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Attitudes of high school students towards the use and users of marijuana and alcohol
Krátký, Vojtěch ; Nekola, Martin (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
This thesis deals with the attitudes of students of two secondary schools to marihuana, alcohol use and their users. Attitudes to alcohol, marihuana and to their users are topics frequently discussed in connection with changing perception of these two substances. This trend can be best seen in adolescents during the period of late adolescence which is the period of secondary school studies. The main aim of the thesis is to find out which factors influence the attitudes of students to alcohol and drug use and if there are any differences concerning those factors between the observed schools. These factors come from theoretical considerations which are subsequently tested in research. As the research showed, the students' attitudes to marihuana and alcohol use, and also to alcohol users are primarily influenced by significant others, among which belong mainly peers and their parents or their own experience. While the individuals form their attitudes to alcohol primarily according to their parents, in case of marihuana, the individuals, who have experience with it, follow mainly their peers and their own experience. Those individuals also tend to be more positive towards other marihuana users. There have not been found out any significant differences concerning the attitudes to marihuana and alcohol...
Sexual double standard or different evaluation of sexual behaviour of men and women
Schreinerová, Veronika ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Andresová, Nela (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Sexual double standard or different evaluation of sexual behavior of men and women" deals with the phenomenon, which assumes that men and women are evaluated differently for the same sexual behavior. The work aims to find out whether this phenomenon of sexual double standard occurs among students of technical and humanities universities and eventually, whether there is any difference between groups of students in its occurrence. The work also deals with different attitudes to sexuality between students, but also between men and women and also focuses on the influences that shape attitudes or just that double standard. These influences include religious orientation or age. The work also briefly presents the trends of sexual behavior of the Czech population or the connection of the double standard phenomenon with gender stereotypes. The work is divided into theoretical and practical parts. While the theoretical part presents the main theories that explain the phenomenon - evolutionary theory, social role theory, and sexual script theory, the practical part presents quantitative research, which was carried out using online questionnaire survey and helped clarify research questions and especially whether the phenomenon appears in the surveyed sample of respondents. The conclusion...
Analysis of motivation principles in multi-level marketing
Andelová, Šárka ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Stehlíková, Barbora (referee)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the topic of work motivation in multi-level marketing, as a specific type of organizational structure and management. The aim of the thesis is to look at how the principles of motivation in multi-level marketing (also MLM) work. The structure of the thesis is based on the classical division into two parts, theoretical and empirical. The main theoretical concepts are: marketing and MLM, motivation and the theory of work motivation, which are anchored through the theory of human relations. Attention is primarily given to the explanation and description of how MLM works, as this system already contains some principles of motivation in its operation. In order to fulfill the goal, the empirical part of the work is focused towards analysing the motivation system of the selected MLM company, analysing interviews with traders who are active in companies that are profiled as MLM organisations and comparating the findings. The empirical part works with theoretical knowledge, especially with selected theories of work motivation, by which it looks at issues. The object and output of this bachelor thesis is an attempt to explain the work motivation of people who use MLM-based companies for their work activities.
Cognitive aspects of survey methodology: the method of immediate validation
Vinopal, Jiří ; Buriánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Emil (referee) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
The dissertation summarizes outputs of authors` research of cognitive aspects of survey methodology at the level of their theory as well as of their practical usage. On the one hand is the field of cognitive approaches elaborated systematically on the other the contribution to them is made by own Immediate validation technique. As a lead-in cognitive approaches are put into the frame of survey error that links the standardized questioning theory with general context of survey quality. Following chapters inform about historical sources and basis of cognitive approaches, their fundamental theoretical conceptions and methodological tools. Finally their whole standing in contemporary survey methodology is evaluated. The main attention is devoted to the situation of interviewing that is understood as dualistic: cognitive aspects [information processing and answering process] as well as interactional aspects [social encounter of interviewer/researcher and respondent] are defined and characterized. The course of cognitive processes is defined in accord with prevailing psychological concepts and explication of effects influencing mental processes of respondents and their answering proceeds with the logic: interpretation of a question, retrieval of information from memory, formulating the judgement and formatting...
LGBT Movement in the Czech Republic from an Activist Point of View
Fiala, Jan ; Císař, Ondřej (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
The thesis deals with issues of LGBT movement in the Czech Republic in the context of the ongoing campaign "We are fair" for equal marriage. The intention was to try to find out on the basis of in-depth semi-structured interviews with LGBT activists how these activists perceive the status of sexual minorities in the Czech Republic and the related situation of the Czech LGBT movement with regard to its emancipatory potential. It turned out that the activists sensitively perceived the limits of the conditionality of the tolerance of Czech society and that they were aware of the changes in the social and political context in relation to minorities. However, particular minorities are not perceived in the same way by the society, and according to activists, LGBT rights can even be a tool for legitimizing aversion to other minorities, especially religious or ethnic minorities. On the level of reflection on the ongoiong campaign's strategies, activists put the emphasis on political lobbying for equal marriage, with the support of community mobilization and the formation of collective identity defined by the requirement of equal marriage. From the perspective of activists, it is therefore important to balance the professionalized lobbying with grassroots activism. Although, according to activists, the...
Context of working and private, family and partner life in contemporary Czech society
Vohlídalová, Marta ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Maříková, Hana (referee)
The thesis deals with relationships between the labour market and the private, family and partnership life in the contemporary Czech society. The Czech Republic has undergone many changes since the year 1989. Labour market and family and private life are the domains that have been substantially affected be these changes. Attention is focused on the question how working people perceive the influence of the working life on their private and family life under new conditions existing on the labour market (such as increasing job mobility, working-hour flexibility, new ways of the work organisation, and rising unemployment). Another topics discussed in this work are the ways in which people solve questions o f a coordination of two working careers within a couple and the partnership life in a context of professional lives of partners. A comparison of the level of conflict experienced between the working and private life in several European countries is also performed. The present work is based on a quantitative analysis of the two data sources. The first part is based on the data collected in a study involving 5510 respondents, which was done in the Czech Republic in the year 2005. The second part is based on the European Social Survey (ESS) data collected in the years 2004 and 2005. Powered by TCPDF (
COVID 19 and the Financial Situation of Households and the Impact on Employment - Our Society - special - February 2021
Tuček, Milan
Two-thirds of respondents (67%) said their household incomes remained the same during the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than a quarter (28%) saying they had fallen, of which 8% significantly. In 5% of households, income increased. The resulting findings are practically the same during a pandemic. Almost three-fifths of households said that they could manage on finances for more than half a year in the current situation. 4% of households no longer come up with finances, another 6% would last a maximum of a month. The financial rating has changed significantly since December in favor of an optimistic view.
Tolerance to Selected Groups of Population - March 2020
Tuček, Milan
In March 2020 Public Opinion Research Centre focused on social distance among the majority population and different social groups. Social distance was measured by a specific question: people should pick from a list of 15 different groups those, which they would not like to have as neighbours.
The Czech public’s views of ethnic groups living in the Czech Republic – March 2020
Tuček, Milan
In March 2020 Public Opinion Research Centre investigated attitudes of Czech public to fourteen national groups that are living in the Czech Republic in significant number. The most positive relation was observed to Czechs, Slovaks, and Poles, the worst relation have Czechs to Roma people and Arabs.
Public opinion on how urgently various areas of public life need to be addressed – March 2020
Tuček, Milan
In March of this year, respondents of the Public Opinion Research Centre evaluated the urgency of solving in some areas of public life. The most urgent problems are supposed to be corruption, economic crime and health care.

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