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The meaning of speech in upbringing and education
Chocholová, Viktorie ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The thesis deals with the connection between education and speech. The aim of the interdisciplinary thesis is to outline the importance of these two phenomena in human life, their interrelatedness and to philosophically reflect and characterize selected speech phenomena - dialogue, questioning, silence and narration. Using predetermined research questions, the work opens up space for reflection on the meaning and use of these phenomena in upbringing and education. In the first part, the thesis deals with the concept of upbringing and education from the point of view of the philosophy of education through available literature. In the second part, the relationship between speech and humanity is reflected, then speech and education, where the conclusion is that speech and education are related phenomena, and several significant parallels are found between them. At the end of this part, the thesis is devoted to the specifics of humanities education and the connections with given speech phenomena. The third part of the work is focused on the characteristics of selected speech phenomena - dialogue, questioning, silence and narration, where the result is a conclusion that all phenomena can be directly connected with education and are often the key to the effective implementation of the educational...
The introduction to philosophy at general upper secondary schools as a didactic problem
Kadeřábková, Soňa ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Pelcová, Naděžda (referee)
This diploma thesis is devoted to the didactics of philosophy, specifically focusing on the topic of teaching introduction to philosophy at general upper secondary schools. It views this issue as a didactic problem, thereby establishing a central perspective, which is a didactic perspective. On the basis of the literature, the thesis first unpacks the basic aspects of the didactics of philosophy, which include the teaching objectives of general upper secondary school philosophy, models of teaching according to the way the curriculum is structured or the didactic principles of teaching philosophy. Subsequently, the thesis focuses directly on the issue of initiation and names the key moments of initiating the teaching of philosophy. Next, the thesis focuses its attention on selected philosophy textbooks for secondary schools. It analyses their introductory chapters, focusing in particular on whether the textbook's conception respects the theoretical suggestions made in didactic-philosophical publications. Specific examples from the textbooks are commented on with references to the theory presented in the previous chapters of this thesis, while presenting possibilities for variations in the textbook texts and exercises. In its conclusion, this thesis then formulates didactic principles for teaching...
Narativity in Teachching of Ethics
Sůvová, Adéla ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
This thesis concerns with the possibilities of using stories in teaching ethical topics in schools. The first chapter explores the importance of language and speech for culture, then from a philosophical perspective it highlights the nature of conversation especially for the care of the soul and the knowledge of truth, and also explores the importance of language and speech from an anthropological perspective. The second chapter, entitled Story as Cohabitation, provides the nature of stories, their possible effects on children's psy-chic, and an explanation of what literary narrative is, how to tell stories, and the importance of the storyteller. In addition, you will find various particular forms of presenting stories (e.g., docu-mentary film form, storytelling, etc.). The third chapter understands ethics as a problem and defines some ethical concepts, values and paradoxes. It gradually moves towards the issue of the nature of ethics and the teaching of ethics in schools. The fourth chapter deals with ethics education as a complementary educational field and its characteristics, mentions the organisation Ethics Forum of the Czech Republic and also lists some activities used in this educational field. This chapter gives an insight into the RVP ZV (Framework Education Programme for Elementary Education) and...
Developmental Psychology in the Teaching of Civic Education
Tesnerová, Michaela ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee)
The thesis deals with the teaching of developmental psychology within the framework of Civic education. The theoretical part presents the issues of developmental psychology and didactics of social sciences, it deals with conditions for meaningful teaching of developmental psychological topics at the upper primary school, curriculum analysis, and appropriate teaching methods. In the practical part a proposal for specific teaching hours is submitted. The aim of the thesis is to create thoughtful teaching plans that develop psychological functional literacy and promote intergenerational communication skills of students. KEYWORDS developmental psychology, didactics of social sciences, didactics of psychology, curriculum documents, intergenerational communication, civic education
Cognitive processes in the teaching of civic education at elementary school
Klepáčková, Kristýna ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Michaela (referee)
The diploma thesis on the topic of Cognitive processes in the teaching of civic education at elementary school deals with how the topic of cognitive processes, especially perception and memory, is realized within the framework of civic education. Its goal is to find out under what conditions and by what methods is this topic currently being taught. The part of the thesis devoted to psychological issues focuses on the historical development of psychology, the characteristics of perception and memory. An essential part of the work is the explanation of these two key psychological concepts and at the same time introducing the main psychological disciplines, applied fields and leading representatives who dealt with these basic physiological principles. The didactic part is focused on the so-called functional psychological literacy. I will focus on the inclusion of cognitive processes in the Framework Education Program and, based on the analysis of textbooks, listening to civics lessons and interviews with teachers at primary school, I will find out how and by what methods the subject of these cognitive processes is currently taught. At the end of my diploma thesis, I propose methods for teaching psychology, specifically perception and memory in elementary school, thanks to which students can better...
