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Residential Complex on the Red Hill in Brno
Lebánková, Simona ; Mléčka, Jan (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
This architectural project presents a comprehensive concept of a residential complex that responds to current needs and trends in the housing sector. The proposed four new apartment buildings become part of the extension of the housing stock in the locality of the cadastral area of Brno-Štýřice. Their siting and design have been carefully considered with regard to the urban environment and spatial conditions offered by this location. The project also includes the introduction of a new residential street type D1 and the construction of a living space, which contributes to the functionality and attractiveness of the whole complex. The supporting structure of the houses is designed with an emphasis on safety and stability, with the reinforced concrete frame providing a solid foundation for the entire structure. The architectural concept emphasises sustainability and quality of life for the residents. The artistic representation of the ensemble is inspired by the surrounding landscape and seeks to fit organically into the environment. The simplicity, modularity and minimalist aesthetics of the building contribute to a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces. Overall, this project is designed with a vision to provide a modern and functional living space that meets not only current standards, but also the expectations of residents in today‘s urban environment.
Refurbishment and conversion of former factory, Portlaw
Kuběna, Martin ; Mléčka, Jan (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
The goal of the work is to create a place that will combine research, education and popularization in the field of environmental issues and further convey and explain it to the general public in the form of lectures, publications and educational and cultural events. It will deal with laboratory research on contaminants and the composition of contaminated soil, natural succession and steps to prevent soil degradation during production and other processes. The events organized in the area will be aimed not only at tourists and visitors coming to the area via the cycle path or at local residents and their friends, but also at a wider audience in the form of conferences and audits on the topic of contamination and the environment.
Residential Complex on the Red Hill in Brno
Cibulová, Monika ; Mléčka, Jan (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor's thesis deals with the problematic situation in the area of housing, when the demand for housing exceeds the current offer. The design of the residential complex consists of an apartment building, an apartment complex and a multifunctional building. The proposal includes a square with a café terrace, a pond, a residential street, parking and private community gardens. The goal was to create a pleasant environment for residents and visitors to the site.
Residential Complex on the Red Hill in Brno
Obrovská, Anna ; Mléčka, Jan (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
As part of my bachelor's thesis, I am undertaking the design of a residential complex located on plot No. 1057 in the cadastral area of Štýřice, situated southwest of Brno's city center. The site shares its borders with Kamenná colony to the north, while the southern boundary is defined by the former LDN area, earmarked for the future development of a health and social care facility on Červený kopec. The aim of the proposal is to address the housing crisis and the current deficiencies in civic amenities in the vicinity. The proposed apartments are designed in accordance with contemporary housing trends, with an emphasis on ensuring maximum comfort for future residents. Their placement and architectural design are planned to harmonize with the surrounding landscape and respect the natural character of Červený kopec. The residential complex is be complemented by a diverse public space and services. The proposed complex includes a multifunctional center, community garden, and newly created road.
Between Heaven and Earth
Nečesal, Marek ; Ryška, Zbyněk (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the concept of reusing empty rectories. Besides proposing revitalization plans for three buildings, the analytical part also examines the development of parish typology, exploring the influences and historical events that led to their current state. It analyzes over 60 buildings to investigate current reuse practices and uses statistical indicators to forecast the development of this typology. The analysis concludes with establishing basic principles for sustainable reuse of empty rectories. These principles are then applied in the design section to three different buildings in the Žďár Deanery, selected to match the varying character of the surrounding urbanism. The first rectory is located in Horní Bobrová in the middle of the square, the second building is in Štěpánov nad Svratkou within street development, and the last object stands on the edge of the village of Strážek. The search for a new possible concept for each building was based not only on site analyses but also on firsthand surveys of all buildings including adjacent agricultural structures, analysis of the local parish, and interviews with parishioners. Ultimately, a unique solution enabling sustainable operation was chosen for each site, some of which have been empty for more than two decades.
Working on updates!
