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Design, Creation and Implementation of Software Applications in the Corporate Environment
Bohovic, Samuel ; Koch, Miloš (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
Táto záverečná práca sa sústredí na analýzu požiadavok na informačný systém použitý v logistickej firme. Ďalej analyzuje aktuálne dostupné technológie pre vývoj informačných systémov. A nakoniec navrhuje možný informačný systém na základe zistení.
Design, Creation and Implementation of Software Applications in the Corporate Environment
Kulda, Lukáš ; Koch, Miloš (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design and implementation of a web application for inventory management in an agricultural company. This work is an application that aims to improve the shortcomings of the company in the field of inventory management. The first important chapter is the theoretical basis on which the work is based. The next main chapter is the analysis of the current situation of the company which justifies the needed change. This is immediately followed by a chapter describing the introduced change, the implementation of the application and its benefits for the company.
Implementation of the information system
Podzemný, Matěj ; Koch, Miloš (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the selection and implementation of a new information system at Odry Secondary School. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the current state of the school and its information system and based on these analyses and requirements to select and implement a new information system. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the theoretical background, in the second part of the thesis the mentioned analyses are performed followed by the actual design of the solution. The design solution is concluded with a financial analysis and the benefits of the solution are described.
Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Bárta, Jan ; Koch, Miloš (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
The master´s thesis is devoted to the assessment of the information system and the proposal of changes to improve the current situation of Company S, which deals with the distribution of electricity. The thesis consists of three parts. The first part focuses on the theoretical background. The second part deals with the analysis of the company and its environment together with the analysis of the information system. The last part of the thesis contains proposed changes together with an economic evaluation that will lead to an improvement of the current situation.
Design, Creation and Implementation of Software Applications in the Corporate Environment
Barla, Matej ; Koch, Miloš (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the current state of the company operating in retail from the point of view of process functioning and used information technologies. It specifies in which areas the company has shortcomings in terms of information technology and processes. It contains the design of the solution and its implementation, accompanied by an evaluation of the benefits.
Design of a solution for detecting fraud behavior in a digital platform
Písečný, Patrik ; Jaššo, Radoslav (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to analyze and design solutions in a digital platform. Part of the work will be the design of algorithms to detect fraudulent user behavior in the mobile application environment and the design of new views in the form of data outputs on stored data about platform users, which will bring a new perspective on data segmentation.
Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Trebichavský, Adam ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
Data, information system, analysis 7S, Porter’s model, Zefis, security, SWOT analysis
Surrogate modelling and safety formats in probabilistic analysis of structures
Novák, Lukáš ; Sýkora,, Miroslav (referee) ; Šejnoha,, Michal (referee) ; Novák, Drahomír (advisor)
The presented doctoral thesis is focused on the development of theoretical methods for probabilistic design and assessment of structures. In order to reduce the computational burden of the probabilistic approach, the developed methods are based on surrogate models. Specifically, Taylor series expansion has been utilized for the derivation of a novel analytical method for a simplified semi-probabilistic design of structures represented by non-linear finite element models. The novel approach estimates a variance of quantity of interest and the influence of correlation among input random variables. The second part of the doctoral thesis aims at the development of efficient numerical algorithms for the construction of a surrogate model based on polynomial chaos expansion and its utilization for uncertainty quantification. Although the proposed algorithm is based on cutting edge techniques, it was beneficial to improve its accuracy and efficiency by advanced statistical sampling. Therefore, a novel technique for adaptive sequential statistical sampling, reflecting the exploration of the design domain, and exploitation of the surrogate model, is proposed specifically for polynomial chaos expansion.
Supplier Risk Evaluation Using Fuzzy Logic
Novák, Lukáš ; Peštál, Ivan (referee) ; Dostál, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of suppliers using fuzzy logic for a selected company. The created model will be used to make efficient and faster decisions about selecting the most suitable supplier for the given orders. Based on the criteria that are important for the selected company, a fuzzy model is created. The final evaluations of the most suitable suppliers are created in MS Excel and MATLAB.
Methods of Company Project Management
Spišáková, Lenka ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
Using waterfall method, this bachelors thesis will describe project manager actions in real project environment, from project’s beginning to successful finish. In the first chapters, we will present goals of our project, methods of project management from managers perspective, as well as actions of analysis execution. Next chapter elaborates on more theoretical procedures, furthermore we will introduce you to current project status analysis. In project solution proposal, we will define implementation and execution of project, resulting in successful delivery.

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