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Maternal Identification in Anorexia Nervosa
Choroušová, Jana ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Šulová, Lenka (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis "Maternal Identification in Anorexia Nervosa" is to map the developmental context of the onset of anorexia nervosa in female patients related with the formation of relationships with immediate caregivers and the detailed focus on the daughter's relationship with the mother. The theoretical part offers a cross-section of psychoanalytic theories that specifically deal with such process. These are mainly the object relations theory, the attachment theory as well as the recent theory of mentalization. The initial premise of the whole work is the femininity itself, the age of the patients when the period of adolescence and female gender are amongst the main risk factors for the development of anorexia nervosa and contribute to the disproportion between male and female patients. The concept of identification between daughter and mother within the separation-individuation process is described both in early childhood and during adolescence. The empirical part focuses on a particular examination of the patient's relationships with primary caregivers, the immediate environment from childhood to adulthood and the factors involved in the development of the disease. Through a semi-structured in-depth interview, the study monitors key moments of psychosocial development in four...
Psychological intervention for mothers of premature newborns
Matoušová, Milada ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (referee) ; Hříbková, Lenka (referee)
The disertation thesis focuses on the problem of premature delivery and the effect of a premature newborn on his parents' mental state and feelings. In particular, mothers of premature infants usually experience premature delivery in a very negative way. It is a difficult life situation, which increases demands on both parents, respectively on the whole family. The level of immaturity and medical condition of the premature child significantly affect and violate the natural contact and the early parent-child interaction, which in turn affects the development of their relationship. The consequences of the premature birth for parents and children may last very long, because the immaturity at birth carries a risk of health problems for the whole life. Medical care of premature newborns in the Czech Republic is at the high level and statistical indicators of this specialized care are at the top. In order to archive the best results, excelent medical care for premature infants must be completed by specialised psychological support and assistance given to the parents and whole families. Key words: risk pregnancy, premature delivery, prenatal development, limit of viability, premature newborn, early interaction, breastfeeding, child care
New challenges of terrorism: social-psychological study
Měchová, Simona ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Mikšík, Oldřich (referee) ; Brzybohatý, Marian (referee)
Following text focuses on terrorism issues and it's new face. The author tries to cover the topic in it's complexity and significant connections and at the same time points out the simplified view on terrorism that society often adopts from the media presentation. The first part called "Terrorism as a social phenomenon" discribes differences between traditional and new terrorism, mentions historical roots of terrorism and it's evolution and also shows particular types of terrorism, it's techniques and methods used by terrorists. Text discribes the process of choosing particular type of the terrorist attack according to it's advantages. It can also help to understand the principles on which the terrorist group works and stands. Second part called "Psychological aspects of terrorism" wants to explain connections between behavior, acts, feelings and personal determination of terrorists, considering normality of their personality. Author analyses psychological determination of accepting terrorism as a method helping to deal with life reality; it takes a look at the manner of terrorist thinking, emotions and behavior, concerning his inclination to the extreme and it's psychological roots. Special focus is concerned on the Psychology of Suicidal Terrorism, Psychology of Hostage-Taking, Psychology of Justifying...
Social-psychological aspects of childbirth experience and their impact on early parental self-efficscy of first-timee mothers
Kodyšová, Eliška ; Šulová, Lenka (referee)
Title: SOCIAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF CHILDBIRTH EXPERIENCE AND THEIR IMPACT ON EARLY PARENTAL SELF-EFFICACY OF FIRST-TIME MOTHERS Author: Eliška Kodyšová Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague Supervisor: PhDr. Simona Horáková Hoskovcová, PhD., Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague Abstract: Transition to parenthood is a significant transition period in a woman's psychological ontogenesis. An important predictor of parenting abilities and well-being is parental self-efficacy. Recent studies show that mothers' parental self-efficacy can be influenced by childbirth satisfaction, which, in turn, is predicted by social-psychological aspects of childbirth experience, especially support by caregivers. In a longitudinal 2-phase research, we have followed parental self-efficacy determinants working around 1st childbirth as well as childbirth experience determinants. Using multiple linear regression analysis we determined that although parental self-efficacy is mainly prenatally determined, caregivers' support and baby's soothability can impact it positively. We have also confirmed the decisive influence of caregivers' support on childbirth satisfaction in our sample, which is representative for Czech primiparas. ...
Description of personal relationship towards nature: introduction to theory and terminology
Krajhanzl, Jan ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee) ; Činčera, Jan (referee)
In the last forty years interdisciplinary interest in environmental behaviour has grown together with broad attention aimed to environmental conditions. Normative research in the field has developed hand in hand with environmental education, whereas descriptive research, which deals with description patterns of human experience and behaviour, has been overshadowed. This imbalance has influenced the current practice: despite the variety of techniques and theories concerning support of proenvironmental behaviour, the knowledge of human experience and behaviour in environmentally-relevant situations remains rather limited. Similar imbalance exists in the terminology. The presented thesis mainly deals with the descriptive study of experience and behaviour towards nature with special interest in the so-called relationship toward nature. We present definitions of environmental behaviour and proenvironmental behaviour in introductory chapters and examine, which groups of factors influence environmental behaviour. Relationship toward nature represents one group of these factors. We cover overview of the concepts, which are associated with description of relationships toward nature, and distinguish between one-dimensional approach (concepts of alienation human towards nature, biophilia hypothesis and environmental...
Comparison of Intercultural Competence of Czech and Japanese University Students.