Vašáková, Iva ; Pajgrtová, Marika (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
How to work with school buildings that have been standing here for many years and are designed in the style of teaching from the last century? How to respond to a time when the approach to both the education of teachers themselves and to teaching itself is rapidly changing? I perceive that the layout of most of today's school buildings lags behind the requirements of current teaching styles. School management is trying to deal with this problem, but despite the efforts they put into it, these spaces still play the role of backdrops in teaching. I think that the school building itself should be a creative and stimulating environment that provides a helping hand to teachers in teaching and children in their development. The diploma thesis follows on from the pre-diploma project, in which I research topics related to the issue of school teaching and its environment. It is about the development and functioning of modern approaches to teaching, their requirements for space, developmental psychology and understanding the context in the construction of school buildings in the Czech Republic from the 16th century. to present. In conclusion, based on research and analysis, I define the principles that I try to apply in my diploma thesis to a specific proposal for the reconstruction of a school building from the 1980s.
My new room-mate: The Epilepsy+
Mívaltová, Markéta ; Veit, Jakub (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Each of us has been dealt different cards in life. Some better, some worse. Some rich, some poor. Some healthier, some less so. Some happier, some less so. Each of us faces different challenges and opportunities. But that's life; no person in the world gets the same cards. However, in the end, it doesn't matter whether you drew an ace or not. It doesn't matter what cards you were dealt, but how you handle them. It matters whether you exchange them for others and better ones, or whether you keep them until the end of your life. Life is like a game, and nobody knows how it will turn out. Some are better players, others worse. But what if you draw a card with epilepsy? Could you still play a quality game with this card? How much will it affect your life? Undoubtedly, it will impact life much more than anyone who hasn't experienced something similar can imagine. Epilepsy is a chronic condition that means living with constant uncertainty. Uncertainty about when and where a seizure will strike. Uncertainty about how others will react to you. Uncertainty about how to cope with physical and psychological consequences. People with epilepsy often feel lonely, misunderstood, or rejected. However, housing is just as crucial for them as it is for anyone else. Because it's a space where they seek refuge and safety. A space where they should have the opportunity to live fully and with dignity. Unfortunately, many of them don't have the option to choose suitable housing that would meet their specific needs and financial means. So, how to design housing for people with epilepsy that would enable them to live contentedly and happily? This work attempts to find an answer to this question. The goal is to explore the relationship between epilepsy and spatial organization and to propose various typologies of housing that would respect the individual needs and preferences of this group of people. The work also utilizes modern technologies that can help improve the daily functioning of people with epilepsy, while also providing them with greater independence and control over their lives. The aim of the work is to show that people with epilepsy also have the right to quality housing that would help them realize their dreams and goals. To help them play their life game a little easier with an additional card. The theoretical part of the project, besides the disease itself, also addressed possible connections with the positive or negative effects of the surrounding environment on epileptics. Considerations were given to factors such as the impact of color, materials, sound, smell, temperature, as well as the safety of the space, which is undoubtedly a primary requirement in design. Following the theoretical research part of this project, I decided to propose suitable housing for epileptics in the practical part, adapted to their specific needs, both spatially and, for example, in the associated functions of the building, while still meeting the requirements of full-fledged urban living. The primary function in the design will be housing, to which additional functions will logically be added, such as accessible healthcare or leisure activities for residents.
city dodgyness
Vasková, Dominika ; Kocián, Václav (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis "Ošemetnosti mesta" is based on knowledge from the pre-diploma project, in which I got to know the life of homeless people and the places where they live. The work is focused on vague places in Bratislava and the subsequent design of temporary objects in these places. The objects and their function respond to the destigmatization of people in crisis situations who are exposed to falling into the spiral of poverty. They create impulses for a better grasp of these places and work with them, as well as the inclusion of socially excluded groups of people in society.
To experience
Strohnerová, Tereza ; Stibitz, Bibiana (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Space for the birth of new life, providing women and their families with continuous care in an intimate and safe environment. This could be the first birthing center in the Czech Republic. A concept of care, tested over the years and through studies abroad, offering women the option to choose it as one of the birthplace options. In the thesis, a birthing center in the countryside is created using a model situation. It will be located in a calm and family-oriented environment, in connection with the Krnov maternity hospital.
In the gardens
Nejeschleba, Vojtěch ; Říčný, Jan (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
In my thesis I deal with the theme of the garden in relation to housing and in relation to the city. I apply the theme to the design of a new neighbourhood in the Olomouc suburb of Hejčín. In the design, I refer to the local context both by the chosen theme, but also by the scale and compositional arrangement. I am looking for soft boundaries between private and public space. I am exploring the possibilities of shared gardens. I look for living in community and in gardens.

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