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Activation of sponsoring in softball club in Prague
Novotná, Tereza ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Activation of sponsorship in softball club in Prague Objectives: The aim of this work is to activate sponsorship in a softball club in Prague by creating four personalised sponsoring offers for the preselected companies. These offers will be created based on analysis of current state of the club sponsorship and possible benefits the club could offer. Methods: The paper will use qualitative research methods. Firstly, the paper will be focused on analysis of the current state of sponsorship in the club using a qualitative interview with the general manager of the club and short interviews with the current sponsoring companies about their satisfaction. Afterwards, a list of possible benefits for the sponsors will be provided using data from an interview with a sponsoring specialist and the interviews with sponsors. Based on the list and the information collected during the interviews the personalised sponsorship offers will be designed. Results: Results from the executed research and the analysis of current state of the sponsorship in the club provided starting points for the creation of personalised sponsorship activation offers for chosen companies. These offers are considering the needs, goals and philosophy of the companies and the club. Keywords: activation, sponsoring, softball, sport...
Customer behavior in a running store
Tajšl, Adam ; Opelík, Daniel (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Customer behaviour in a running store. Objectives: The main objective of the bachelor's thesis is to identify the behavior of different customer groups in a running store through marketing research. Methods: The method of observation was used to obtain the resulting data. The research was conducted in one store based on a form consisting of 16 different form items. Results: On the basis of the prepared forms, statistical surveys were made, from which the behavior of customers was described. Customers come to the store for advice, most of the customers are men and the main group of customers are recreational runners. The results of the research also brought other interesting findings, based on which the store's customer service can be improved. Key words: Running shoes, sales, customer selection, customer communication
Activation of RunTour running series sponsorship
Sekeráková, Aneta ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Activation of RunTour running series sponsorship Objectives: The main purpose of this master thesis is to create suggestions and recommendations for the future sponsorship activation of selected RunTour partners, as a follow-up on the presentation and analysis of their activation in 2018. As a secondary objective can be considered the systematic processing of sponsorship activation, which Czech literature still does not offer. Methods: In methodological terms, a case study was chosen that draws on observation of the author at the RunTour running races and especially on interviews with competent representatives of selected partners. Document analysis and interview with the event organizer were used to analyse the running series and sponsoring companies profile. Results: Given the descriptive nature of the research, it is not easy to summarize the results of the thesis. However, it can be stated that all three selected partner companies are aware of the importance of the sponsorship activation and have been clearly open to suggestions and recommendations of the author. Despite the different size of companies, it was generally recommended to establish mutual cooperation between partners. From sponsorship activation suggestions, which have the greatest potential for implementation in practice,...
Public relations within the context of a selected case in a football environment
Hanuš, Marek ; Kaprálková, Michaela (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Public relations within the context of a selected case in the football environment Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to analyse and understand the role of public relations in dealing with and managing controversial situations in the football environment in the context of different perceptions of a particular issue and to evaluate the effect of public relations of the club in the selected case. Methods: qualitative methods were used in this study - analysis of texts, documents, websites, social networks, press releases or statements of clubs and stakeholders. The triangulation method was also used to ensure greater objectivity and credibility of the findings. Results: the chosen case for this thesis was the Europa League return leg between Rangers FC and SK Slavia Prague and the subsequent accusation of racism against the Slavic defender Ondřej Kúdel. The case sparked a worldwide response. In the research carried out, it can be concluded that Slavia successfully coped with the public relations challenges in this situation. In terms of public relations strategies, the club first stood up for its player and rejected any association of the club and the player with racism, thereby gaining credibility with the Czech public. It then focused on reducing tensions with the general...
Management of a selected professional basketball club in the Czech Republic
Koubová, Karolína ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Čáslavová, Eva (referee)
Title: Management of a selected professional basketball club in the Czech Republic Objectives: The main objective of the bachelor thesis is to analyze internally a selected professional basketball club and to reveal the key points that have an impact on the club's management. Then, to elaborate on this to make recommendations for the club to effectively improve its leadership. Methods: The research included an analysis of the internal environment according to the McKinsey 7S framework. Secondary and primary data were used to compile the analysis. Primary data were obtained from semi-structured interviews. Based on this information, recommendations were made on what the club should improve for its future operations. Results: Based on the analysis conducted, it was found that the club has a well-set structure and shared values. From the interviews conducted, it was found that all employees in the club are familiar with the same values in the club and that everyone knows what position they hold and who they report to. The lack of technology used in communication and very low development of employees' job skills were identified as a problem. The club does not provide any form of self-development for its employees. Keywords: McKinsey 7S framework, strategy, shared values, structure, management style,...