Škrábová, Michala ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Gillernová, Ilona (referee)
Theoretical part of this Ph.D. thesis deals with the latest findings about intercultural communication and with important intercultural theories focused on two examined countries: the Czech Republic and Japan. It compares Czech and Japanese ways of thinking and behaviors using theory of cultural standards. An overview of current intercultural competence theories is followed by a description of specifics of intercultural competence and of possible ways of developing it. The theoretical part of the thesis is concluded by an overview of benefits and risks of intercultural research in general. The empirical part of the thesis compares intercultural competence of Czech and Japanese university students. The main aim of the study is to construct a questionnaire of intercultural competence, to design an observed situation measuring intercultural competence and to determinate a relationship between components of the questionnaire and the observation criteria. Next aims of the study are to determine differences in intercultural competence of Czech and Japanese university students, to compare them and to find out whether these differences can be explained by the components of the questionnaire. We were interested to what extent is the intercultural competence related to intracultural competence and whether...
Partner Relationships and the Fear of Being Single
Štěrbová, Iveta ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Šulová, Lenka (referee)
The current study deals with the topic of partner relationships with a special focus on the fear of being single. Although it has been introduced still quite recently, it seems it can predict settling for less in relationships in sense of expressing interest in low-quality mates and lower likelihood of initiating the dissolution of a less satisfying relationship. The first part of this paper aims to explore phenomena of partner relationships and singlehood and to conduct a review of the current research on the topic of the fear of being single. The empirical research examines the association between fear of being single and demographic characteristics, personality traits (the Big Five model) and feelings of loneliness using the Fear of Being Single Scale (Spielmann et al. 2013), whose first Czech translation is introduced, the NEO Five-Factor Inventory (Hřebíčková & Urbánek, 2001) and the UCLA Loneliness Scale (Russel, 1993; Kumstátová, 2014). The study participants include 247 Czech adults. Women and involuntary singles reported significantly higher level of the fear of being single than men and voluntary singles respectively. Also the fear of being single proved to be significantly negatively correlated with Openness to Experience, Consciousness and Extraversion and significantly positively...
Relationship between attachment,self-esteem and self-efficacy in adolescents
Kašická, Jana ; Gillernová, Ilona (advisor) ; Šulová, Lenka (referee)
This work aimed to map the attachment to parents and friends and to find out how this variable is related to self-esteem and self-efficacy in adolescence. Another aim of the work was to verify whether the relationship between the dimensions of attachment and self-evaluation mediates one's own effectiveness. The research population consisted of 206 adolescents aged 15-17. The data was obtained by completing questionnaires. Attachment in the dimensions of "anxiety" and "avoidance" was determined by the Experience in CloseRelationships - Relationship Structures Questionnaire (ECR-RS), the Rosenberg self-assessment scale was used to measure self-esteem and the General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE) method to measure self-efficacy. It was found that almost all dimensions of attachment to mother, father and friend have a significant relationship with self-esteem and self-efficacy. Only in the case of avoidance to a friend, an indirect connection was proven. Furthermore, it was shown that boys' self-esteem and self-efficacy are not related to an attachment to a friend. In boys and girls, a strong influence of the relationship with the mother on the level of self-esteem and of self-efficacy was confirmed. The effect of the relationship with the father on the level of self-efficacy was demonstrated only in boys,...
Ego-dystonic Anger Attacks in Mothers of Young Children
Doležalová, Petra ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Šulová, Lenka (referee)
Anger in the context of motherhood is still an insufficiently discussed and underresearched topic. The theoretical part of this thesis summarizes knowledge from the domains of anger, and in particular its sudden ego-dystonic attacks, stress, and psychosocial needs, or more precisely motivational goals and schemata, which lead to their satisfaction or prevent their frustration, and in the context of motherhood seeks potential causes of anger and highlights its consequences. The empirical part of this thesis is based on quantitative research design, namely an online administered cross-sectional study, for which four inventories - Anger Attacks Questionnaire (AAQ), Rage Attacks Questionnaire (RAQ-R), Inventory of Approach and Avoidance Motivation (FAMOS), and Incongruence Questionnaire (INK) - were localized into the Czech setting. Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) was the last instrument used in this study. The research sample consisted of 257 adult women with an only child of up to 36 months of age and the study looked into the differences in subjective experience of mothers with anger attacks (N = 138) and without anger attacks (N = 119) with regard to the last three months. In the domain of psychosocial needs, the greatest intraindividual deficits for mothers with anger attacks emerged in the following...
Transactional Analysis Approaches Aplicable in Working with Clients in Low-Treshold Addictology Services
Staňková, Nora ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee) ; Kalina, Kamil (referee)
Te aim of the research dissertation thesis is to introduce transactional analysis as a practi- cal tool applicable for efective communication with clients in low-threshold addictology services. Te main objective is the discovery of ego-states that clients use in communication with employees, determining the representation of individual ego-states at both client and employee side. A partial goal is to observe the methods of communication with the client, which lead to the provision of services in the framework of Adult to Adult transactions. Te output usable in real life is a manual of communication between employees and clients using principles of transaction analysis. Te research group consists of 88 observed, recorded and evaluated interviews between employees and clients of the low-threshold addictology service Drop In Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction Center, specifcally in the Drop In Low-threshold Center. Tey were active users of illegal addictive substances who have requested some service from the spectrum of harm reduction services at the time of the research. Te thesis uses qualitative research in the form of text and word analysis used in the com- munication of clients and employees in the Drop In Low-threshold Center with the aim of capturing the usual communication...

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