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Work values and motivation of generation Y and Z
Bistřický, Maxmilián ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of work values and motivations of Generations Z and Y in the Czech Republic. As Generation Z enters the job market, researching their values and motivations becomes increasingly relevant. A good understanding of generational values helps create a work environment suitable for optimizing performance and satisfaction. This work builds upon foreign research of generations and seeks to explore this topic further within the Czech population. In the first part, the thesis is grounded in theory. Both generations are described, including their characteristics and differences on a general level, as well as already researched work value characteristics. The thesis is also anchored in the study of values, and three dimensions are conceptualized, forming the basis for subsequent analysis: internal, external, and socio-relational values. Data from ISSP modules Work orientations III and IV from 2005 and 2015 are utilized for the analysis. The analysis in the IBM SPSS program is based on crosstabs tables supplemented with the Chi-square test. Factorial and cluster analyses are then performed, testing the consistency, strength, and structure of the conceptualized dimensions and variables. In conclusion, the results of the analysis, the limitations of the work, and...
Abolition of Infant Care Institutions from a Perspective of OSPOD Employees in Prague and the Ústí Region
Scheithauerová, Michaela ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Spalová, Barbora (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Institute of sociological studies Sociology Abolition of Infant Care Institutions from a Perspective of OSPOD Employees in Prague and the Ústí Region Abstract Thesis author: Bc. Michaela Scheithauerová Study program: Sociology Current supervisor: doc. Milan Tuček, prom. math., CSc. Original supervisor: PhDr. M.Sc. Jaroslava Hasmanová Marhánková, Ph.D. Original thesis consultant: Mgr. Romana Marková Volejníčková, Ph.D. Year of thesis defense: 2023 Abstract The diploma thesis deals with the issue of the abolition of infant institutions and the attitude of social workers of the Authority for Social and Legal Protection of Children towards it. It is focused on the opinions of workers regarding the practical feasibility of placing vulnerable children under the age of 3 outside of institutional care, in connection with the amendment to Act 359/1999 Coll. on the social-legal protection of children. As part of the interviews with the informants, it was also determined what "good care" means in their opinion and whether infant institutions can fulfill it. This thesis compares the Ústí Region and Prague and maps whether there are different opinions between them regarding the amendment of the law. The theoretical part defines in more detail terms such as a child at risk...
Is Czech society Eurosceptic? Analysis of the attitudes of the Czech population towards the EU
Hübscherová, Tereza ; Dvořák, Tomáš (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
Diploma thesis Is Czech society Eurosceptic? Analysis of the attitudes of the Czech population towards the EU brings insight into the negative attitudes of the Czech society towards the European Union and European integration in a number of its dimensions. This is a cross-sectional quantitative research with the main intention to identify the dimensions of public Euroscepticism in Czech society through secondary data analysis, and subsequently clarify the role and influence of socio-demographic and socio-economic characteristics of society in the spheres. The thesis focuses on the sociology of European integration in connection with Euroscepticism, especially public, and brings insight into the development of its typologies. The results of the thesis represent the dimensions of negative attitudes towards the European Union that exist in Czech society. It is about democratic, economic, sovereign, social and Euroscepticism based on identity, while the influence of individual socio- demographic and socio-economic characteristics manifests itself in every form and, due to the detailed focus, in some cases in connection with the influence of personality factors on public Euroscepticism deviation from generally valid statements and new findings appear.
Political values and value orientations in an intergenerational comparison of generations X and Y
Koběrská, Anna Magdalena ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Prokeš, Michaela (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the comparison of political values within the intergenerational comparison of generation X and generation Y. It is divided into three sections. In the first section, it introduces the reader to the theoretical concepts of generations, values and the shift of values across generations. Within the framework of generations, it deals with their definition and subsequently also with the issue of defining individual generations. Then it focuses on defining generation X and generation Y. As for values, it pays attention to politics as a value and then defines the concepts of freedom, equality, justice and participation. It also focuses on value orientations in politics and how political culture affects politics in the Czech Republic. Subsequently, it deals with the shift in the values of generations, where it also presents current knowledge in the researched area. In the second part, it presents the methodology of the research, which is carried out using a quantitative method as a secondary analysis of EVS data from 1999 and 2017. Research questions, hypotheses are presented here, and the work with the data is described. In the third part, it introduces the reader to the results of the analysis and answers the research questions.
Evaluation of Some Social Conditions - April/May 2023
Tuček, Milan
In the spring of 2023 Public Opinion Research Centre's survey investigated views of Czech citizens on some social conditions.\n\nFrom all specific social conditions included in the survey people evaluate mostly positively the accessibility of education (84% positively, 13% critically), the health care (73% : 25%), and a chance to get a job (74% : 23%). All other monitored areas of social conditions - i.e. a chance to get a flat (11% positively, 85% critically), to buy a flat or house (7% : 91%), financial situation to start a family with children (26% : 69%), social security for the elderly (30% : 65%), and life conditions for the handicapped (36% : 42%) - are evaluated mostly critically.
Integration of Children and Young Adults with Mental Disabilities into Society from the Perspective of Social Workers
Lorenzová, Magdaléna ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Wirthová, Jitka (referee)
The thesis focuses on the integration of children and young adults with mental disabilities into society from the perspective of social workers. Social workers can play an important role in the process of integrating people with mental disabilities into society. The thesis explores their views on the current state of inclusion and social services and the problems they perceive within the social service system. The first part of the thesis explains the terms frequently used in the text and describes laws that refer to people with mental disabilities. The theoretical concepts on which the thesis is based are also explained, mainly the concepts of front-line workers and empowerment. The objectives, research questions and methodology of the thesis are then set. The research section of the thesis presents the results of the analysis and the main findings of the research. The research section includes excerpts from interviews, highlighting the problems social workers perceive within the social service system and the integration process. The social workers' approach to their clients with mental disabilities and the actors who, according to social workers, play a significant role in the integration process are also described. Finally, the results of the analysis are linked to the theoretical framework.
Intergenerational comparison of gender roles in family
Karhanová, Anna ; Tuček, Milan (advisor) ; Andresová, Nela (referee)
The bachelor's thesis discusses the topic of generations in connection with the division of household roles in individual families. The theoretical part defines the family through many definitions, and briefly describes the European family in history, the contemporary family and the traditional family. It also attends to family functions. In the next part of the theoretical definition, the bachelor thesis is dedicated to gender in sociology, individual concepts such as role and status, then gender roles and the traditional arrangement of gender roles in the family. An important section is the division of labor in the household in connection with gender. In the last section in the theoretical part, the thesis deals with the generations themselves, defining them through several different time theories. The generation is also defined through sociological theories, such as according to Karl Mannheim. The empirical part is devoted to qualitative research, which was carried out through semi-structured in-depth interviews according to the principles of grounded theory. The analysis shows intergenerational differences in opinions, household management and division of roles.
The Czech public’s views of ethnic groups living in the Czech Republic – February/March 2023
Tuček, Milan
In February and March 2023 Public Opinion Research Centre investigated attitudes of Czech public to fourteen national groups that are living in the Czech Republic in significant number.\nThe most positive relation was observed to Czechs, Slovaks, Vietnameses and Poles, the worst relation have Czechs to Roma people and Arabs.

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