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City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Žvak, Ondřej ; Květ, Radko (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The thesis deals with a design of a new construction of a polyfunctional urban house. It concerns a corner plot near the busy Opuštená avenue. The building is supposed to supplement the intended housing estate. Designed to be suitable for domestic, administrative and commercial use while maintaining an effective budget, the property is to provide the residents as well as the location with a high-quality space.
City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Solár, Michal ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The area of today's southern center of Brno was determined from the very beginning by the location of the rivers Svratka, Svitava and their drives, which defined the southern part of the city as a fertile area suitable for cultivation. After the advent of industrialism, the city transformed rapidly. The southern area was transformed from smaller villages into industrial units, which, due to the proximity of water and the newly established railway, expanded after 1838 to the entire vicinity of the Trnitá district. Already in this period, the location of the station by the Svratka River (in the proposed position from 2016) began to be considered, but due to the waterlogged soil and difficult construction conditions, it was decided for the station under the walls. It was this decision and the unsatisfactory conditions of waterlogged land for the development of the industrial area closer to the Svratka River that caused the suspension of the development of the southern suburbs. The proposal seeks to reflect the context of Brno's apartment buildings in the vicinity of the area, which lacks a comprehensive context and scale. At the same time, however, to solve the environmental problem by proper management of rainwater or the use and design of a recycled perimeter cladding of material obtained after the demolition of other buildings. The building is structurally designed as a combination of a wall system with monolithic, communication cores and the first floor.
City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Skrušný, Petr ; Plášil, Jiří (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
Wider relationships The plot is located south of the historic center of Brno in the city of Brno- Thorny. It is called the "New South Center" along with the land in the northern part behind Opuštěná Street and the eastern lands on which the Central Bus Station is located today The bell ringer. Significant buildings near the solved area is the area of the shopping gallery Vaňkovka s FAIT Gallery and Trinity Palace, then the Šlapanice Municipal Office and the aforementioned bus station. The land has not been built up for a long time due to the existence of floodplains, so it is not contaminated in any way. It is also related to the very long discussion about the relocation of the main train station, the location of which already was decided in 2018. The station should therefore be built by the river. Related to this is the development of the South centers, construction of mixed urban development with functions of housing, services, trade, office and rentable space. This action should expand the center by a busy "boulevard" connecting the visual axis of the railway station with the historical center of Brno. It would then be at the end of the boulevard main train station and integrated main bus station. The existence of the river is very important and the park, which enter this area and give it the unmistakable character of a city-wide importance. Definition and purpose of construction The aim of the work is to the given block urban structure (territorial study of the so - called South Quarter - Trnitá KAM Brno 2019) to design a multifunctional house. Students then choose the location of the object in the area or objects, establish and justify the construction program and process the work to the extent specified below. Proposal will be developed freely according to the regulations set out in the above-mentioned territorial study. Designed by me the building combines the functions of housing with spaces for services in the street parterre of the building. Urban concept The uniqueness of the whole area is direct contact with the historic center, the new main train station and the very close presence of the Svratka River, which is of direct contact in this area borders of my parcel. These facts bring important ideas to this situation and that urban traffic and recreation by the river. It is evident that the river does not have the potential in this area and only so it will have no analogues in Brno, precisely because of the expected high concentration of people traveling on the train, so thanks to the new inhabitants, which should be up to 10,000. The new waterfront would be used by both residents district, as well as people from the area, or visitors commuting by train. That's why I design the whole street parterre buildings as public. I am creating small spaces for a café with a possible use of the anteroom in front of the building itself to sit. The upper floors then serve purely as living areas. The embankment of the Svratka River separates the greenery and the adjoining cycle path to the already very popular track along whole river. Transport solutions The building is transported for cars from the west side of the river to the service two-way calmed communication. At the ends of the building is the entrance to the elevator for passengers cars leading to underground parking garages. Supply of commercial space on.
