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Application of the Reading Comprehension Method in the Teaching of Selected Species of Amphibians at Lower Secondary Education
Korečková, Valentýna ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
In my diploma thesis I apply the reading comprehension method in the biology and I focus on selected species of amphibians. Understanding the text is a prerequisite for learning from the text, and it is an important part of understanding the world. This is the reason why I use a multidisciplinary approach and I included reading comprehension methods in the teaching of amphibians in elementary school. In my diploma thesis, I made a research which I examine whether students with learning disabilities will be able to understand the text, or whether they will be more successful in a simpler text supplemented with pictures and graphs. Furthermore, I deal with whether teaching with the application of the reading comprehension method will increase students' interest in the discussed topic and whether these students will be more successful in verifying their knowledge than students who were taught using the frontal method. I have chosen methods to achieve the goals which are: a frontal teaching method, teaching with the application of developing reading comprehension, a test in the form of a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview with pupils. It is a mixed research, where I combine qualitative and quantitative research procedures. This research is implemented at a selected elementary school. The...
Reading Literacy in Natural History at Primery School
Žižková, Pavlína ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (referee)
The master's thesis focuses on the research of reading literacy in classes of natural history at primery school. The theoretical part describes reading literacy, its aspects and the development of reading literacy at primary school, including methods for developing reading literacy. This section also introduces the latest results from the PIRLS 2021, TIMSS 2019 and PISA 2015 international surveys. The second part of the thesis introduces the research of reading literacy in natural history among pupils of the 6th grade of primary school, in which three-tier tasks were used. A total of 55 pupils participated in the research. The goal of the research was to find out the students' ability to work with a science text. The second goal was to find out to what extent the pupils are sure of their answers when working with a science text. In the second part, the research methodology, the research sample and the results of the empirical investigation are further described. In the conclusion, the individual goals of the research are commented on and procedures are established that will lead to greater development of reading literacy in natural history lessons. The results showed that less than 80% of the pupils from the research sample can work effectively with a science text and can search for the necessary...
Economic and Financial Assessment of the Company using the Balanced Scorecard Method
Komárek, David ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
This diploma thesis’ focus lies on utilizing the Balanced Scorecard method for a financial and economical evaluation of a chosen company. Theoretical part is a summary of knowledge from selected literature which put focus on tools and methods of strategic management and company performance. The second part introduces the chosen company and with the appropriate tools depicts its current financial state and its business strategy. The next part consists of composing the Balanced Scorecard through adequate research methods and is closed with a summary of research findings and a draft of possible steps for optimization
Needs analysis of Generation Z in relation to the construction labour market
Juránková, Radka ; Pitronová, Almíra (referee) ; Pelčák, Svatopluk (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of the needs of generation Z in relation to the labor market in the construction industry. Currently, one of the biggest problems in the construction industry is the lack of labor on the market. This is largely due to the fact that the construction industry, by its very nature, does not have the opportunity to provide employees with other benefits like other industries (e.g. Home Office, etc.). The goal of the work is to find out what the Z generation's work preferences and requirements are, so that future employers can prepare for how the demands of the upcoming generations will change. And with the help of this knowledge, create a more favorable working environment and thus make work in the construction industry more attractive so that interest in working in this field increases.
The role of an educational counselor at a primary school from the point of view primary school pupils
Schmiedová, Lucie ; Blažková, Veronika (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the role of an educational counselor in elementary school from the perspective of elementary school students. The theoretical part of the work is oriented to the system of consulting services in the Czech Republic, legislative anchoring and insight into the history of consulting services. For the coherence of the text, cooperation with a pedagogical- psychological consultancy, a special pedagogical center and an educational care center is also mentioned in the theoretical part. The theoretical part is mainly focused on the role of an educational advisor. Prerequisites and qualification requirements for the performance of the work of an educational consultant are described here, followed by the ethical principles of the work and, last but not least, the activities of an educational consultant, which are reflected in the practical part. The practical part is based on the theoretical part. It focuses on elementary school students. Quantitative research was chosen for the practical part of the thesis. The empirical part was implemented in the form of a questionnaire survey, the questionnaires were distributed to eighty-eight pupils in the eighth grade and one in the ninth grade. Four elementary school classes participated in the questionnaire survey. For...
Leisure time and leisure activities of middle school age pupils in Slaný
Zůna, Marek ; Blažková, Veronika (advisor) ; Hanková, Zdeňka (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with leisure time and leisure activities of middle school age pupils in Slaný. The thesis consists of two parts - theoretical and research. The theoretical part describes and defines the basic concepts related to the work, such as leisure, leisure education, leisure education facilities and characteristics of secondary school-age children. The last chapter is then devoted to a brief description and characteristics of leisure education in Slaný. The research part elaborates on a questionnaire survey conducted among sixth and seventh grade pupils of primary school in Slaný. The main objectives were to find out how pupils spend their free time, what leisure activities and clubs they prefer in their free time and whether or not there is satisfaction with the offer of leisure activities in Slaný. The results have been processed into tables and graphs and the data from the research reflect the current situation. KEYWORDS children, elementary school, leisure activities, leisure facilities, leisure interests, leisure time, middle school, primary school, questionnare, research, Slaný
Proposal to Change the Logistics Management in the Distribution Company
Pastirčák, Patrik ; Danada, Martin (referee) ; Bartošek, Vladimír (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the proposal of a change in the logistics management of orders in a distribution company. The focus is on streamlining communication with customs declarant and warehouse management.
The arboretum borová hora – its importance and influence on the landscape of zvolen town environs
Sarvašová, Ivana ; Lukáčik, Ivan
Arboretum and botanical gardens are scientific and educational institutions that are closely connected with the development of science and the needs of practice. They are specific by the focus of the plant collections, the architectural solution, the location within the residential unit, region, etc. Arboretum Borová hora is a research and pedagogical workplace of the Technical University in Zvolen. The collections use primarily for pedagogical, scientific research and educational work in the field of dendrology and other biological disciplines. In contrast to other similar facilities, mainly autochthonous trees species grow here, which once grew in the forests of Slovakia, in their wide intra-species and geographical variability. Arboretum Borová hora has with a high probability changed the potential values of the landscape during its more than 55-year duration, especially in relation to the residence and their contacts with the landscape. The landscape character, natural components and characteristics of the arboretum are currently perceived as added value, which is used not only primary education, science and research of the faculties of the Technical University in Zvolen, but also environmental education of the general public in an experiential form.
Contemporary research and preservation of traditional architecture
Brada, Peter
Traditional architecture belongs to the most visible and endangered and least explored manifestations of traditional culture of Slovakia, despite the fact that a large amount of information has been collected since the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays we find a gap in it, that we are trying to complement with current research. The continuous development of traditional construction has been concluded around the middle of the 20th century. Since then the lifespan of the existing buildings is coming to an end and they are slowly disappearing. Inevitably, in the near future it will come to the state, when traditional constructions disappear from the landscape. It is therefore mainly rescue research with the aim of documenting as much information as possible in the field. We conduct an extensive measuring and photographic documentation. We try to approach the topic comprehensively, in addition to the ethnological methods and methods of preservation, fields such as the history of architecture, archival science and archeology are also close to it. Our research is the closest to the field of ethnology, but at the time when its usual methods cease to be effective, we also use methods not typical for it, e.g. destructive research, experiment, mastering of craft techniques and subsequent reconstruction of arctefact, etc. The result of such conceived research is theoretical and practical knowledge, which allows us not only to understand the complexity and the knowledge behind the meaning, evolution and function of the traditional house, but also approach the maintenance, reconstruction, or changes to the traditional houses with adequate material and craftsmanship quality.

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