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The selection of methods of working with extroverted students based on ethological observations..
Kafka, Matěj ; Richterová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
Work with primary school students is an inseparable part of almost every teacher. This diploma thesis is focused on improving selected methods, based on ethological observations and individual support of selected students. The theoretical part is focused on the presentation of ethology, as well as on the description of individual behavioral phenomena and shaping selected elements of behavior from the point of view of physiology, sociology and psychology. Furthermore, the theoretical part elaborates the description of the observed category of students. The beginning of the practical part is focused on the introduction of the selected institution and an individual description of the observed students. The research part is focused on the ethological observation of the behavior of individual students and the application of support measures. The collected results are supported by case studies and subsequently verified by basic statistical analyses.
Cooperation of elementary and kindergarten in Varnsdorf
Šmídová, Valerie ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to examine the conditions and approaches of individual participants in the inter-institutional cooperation between primary schools and kindergartens in Varnsdorf. The first chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to the characteristics of preschool and primary education, especially in terms of their function. It discusses the specific areas related to the transition of a child from kindergarten to primary school and various issues that may arise during this period. The second chapter is focused on the persons accompanying the child from the very beginning of compulsory education and concentrates more closely on their mutual cooperation and communication. The third chapter identifies the age peculiarities of preschool and junior school-age children, which are complemented by possible factors and determinants influencing the success of the educational process and the subject of the child's school maturity and readiness. The last chapter is devoted to the specifics of education in the specific area, which is relevant to the thesis in terms of research and thus puts the topic of the thesis in more context. Through qualitative research, the practical part explored the attitudes, experience and opinions of teachers and school principals regarding the question of cooperation...
Prevalence of kratom use among 8th and 9th-grade students in primary schools in the Nymburk district - a questionnaire survey
Škabradová, Barbora ; Jandáč, Tomáš (advisor) ; Votavová, Aneta (referee)
Background: Mitragyna Speciosa - a plant, more commonly known as kratom, that has a history and tradition in Southeast Asia for centuries. In recent decades, it has been gaining popularity worldwide. In addition to its benefits, which include energizing, pain and stress relief, and reducing opiate withdrawal symptoms, kratom use carries health risks along with the development of addiction. In the Czech Republic, kratom is not yet legislated, its use is not regulated and everyone, including children, has access to it. Aims: The aim of this study was to map the lifetime prevalence among 8th and 9th graders in the Nymburk district and patterns of use, their awareness in terms of effects, risks and availability, sources of information about kratom and attitudes towards it. Methods: The data were collected using a paper questionnaire in four primary schools in the Nymburk district. The schools were selected by random sampling. 287 pupils participated in the survey. Results: 17.8% of pupils had experience with kratom. Boys reported experience more often than girls. More than half of the respondents with experience have used kratom at most twice, got it for free from a friend and tried it out of curiosity. The most well-known desirable effects in pupils' minds were feeling calm and relaxed and increased...
Ways to spend free time of primary school teachers in Skalica district
Straková, Sára ; Blažková, Veronika (advisor) ; Hanková, Zdeňka (referee)
The diploma thesis examines the immediate leisure time of elementary school teachers working in the Skalica district, responding to the current situation where the issue of teacher burnout is increasingly acknowledged in both pedagogical and broader public discussions. Utilizing the acquired theoretical knowledge, the author characterizes free time from a historical perspective, identifying specific periods in which she observes disturbances in the utilization of leisure. The author will describe the changes reflected in the ways of spending free time nowadays The historical context enhances our understanding of the development and evolution of leisure and its content, both in the past and present, with clearly defined functions. A separate chapter delves into the description of leisure functions, providing insight into their significance. The author focuses specifically on the possibilities for spending leisure time in the Skalicky district. Finally, the theoretical part introduces us to teachers, outlining their duties and various ways of spending their leisure time. An integral part of the thesis involves empirical research conducted through a questionnaire survey, supplemented by semi-structured interviews with four primary school teachers from the selected district. The research aims to...
Impact of Social Media Use on the Need and Quantity of Physical Social Interaction among Teenagers of Age from 14 to 16 Years
Pěstová, Kristýna ; Hrůzová, Andrea (advisor) ; Procházková, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on how adolescents between the ages of fourteen and sixteen interpret the presence and influence of social networks in their relationships with peers and parents. The theoretical section of the thesis is divided into four thematic units devoted to an overview of the current knowledge of the given topic in the literature. The empirical section consists of a description of the progress and results of the research. The research was conducted in the form of qualitative questioning, using the method of semi structured interviews with ten respondents. The individual interviews were recorded, word for word transcribed and analysed in the qualitative data processing program, REQUAL. Six thematic areas related to the aim of the thesis emerged from the analysis of the interviews: spending leisure time, attitude towards social networks, the motive and the manner of using social networks, relationships with friends and peers, relationship with parents and finally, school rules regarding the use of mobile phones. It turned out that using phones as well as being active on social networks are an important part of the respondents 'lives and constitute a significant part of their social communication. Respondents reflected on the positive and negative effects of using social networks,...