City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Remišová, Lenka ; Havliš, Filip (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The architectural study deals with the design of an eight-storey multifunctional building, which is part of a completely new block of flats in the South Quarter in Brno - the Trnitá housing estate. The starting material for the processing was a new urban and volumetric study "Brno - a new southern quarter" published by the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno. The zoning plan currently being prepared envisages the relocation of the main train station and the subsequent development of the city district. The Trnitá district in Brno will be the seat of the new millennium - very unique thanks to the direct connection to the historic city center and at the same time to train and bus transport of an international character. This part of the city will be not only a new residential area, but also a gateway for passengers to Brno. Therefore, it is important to pay enough attention to the local architecture to respond to the time in which it will be built; to address the current needs of the people of Brno and, last but not least, to reflect the development trends of society in cities on a global scale. The supporting idea in the theoretical solution was for me to understand the city as a meeting place. One of the primary functions of cities in the past was to meet people regularly for trade and exchange of goods. With the emergence and very rapid development of information technology, the exchange of goods was added to the exchange of information, to which the company began to attach much greater importance. An important way of exchanging this kind are the interpersonal encounters, communication and social interaction just mentioned, which can arise more easily if we create an environment for it - an architectural space. My intention was to design a "living residential house and meeting center" in terms of active interpersonal interaction in individual operations and also in terms of a living "breathing" building envelope using plants. In the design, it was important for me to emphasize the spaces that have the potential to meet, whether accidental or targeted, and can contribute to creating social bonds in the urban environment.
City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Pastorková, Eva ; Bindr, Tomáš (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
PASTORKOVÁ, Eva. City within the city / "Trnitá city block". Brno, 2020. Also available from: Master´s thesis. Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Design. Supervisor Vítězslav Nový. The subject of the master's thesis - City within the city / "Trnitá city block" is a design for a multi-functional building in a block of urban structure (territorial study of the also called "Southern area - Trnitá" - KAM Brno 2019). The project supplements the pre-master´s thesis elaborated within the course Studio III M3. The introductory part of the work is focused on familiarization with the issue of the area. The urban study "South Quarter - Trnitá" is also verified at the theoretical level, where it follows the main aspects of housing in the city, examining the city factor - multi-functional houses from history to the present. It seeks to create a place that not only enhances people's quality of life, but also the space itself. The proposed building, which is part of the newly designed block, includes a conceptual and material solution, which is linked to the layout, operational and technical design of the building. The building creates a functioning system in accordance with human, at the level of the city block and in the context of the entire city.
City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Muzikářová, Veronika ; Czapek, Jakub (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The master project focuses on the design of a multifunctional apartment building situated in the new South quarter of Brno in the context of its urban development and also based on the urban and volumetric study titled Brno - new South quarter, published by Kancelář architekta města Brna (KAM). Brno, like most big cities, is struggling with suburbanization, therefore the current topic is to solve mainly the development in the city in a way that people do not need to leave beyond its borders. The main focus of this thesis is the design and research of the gallery-access apartment building with the gallery situated on the front facade. Part of the thesis is also separate book of analysis, that was made together with colleagues as an undergraduate project.
City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Moráviková, Patrícia ; Mezei, Peter (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
A modern answer to the question of what an above-standard multifunctional house in the South Center of Brno should look like in the 21st century. First-class urban comfort of living in the countryside on the banks of the river Svratka near the city center with excellent transport links. The design of the building combines various typologies and operations and seeks to ensure maximum efficiency in the use of the plot, its evaluation and benefits for the environment.
City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Menšík, David ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The assignment of the work was the elaboration of two planned blocks of the new Brno southern center. In cooperation with the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno, we adjusted them to the final form, from which twelve plots were created, for twelve graduates of the Nový-Palasčák studio. The land solved by me is located at the meeting of Opuštěná Street and the Svratka River. It thus forms an important urban corner, marking the newly emerging district. Due to its character, significance, size and multifunctional arrangement, I called this corner building „Opuštěná Palace“.
City within the City / "Trnitá City Block"
Hodek, Pavel ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The master´s thesis deals with the design of a new multifunctional building for a newly proposed development in the city of Brno. The concept explores the possibilities and forms of modern city building should look like and how to approach the proposal with the absence of a context.
Spica/ Brno, Nove sady 49°11'20.3"N 16°36'29.4"E
Uhríková, Tatiana ; Havlíček, Tomáš (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The town hall should invite, increase, its activities should be transparent for citizens. Its function should be time-adaptable, its premises should be easy to navigate and it should be a place to live 24 hours a day. The town hall should be the heart, the place of important events, the guardian of the city, the place that people will love. It should be a representative, dignified, efficient and friendly institution. I tried to direct the proposal to this all. The town hall as an organism, as an artery, the heart decisive wisely.

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