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Happiness with the state of selected areas of public life – November/December 2022
Tuček, Milan
In the end of 2022, citizens of the Czech Republic evaluated how satisfied they are with the situation in 30 selected areas of public life.\n\nThe best evaluated areas are the selection of goods and services (70% satisfied) and culture (67%). The worst evaluated items are corruption (72% dissatisfied), and public finances (73%).
Attitudes of the Czech society towards an amendment of a law about Czech educational system, higher education fees and standardized secondary school graduation tests – September/November 2022
Tuček, Milan
In the survey, which was conducted from the beginning of September to the beginning of November 2022, the CVVM asked a battery of questions examining the attitudes of Czech citizens towards the measures introduced by the amendment to the Czech Education Act. The measures approved by the amendment to the Czech Education Act relating to pre-school education are widely supported by the public. Less than three-fifths (58%) of respondents are against compulsory mathematics graduation, while more than one-third (35%) are in favour. The attitude of the Czech population towards the payment of tuition fees at public universities has long been negative (more than two-thirds are against) and has remained almost unchanged over time. Half (50%) of respondents are in favour of including children with special needs in mainstream primary schools, while more than two-fifths (44%) are against. Compared to 2020, the proportion of those in favour has increased by 9 percentage points, outweighing those against for the first time.
Dynamics of Poverty and Social Exclusion in the Czech Republic: Inequality of Educational Opportunity
Prokop, Daniel ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Katrňák, Tomáš (referee) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
PROKOP, Daniel. Dynamika sociálního vyloučení v České republice: Nerovné šance ve vzdělávání. Praha, 2022. 124 s. Disertační práce (Ph.D.) Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, Institut sociologických studií. Katedra sociologie. Školitel: doc. Milan Tuček Abstract This cumulative thesis contains three papers focused on analysis of inequality of educational opportunity (IOE) and limited educational and social mobility in the Czech Republic. The first article analysis effects of parent's cultural, social, economic and human capital in different educational transitions. In accordance with the theory of effectively maintained inequality (EMI), the parental capitals and social status play the biggest role in accessing secondary education with GCE (high school with diploma) which is precondition to tertiary education. However, detailed analysis shows that poverty and low skills (HC) of parents have biggest effect in early phases of education whereas social, cultural capital and wealth of the parents are drivers of inequality in later transitions. Hence, the EMI theory is not in conflict with life course perspective assuming significant and waning effects of (some) parental capitals. The second paper analyses the relationship between inadequate housing and the school performance of children from poor Czech...
Openness to same­sex marriage from the perspective of religious and non­religious high school students.
Hejduková, Lucie ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Wirthová, Jitka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the attitudes of religious and non-religious high school students towards the possible marriage of same-sex couples. The theoretical part focuses on the process of emancipation of homosexuals up to the present, when the discussion of this issue is a current topic both in society and in the political sphere. The respondents' openness to homosexual marriage is viewed, among other things, through the lens of their religious beliefs. The research group consists of six male and female students of Prague grammar schools, of which three respondents are Christian and three are non-religious. In the form of a semi-structured interview, the study finds out to what extent the respondents are open to the legalization of gay marriage, whether they agree with using the term marriage also for same- sex couples, and what role their religious beliefs play in their opinion on the issue. The results of the study show that five out of six interviewed respondents see the lack of registered partnership as unequal rights compared to the institution of marriage. All religious respondents comment on the nature of homosexuality and the need to increase the rights of homosexual couples. They justify their attitudes due to the influence of the Christian upbringing that was provided to them in the...
Public opinion on social security in the Czech Republic and allocation of public funds – November/December 2021
Tuček, Milan
The November and December 2021 survey of the Public Opinion Research Centre included issues related to social policy. It surveyed citizens' views on that how much the individual areas of social policy are secured. At the same time the block of questions included an item, in which citizens had to comment the social policy as a whole. It also examined public preferences concerning allocation of public funds.
Attitudes towards Czech social security system – November/December 2021
Tuček, Milan
In November and December 2021, the Public Opinion Research Centre asked a set of questions related to attitudes of the Czech citizens towards social policy. Questions investigated opinions of the Czech public on the involvement of the state and the citizens themselves to funding the sphere of social policy. Other questions focused on whether the current distribution of responsibilities is divided equally between state and citizens. Finally, we were interested in opinion on the fair distribution of benefits and abuse of the social security system.
Public on Concerns of Various Threats And on Expectations for the Future - November/December 2021
Tuček, Milan
n November/December 2021, respondents were expressing views on threats by war, epidemics, natural disasters, economic crisis or resource crisis. The survey also focused on expectations concerning the future of the personal life of citizens, the future of the Czech society and the future of the whole humankind. These questions were amended with an open question trying to find out, what are their current fears.
How Households Are Burdened By Loans - August/September 2021
Tuček, Milan
In August and September 2021 survey the Public Opinion Research Centre examined a set of issues relating to money lending and debt repayment. 42% of respondents declare that they themselves or their household currently have a loan. For 57% of them, repaying loans is easy, compared to last year, there was a decrease of eight percentage points in this matter. Three quarters of households create a financial reserve for unexpected cases. Those who declare a good standard of living, from 89%, those with a poor standard of living in 35%.
Opinion on the Indebtment of Citizens and the State - August/September 2021
Tuček, Milan
In August and September 2021, the Public Opinion Research Centre investigated views on the problem of indebtment. We surveyed the opinion on the level of indebtment among the Czech citizens and on the level of indebtment of the Czech state. With regard to these two fields of indebtment, we also asked questions about how serious a problem the current level of indebtment poses to the Czech people.

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