Delimitation and map representation of primary schools' catchment areas: discussion of topic and possibilities of using GIS
Úlehla, Vojtěch ; Netrdová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis is aimed at the issue of delimitation the primary schools' catchment areas (PSCA). It follows on from the bachelor's thesis, in which a map representation and evaluation of the current delimitation of PSCA in the territory of Prague 3 Municipal District was realized. The diploma thesis deals with this topic in more depth from a theoretical-conceptual point of view, it describes the discussion of approaches to the distribution of children into primary schools during compulsory school attendance and the parental school choice in various countries, as well as diverse aspects that influence the delimitation of PSCA in Czechia. The focus of the thesis is the methodological part, the aim is to discuss available data sources related to the topic suitable for work in the environment of geographic information systems (GIS) and possible map representations of PSCA. An important part is dedicated to the proposal for the delimitation of PSCA using GIS as an allocation analysis. Everything is illustrated using the example of the Czech capital city, Prague, the current delimitation is compared with the proposal, and the appropriateness of current delimitation of PSCA is evaluated. Keywords: catchment area, primary school, Prague, map representation, geographic information systems, allocation...
Comparison of online interactive applications and their use in education
Šašek, Martin ; Leipert, Jiří (advisor) ; Lapeš, Jakub (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to select a user-friendly interactive application for teaching and to present it in the form of an instructional video including instructions in text form for its use in pedagogical practice. Selection of the most suitable interactive application was made by comparison on the basis of a five-element methodological evaluation scale, which resulted from a literature search and Internet resources and from the experience gained from my own teaching practice. The applications were evaluated on the degree of interactivity, accessibility of the application, availability of the license, language proficiency and user experience with each application. The comparison was then evaluated and the selected Nearpod application was characterized, its features and capabilities were described from the perspective of the teacher and the student. Instructions for its use were created in the form of a set of instructional tutorial videos, which were published on the website These videos present the environment of the interactive application Nearpod, show the basic way of working with the application, the preparation of teaching material and focus on practical recommendations for using the tool in daily pedagogical practice. KEYWORDS...
Contemporary Japanese art as a source of inspiration for art activities at primary school.
The aim of the thesis "Contemporary Japanese art as a source of inspiration for art activities at primary school" is to present contemporary Japanese art as an inspirational topic for art education. The work is divided into theoretical and project part. The theoretical part presents the ideological anchor of the work and defines its importance in the didactics of art education. The practical part takes inspiration from selected Japanese artists and presents an art series from which individual lessons can be used to enrich art education at primary school level 1, thus giving pupils an insight into Japanese art and at the same time introducing them to Japanese culture and interesting techniques.
Evaluation of the quality of education and educational attainment of the Czech public - August/September 2023
Kyselá, Monika
A periodical survey conducted by the CVVM from August to September 2023 surveyed the opinions of the Czech public over the age of 15 on the level of education at individual types of schools, whether or not everyone in the Czech Republic is able to achieve an education appropriate to their abilities, the evaluation of their schooling to date, whether or not children with different characteristics should be educated together in regular classes, and attitudes toward various measures that have been introduced or are being discussed for possible introduction in the education system.\n\nThe assessment of the level of education in all types of schools that are part of the Czech education system has remained positive for a long time. The highest ratings are given to grammar schools (64% positive), primary schools (63%) and universities (61%), while the lowest ratings are given to vocational secondary schools, although positive ratings prevail here as well (51%).
Volleyball in physical education classes at primary school
Králová, Hana ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
At the beginning of my research, I will conduct a survey based on which I will find out how 9th grade girls master the game of volleyball, whether they have played it before or not, or how often they have played it, and how they are doing with individual volleyball skills. The initial investigation includes a questionnaire for female students in two selected classes and their volleyball skills testing. Based on the information found, I will prepare the lessons. I will have prepared one method of teaching volleyball for female students of one class - teaching individual game activities. I will teach them all volleyball skills, train with them and practice everything. E.g. two-handed uppercut (fingers), two-handed lowercut (digger), serve and attack stroke. And for the second class, I will prepare a different method of teaching volleyball - teaching free play. I will play mini volleyball with them. From the easiest yellow mini volleyball to the hardest blue mini volleyball. In yellow mini volleyball, only team players throw the ball to each other. In orange mini-volleyball, you catch the ball and then pass it to your teammates by hitting it with both hands with the top (fingers) after your own pitch. In the red mini- volleyball, it is possible to perform an intermediate rebound with both hands with...

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