as an adaptive mechanism
Svobodová, Tereza ; Fiurašková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Horáková, Anna (referee)
The subject of this thesis is nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, an accompanying phenomenon of pregnancy for most women around the world, which etiology and possible function is unknown. Some authors consider this phenomenon to be a by-product of pregnancy hormones or immunological changes occurring with the onset of pregnancy, while others attribute an adaptive function to it. An adaptive function would be suggested by the results of studies associating nausea and vomiting of pregnancy with a lower incidence of spontaneous abortion and with some other positive pregnancy outcomes. The two most discussed adaptive hypotheses include the "maternal and embryo protection hypothesis" and the "placental growth and development hypothesis". The aim of the thesis is to summarize and critically evaluate the findings of previous studies regarding the adaptive function of pregnancy nausea, to present them in the context of studies that perceive them as a by-product of hormones or immunological changes, to evaluate the support of hypotheses regarding their possible function and to suggest further research directions in this area.

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