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The theme landscape orientation on the primary school using fieldwork
Rechnerová, Maria ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the ability of children of younger school age to orient themselves in the landscape. Its goal is to create specific proposals for working with children of younger school age, which systematically develop the children's necessary skills based on researched starting points. Therefore, the work first focuses on the theoretical starting points of geography didactics. These are then followed by topics for activities with children. Here is a summary of the way of working, which we have conceived as suitable for the development of orientation and map skills. We also focus on spatial orientation within the valid Czech curriculum and analysis of textbooks that are used for teaching national history topics in the 1st grade of primary schools. The following is a summary of the psychological starting points for teaching orientation to children of younger school age, because this period is specific in the perception of the surrounding world and it is important to appropriately follow up on these specifics. On the basis of theoretical starting points, specific topics are created for working with children, especially at the age of children in the 3rd - 5th grade of elementary school. Here we deal with the natural and gradual development of map skills, which are necessary for...
We can listen: communication interactions and reciprocity in Montessori schools
Hillebrandová, Petra ; Samek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee)
The thesis deals with communication interactions in Montessori schools in Czechia. It describes the specific Montessori approach and the basic principles and tradition of Montessori education. It deals with the concepts of communication and trust elaborated in more detail. The thesis aims at observing how respectful/partner communication is applied in Montessori schools, as this communication helps to build pupils' responsibility and the level of trust. Respectful communication is one of the crucial principles of Montessori pedagogy and is based on the concept of "to respect and to be respected". The thesis lists different respectful modes of communication and the communicative interactions, that build mutual trust between the participants in the communicative acts, used in Montessori schools. A study of the contemporary literature is combined with the knowledge gained ethnographically during a short self-conducted semi-participant observation. The observation was carried out in two Montessori schools - one located in Prague and one in a medium-sized town in Northern Bohemia. The results showed that the respectful communication observed in both Montessori schools builds responsibility and increases the level of trust between the participants in the communicative acts.
Lower secondary school media education: Reflections on available programs and design of new lessons
Čechová, Daniela ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the present diploma thesis is to focus on teaching aspects of media education. In the first chapter it defines the term media literacy, presents the conception of this concept by different educational institutions in the international context and compares them with each other. In the next chapter, the Czech concept is introduced and compared with the previous ones. Space is also devoted to the topic of media education, media pedagogy and media andragogy. It is followed by a section dealing with the situation of media literacy in Czech schools in the light of surveys conducted, which focuses on their conclusions. In the next part, the thesis maps the didactic foundations for teaching media education, focusing on two projects dedicated to it. It presents their introduction and compares two specific programmes. It also presents an overview of several other projects that offer didactic support to teachers in teaching media education. On the basis of the identified gaps in the Czech concept of media education, a lesson designed for upper elementary pupils is proposed. The theme of the proposed teaching approach is based on the broader international concept of UNESCO and deals with news values. Thus, it complements the presented didactic materials for teaching media education. The designed...
The use of terms in Czech language textbooks for secondary schools between 1945 and 1989
Dvořáková, Michaela ; Andrlová Fidlerová, Alena (advisor) ; Šebesta, Karel (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on linguistic terminology used for language teaching. Terminology is analysed in Czech language textbooks published between the years 1945 and 1989. The theoretical part maps the situation of language teaching, textbooks, and linguistics in the analysed period. The last chapter is devoted to terminology. The practical part analyses terms used in chosen textbooks with a focus on the origin of the terms. The acquired data informs about the various textbook terminology used for different schools over the years. According to this thesis, linguistic terminology used in Czech language textbooks is basically uniform, differences arise only in the representation of international terms, which has increased over the years. The number of terms of sovereign origin was the highest in textbooks intended for selective schools. This conclusion is supported by the specific facts resulting from the textbook analyses. Key words: Czech language, secondary school textbooks, 20th century, linguistic terminology
Banks and their electronic communication with their clients
Chvalová, Kristina ; Tichá, Milena (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of banks with focus on electronic banking. The thesis has two part - theoretical and practical one. The theoretical part of this thesis characterizes the banking system in the Czech Republic, defines the term bank, characterizes its functions and selected banking products and also briefly describes the history of banks and money. Attention is being paid especially to the means of electronic communication between banks and their clients. The thesis then defines the term electronic banking, characterizes different means of electronic banking (cards, phone banking, homebanking, internetbanking and smartbanking), shortly describes their history, their advantages, the risks resulting from this type of communication and possible solutions for preventing these risks. In the theoretical part, I used mainly the descriptive method and the method of analysis. The practical part of this thesis compares the electronic means of communication (namely internetbanking and smartbanking) used by three prominent Czech banks - Česká spořitelna, Českoslovanská národní banka (ČSOB) and Fio banka. The internetbanking and smartbanking are being described and compared based on its appearance, safety measures and functions. In the practical part, I used primarily the method of...
Questions of Economics Understanding of Primary School Students
Bartakovičová, Sylva ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Tichá, Milena (referee)
BARTAKOVIČOVÁ, Sylva. Questions of Economics Understanding of Primary School Students. Prague, 2014. Diploma thesis. UK, PedF. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the economic thinking of third grade students in primary school. On the basis of identified deficiencies, a set of ideas leading to more effective teaching is proposed. The theoretical section includes an examination of the state of economic thinking in primary school pupils in the Czech Republic and abroad. This explains the present form of financial education in the Czech Republic, and examines children's understanding, particularly in relation to constructivism. The practical section describes the preparation and implementation of qualitative research in the form of semi-structured individual interviews with pupils in their 3rd year, and 1st grade of primary school. In the conclusion, a set of ideas aimed to develop the financial thought processes of younger school students, supplement their knowledge, and strengthen their overall economic thinking, is proposed.
Significant Cultural Relics of Řepy in the Context of Regional History
Borlová, Simona ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee)
The thesis named "Regional History of Řepy" is supposed to give us a clue about cultural values of municipal district Řepy. It does not really deal with the history of the district itself but its main aim is to introduce artistically valuable sights of this particular area. They all were meant to serve to God. However, the buildings were not always used only for religious purposes due to historical events and changes in the Czech history. The thesis is divided into five parts. The first one gives us a historical and social context. Then, individual sights from historical, architectural and iconographical point of view are introduced. The first mentioned monument is a church Panny Marie Vítězné na Bílé Hoře (The Church of Our Lady of Victory at the White Mountain), which history is closely connected with an important battle which took place there. The third chapter gives us details about a historical building Velká Hospoda na Bílé Hoře (A Great Pub on the White Mountain) which originally functioned as a home of Servits. In addition, the home of St. Karel Boromejský is described in the following chapter. It was a special place where lives of seniors, female prisoners and nuns were mixed. The fifth chapter leads us to the very heart of municipal district where we can find an originally romanesque Church of St....

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