Brand archetypes of TOP 10 czech athletes
Pichlová, Kristýna ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Opelík, Daniel (referee)
Title: Brand archetypes of TOP czech athletes Objectives: The aim of this work is to determine the brand archetypes of the TOP 10 czech athletes. Methods: The bachelor thesis uses a combination of quantitative research with elements of qualitative methods. Electronic questioning was chosen as the most appropriate way to obtain the necessary information from Generation Y. The questionnaire survey involves first demographic data and then projective techniques - the respondent assigns colours to each athlete's brand based on the emotions the athlete evokes. Subsequently, brand archetypes are assigned to each athlete's brand based on the psychology of color and the limbic model. Results: Determining athlete brand archetypes using projective techniques based on color psychology is feasible. However, it has been found that in order to determine brand archetypes, it is necessary that the research population knows the athlete in question. For the athletes that the research set did not know, it was not possible to determine the archetype - for Vít Přindiš and Jakub Vadlejch. For Jakub Vadlejch, however, it was possible to determine at least the dimensions in which the archetype of the athlete could be located. Ester Ledecká was assigned the archetype of the Innocent. To Barbora Špotáková the archetype of...
Customers' willingness of the selected fitness centre to attend group classes
Svobodová, Aneta ; Ruda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Customers' willingness of the selected fitness centre to attend group classes Objectives: The thesis "Customers' willingness of the selected fitness centre to attend group classes" is in its final form a useful source of information, expanding the knowledge of Domyno Fitness management about its customers and their motivation to visit the fitness centre. The aim of the thesis is to obtain information about the willingness of customers to attend group classes which can be further used by the group class manager at Domyno Fitness and included in her plans to improve the current situation. Methods: The thesis is based on theoretical knowledge related to the topic. Marketing research based on quantitative questionnaire method CAPI was used to determine customers' willingness to attend group classes. The research sample is Domyno Fitness customers older than 18 years of age. The sample is customers who visited the fitness center during the time of the research and were willing to participate. The responses to each question of the questionnaire are shown in the graphs. Results: The results of the research showed that the fitness centre has mainly loyal customers who have been visiting it for many years. These customers tend to be satisfied with almost all aspects asked in the questionnaire. The...
Perception of social media of volleyball extra-league clubs by volleyball fans
Vyhnalíková, Michaela ; Opelík, Daniel (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Perception of social media of volleyball extra-league clubs by volleyball fans Objectives: The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to recommend a suitable social network structure for volleyball clubs based on a quantitative survey of volleyball fans. Methods: The questionnaire was distributed electronically and the research population was volleyball fans using social networks. Results: Based on a quantitative survey conducted on the use of social networks by volleyball fans, it was found that most clubs in the men's volleyball extra-league do not use the full potential of social media marketing. The most used networks are Instagram and Facebook, both by volleyball clubs and volleyball fans. After comparing the theoretical part with the data from the questionnaire, recommendations for a better social network structure of volleyball clubs were proposed. Keywords: social media marketing, quantitative research, volleyball, sports marketing, social media
Snowboard coach competency profile
Veselková, Sára ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Crossan, William Morea (referee)
Title: Competence profile of a snowboarding coach Objectives: The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to create a competency profile of a snowboarding coach based on data obtained by electronic questioning of athletes, their coaches, parents, and data drawn from the answers of a semi-structured interview with a professional snowboarder. Methods: Two methods were used for the data collection - an electronic survey and a semi-structured interview. The survey was aimed at three research groups (athletes older than 15 years, coaches, and parents of athletes) and included questions to assess 40 competencies. The semi-structured interview took place online, and the respondent was a professional athlete from the Red Bull international team. Results: The competence profile of a snowboarding coach as the result of this bachelor's thesis is suitable for all age categories interviewed. The profile includes the competencies the respondents rated from very important to most important. There are 15 of these competencies in total. Namely 7 abilities and skills (the ability to explain the correct execution, the ability to identify mistakes made, the ability to motivate others, the ability to communicate, the art of dealing with people, the ability to ride a snowboard, and the ability to organize activities), 5...

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