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Design of the methodology of measurement for evaluation of filtration efficiency of portable air cleaners and purifiers
Dvořáková, Michaela ; Bělka, Miloslav (referee) ; Lízal, František (advisor)
This work focuses on the research and comparison of several types of air purifiers. It clarifies the principles of filtration and describes the basic types of air purifiers. Part of this work is designed methodology of measurement for comparison of filtration efficiency and filtration rate. The experimental part of this work contains the measurement and comparison made for two types of air purifiers. Selected purifiers were De’Longhi AC230 with mechanical filters and ionic air purifier Ionic-CARE Triton X6. Within the framework of this work an experimental set-up was constructed in the home environment for the simulation of real conditions for the function of the air purifiers. The measurement results provide information about aerosol number concentration process during the measurements and evaluation of filtration efficiency of air purifiers.
Low-cost sensors for measurement of particulate matter
Dvořáková, Michaela ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Lízal, František (advisor)
This work focuses on the research and comparison of several types of low-cost sensors for measurement of particulate matter. It clarifies the principles of aerosol particles measurement and focuses on the reasons of using low-cost sensors. It provides basic information about the impact of aerosols on human health. The experimental part of this work compares quality of the obtained results considering the price of the respective devices.
Behavior of concrete at high temperatures
Dvořáková, Michaela ; Bruckner,, Dipl Heinrich (referee) ; Bodnárová, Lenka (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to focus on the resistance of concrete exposed to high temperatures especially with focus of resistance against explosive spalling as well as clarifying the mode of action of various types of polypropylene fibres. The theoretical part is an introduction to the issues of explosive spalling, its mechanisms and majority influencing factors. Further description of the processes taking place in the structure of concrete under extreme thermal load, distribution and size of pores in concrete, thermal load, temperature-time curves and their applications, methods of elimination of negative behaviour of concrete exposed to thermal loading (passive and active methods), mode of action of polypropylene fibres and more is also included in the theoretical part. The main aim of experimental part is to verify the function of polypropylene fibers of various Melt Flow Indexes (MFI) and dosage. Primarily, the test samples with content of the PP-fibers are compared to the reference sample without fibers. Secondarily, the samples with standard PP-fibers (with MFI 25) with dosage 2.0 kg/m3 are compared to samples with modified PP-fiber (with MFI 2500) of dosage 0.9 kg/m3. Photogrammetric images were used for evaluation and comparison of spalled surfaces and its depth. Determination of the softening temperature and melting point of the modified and standard PP-fibers was made by using a high temperature microscope video. The second part of the experimental work was to define concrete permeability at different temperatures and pressures. Permeability was measured at temperatures of 20°C, 90°C, 150°C, 175°C, 200°C, 225°C and 250°C and at pressure of 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6 MPa.
Kabeltechnik Mikulov - construction and technological preparation
Dvořáková, Michaela ; Novotný, Michal (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
The subject of my diploma thesis is the technology of steel production hall and brick administrative building in the komplex of Kabeltechnik compalny in Mikulov. Thesis deals with design of construction site, construction and technological study of construction of steel manufacturing hall, items budget according to project documentation, financial and time planing, proposal of suitable mechanical assembly including lifting mechanisms, safety of work, environmental plan and monitoring and test planing.
Homelessness as a topic of social sciences
Hobzová, Adéla ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Hyánková, Tereza (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the concept of homelessness in the subject of civic education. It contains a selection of data that justify the legitimacy of teaching this topic in civics classes. The didactic part of the thesis deals with the analysis of educational programmes and available teaching materials. The last part of the thesis contains the proposal of aims and specific didactic activities that facilitate the implementation of the topic of homelessness in civic education. KEYWORDS Homelessness, civic education, didactics, active citizenship, society
Integration of humanities in a specific school practice
Nováková, Lenka ; Samek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee)
The thesis deals with a specific case of connecting humanities (Czech language, history, geography and civics) at Pražské humanitní gymnázium. Using selected theoretical literature and a specific (auto)ethnographic probe in the named institution, it analyzes the teaching from the point of view of the school educational program and its continuity with RVP, on a more detailed level also from the point of view of the thematic plan and its implementation. The thesis also includes a description of the evaluation of this subject. The goal of the thesis is to find out if this connection is functional based on the experiences of teachers and students. KEYWORDS humanities; integrated curriculum; Czech language; history; geography; civic
Teaching about Disinformation. On Media Education in the Czech Republic, Finland, and the UK
Bílková, Petra ; Lánský, Ondřej (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with misinformation and demonstrates how schools in selected countries approach the issue of misinformation in media education and subsequently compares these approaches. The thesis focuses on the concept of misinformation and distinguishes other related terms (fake news, hoaxes, conspiracy theories, etc.). Furthermore, the thesis analyzes the fundamental aspects of media education, specifically in the Czech Republic, Finland, and the United Kingdom. This section provides the reader with a clearer picture of how individual countries approach media education. The comparison is specifically emphasized on the topic of misinformation. Thus, the thesis aims to answer whether Czech students are sufficiently educated in dealing with misinformation and media in general.
Didactic analysis and proposal for teaching selected career education topics within the framework " Lessons in working" and civics at higher secondary schools
Ticháčková, Barbora ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Tichá, Milena (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is career education within the cross-cutting theme of Lesson in working and its didactic treatment in teaching at secondary vocational schools. This diploma thesis introduces an analysis of the concept of teaching career education in selected foreign countries within the curriculum documents and teaching materials available in the Czech territory. The chapters of the theoretical part deal with the relationship between secondary vocational education and the labour market, the concept of career education and counselling, comparison with foreign countries and comparison of teaching materials; last but not least, it also includes an introduction to psychological and social factors influencing career choice. The whole work flows into a didactic analysis where I elaborate the teaching of career education according to the above mentioned findings. In the first part of the didactic proposal I work mainly with the development of career competences and the discovery of career direction. The second part of the didactic proposal focuses on students' self-presentation. The outcome of the pupils' learning is the familiarisation with the factors influencing the career direction and the principles of its search. I consider the main output of the work to be the elaboration of a work...
Didactic treatment of the problems of contemporary democracy for teaching of social sciences
Záleský, František ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Fapšo, Marek (referee)
This master thesis deals with the issues of modern-day democracy and its didactic treatment of the way the school subject Social studies is taught at gymnázium schools. At first, the subject of democracy is discussed from many different angles, and those are compared to one another. Due to its didactic focus, the thesis partially uses school textbooks as a source. After that, great attention is given to four particular problems of the current democracy and a couple of different ways to view them. The discussed problems are inequality, education, populism, and epistemic disfiguration. Moreover, the thesis features an analysis of the approach to the subject in general education programs for gymnáziom schools. This analysis is followed up with another analysis, which deals with the treatment of the subject in the selected education programs at four different gymnázium schools, which are then compared to one another. In another subchapter, the thesis dissects the amount of attention that is paid to the problems of the current democracy in textbooks for secondary schools. These textbooks are then compared. It was discovered that general and school education programs lack a critical approach, definition of the problems, and their connection to the present day. The second part of the thesis includes...

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