The importace of the Hildprandt von Ottenhausen Family for Blatná region
Vokrojová, Eliška ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to point out the various contributions (cultural, economic, political, entrepreneurial, etc.) of the aristocratic family Hildprandt von Ottenhausen for Blatná region. At the begining, various views on the determination of the Blatná reigon are compared. The history of the family line is also reviewed. Most attention is given to the activites of the Hildprandt family which were beneficial for the Blatná region. Hildprandts von Ottenhausen contributed to the development of the Blatná castle, they also remade the adjacent forest to a park. Thanks to them, industrial activities (sugar industry, distilling industry or beer industry) flourished in this region and many people became employed in these companies or on the farm owned by the Hildprandts. Many prominent persons visited Blatná, as guests of the noble family, amongst these persons was Franz Ferdinand d'Este, heir to the Austrian monarchy, or an indian maharaja. Hildprandts employed some of the Czech patriots (Jan Evangelista Purkyně a Antonín Jaroslav Vrťátko), those patriots taught next generations of the family love for their country. Some members of this family enriched Blatná with their artistic talent through their creations (painting, sculpture or writing activity). In political sphere, their patriotic thinking...
Competition and its task in coffee area
Večerníková, Veronika ; Tichá, Milena (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on defining the role of competition in the coffee industry. Its theoretical part will be oriented on its effects on the market, function, and subjects. It will explain the meaning of competition in a market economy. The practical part will be oriented toward defining the nature and role of competition in the coffee industry. Its target goal will be mapping the situation concerning the specific manifestation of the supply-oriented in a selected café supplying services and products of the coffee industry using a guided interview. The data will be collected using a research method using guided interviews.
Implementation of RWCT methods in teaching psychology on secondary level of basic school
Kotrs, Miroslav ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Fapšo, Marek (referee)
The thesis examines the possibilities of using critical thinking methods in teaching psychological topics at the second level of primary school. Critical thinking is a process that helps us to analyse information, make conclusions from it and form our own opinions. It can be used in teaching to support the development of critical and independent thinking in pupils and to promote problem solving skills and critical evaluation of information. Critical thinking can be developed using a variety of methods and text work such as brainstorming, mind mapping, T-charts, or Venn diagrams. Its use can help pupils to better understand the text they are studying, develop their skills and prepare them for future professional and personal challenges. However, the aim of this thesis is to explore how critical thinking methods can be used effectively in the topic of psychology. The practical part of the thesis includes an analysis of eight lessons that focus on psychology topics and use critical thinking methods in their implementation. The teaching of psychology at primary school focuses on psychological functional literacy, applying aspects of experiential pedagogy. The use of critical thinking is linked to the aspects of experiential pedagogy in the lessons prepared, taught and reflected upon. The results show...
Political participation in citizenship education at the second stage of basic education
Dědič, Ondřej ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis entitled Political participation in citizenship education at the second stage of basic education is, based on a comparison of curricular documents, to identify the topics and outcomes that will lead to the promotion of political participation, to carry out a didactic analysis of selected political topics and to propose a suitable didactic procedure for teaching these topics in citizenship education classes at the second level of primary schools and in the lower grades of multi-year grammar schools. The presented procedure is based on the three-phase model of E-U-R learning and combines different methods, organizational forms and models of teaching. The emphasis is on working with authentic texts and the development of key competences according to the Framework Curriculum for Primary Schools. At the same time, taking into account the conditions and trends at the time of writing the diploma thesis, each lesson is designed with the possibility of moving the teaching to a distance form. The starting point for why this thesis is being written in the first place and why its objectives are set in this way is an analysis of research on political participation in selected countries. The research findings point to some problematic places in the teaching of citizenship education...

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