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The Psychomotor Development Children from Prague Schools and Orphanages
Holický, Jakub ; Rychtecký, Antonín (advisor) ; Mess, Filip (referee) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
Bibliographic Identification Name and surname of the author: Mgr. Jakub Holický Name of dissertation: The Psychomotor Development Children from Prague Schools and Orphanages Workplace: Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Didactics of Physical Education and Sports Supervisor of the work: prof. PhDr. Antonín Rychtecký, DrSc. Year of presentation: 2015 Abstract The results of the international studies showed significantly lower level in psychomotor development of children from orphanages in comparison to their peers from majority society. There is currently no study in Czech Republic. Therefore it is important to analyze children in Czech Republic in this field. Objective: The aim of this study is to compare the level of psychomotor development and anthropometric indicators of children in orphanages in Prague with their peers from majority society. Methods: This dissertation is a type of quantitative research. The dissertation has the character of empirical and theoretical work. This research used method of observation. The psychomotor development of children was tested with the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, Second Edition (BOT-2), which contains 52 items, divided into 12 dimensions. The sample size consists of 449 probands, 224 boys and 225 girls from the Prague region. In orphanages were...
Relaxation and therapeutic activities at a rehabilititation club within special needs primary schools
Férová, Jana ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Zulić, Marija (referee)
The purpose of this diploma thesis was to find out what type of therapies exist for pupils with combined disabilities within the Rehabilitation Club at the Special Primary School, what the course of these therapies looks like and what could be potentially improved. As part of the thesis, four research questions are answered. The theoretical part contains of the description of the comprehensive rehabilitation care which is further divided into medical, social, educational (pedagogical) and work rehabilitation. Furthermore, the theoretical part describes the individual therapies falling under the medical and the educational (pedagogical) rehabilitation. Part of the thesis is an introduction and comparison of three various organizations: educational institutions, social services and non-profit organizations. In the practical part, four research questions are defined and answered by using three methods: method of observation, interview and an analysis of pupils' documentation. It is researched what kind of therapies are being used within the Rehabilitation Club, how they are being executed, their frequency and the type of children undergoing them. The research concludes with a comparison of three different facilities whose clients suffer from severe disabilities. From the results of the research are...
View of principales of ordinary primary schools od the work of a teaching assistant
Hanslová, Kateřina ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
In today's mainstream school, which focuses on a common education, the teaching assistant is an indispensable element in the teaching of pupils with special educational needs. This diploma thesis deals with the opinions of primary school principals on the position of teaching assistant at regular primary schools. The theoretical part of the thesis defines common education, which is related to the need for a teaching assistant, further defines the legislative anchoring of this profession, its personal and qualification prerequisites, its scope of work or risks associated with this profession. The last chapter of the theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with the cooperation of the teaching assistant with individual subjects in the school and outside it. The research part of the work, based on mixed research and using data collection methods "questionnaire survey" and "semi-structured interview" addresses the issue of the role of teaching assistants in mainstream primary schools. The respondents became the principals of ordinary primary schools. The thesis deals with the key activities of teaching assistants, as well as their personal and qualification prerequisites or pitfalls that are associated with this profession. First, the work describes a questionnaire survey, which complements the...
Individualized support of pupils with ASD in education
Skalová, Markéta ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
This diploma thesis is focuses on the individualization of the education of pupils with autism spectrum disorder in the education. The diploma thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part of the thesis describes and defines autism spectrum disorders, nemely chilhood autism, atypical autism, Asperger's and Rett's syndrome and disintigration disorder in childhood. The theoretical part od the work is also focused on the principles and methods used in the education of pupils with ASD. The theoretical part also describes support measures that are closely related to the education of students with autism spectrum disorders. The practical part of this diploma thesis is focused mainly on the education of pupils with ASD in compulsory distance education, which occurred as a result of the epidemic of the spread of COVID-19. The theoretical part of this diploma thesis uses the research method of qualitative research. The strategy of semi-structured interviews was used as a research strategy for the processing of qualitative research. The aim of the practical part was to answer research questions that touch on the issue of individualization of teaching pupils with ASD in the framework of regular full-time teaching, and especially in the framework of compulsory...
Role of a teacher's assistant in Czech language lessons at primary school
Netolická, Diana ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Felcmanová, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the teaching of pupils with special educational needs at the second stage of mainstream primary schools during Czech language lessons. The research part is focused on the experience of teachers and teaching assistants from Czech language lessons. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to use the information to find out what the role of a teacher's assistant in Czech language lessons entails and how the cooperation between teacher and assistant in these lessons works. The work also focuses on what teaching assistants lack in Czech language lessons and what they would exclude from their work. The research part describes the results of qualitative research, which is carried out by the method of structured interviews with teaching assistants and educators. The expected number of respondents is eight teachers and eight teaching assistants.
Educational Specifics of children with rare disease in special need school
Krejčí, Lucie ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Zemková, Jaroslava (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on education specifics of children with a rare disease at a special primary school. In the theoretical part, the author describes three specific rare diseases - mucopolysaccharidosis, Prader-Willi syndrome and Smith-Magenis syndrome. Deals with the manifestations of the disease, treatment options and the arrangement of the education for these children. In the practical part the author inquires how teachers work with a child with a rare disease during the day at special primary school. The thesis also inquires what specifics the educational process brings to teachers and where do the teachers find the sources for their methods of work.
Attitudes of parents and teachers in the education of a pupil with a chronic disease at the 1 st stage of a regular primary school
Vopatová, Kristina ; Zulić, Marija (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the attitude of parents and teachers of pupils with chronic diseases in the attenuation of compulsory school attendance at the 1st stage of ordinary primary school. The objective of the work is to identify the problems that parents and teachers of chronically ill students encounter during the educational process. From this basis, the purpose is also to find the basis for the best possible cooperation between parents and teachers. The theoretical idea is represented by individual chronic diseases, namely asthma, cystic fibrosis, pediatric oncological diseases, type 1 diabetes mellitus and epilepsy. In addition, the legislative framework for the education of pupils with these diseases, the methodology of working with pupils with chronic diseases and a search of domestic and foreign research conducted on a similar topic are addressed. The methodological part is devoted to qualitative research, the main goal of which is to find out the attitudes of teachers and parents to the educational process of pupils suffering from the above diseases. Using a questionnaire survey and a semi-structured interview, it is ascertained what are the attitudes of parents and teachers towards the education of pupils with the above-mentioned types of chronic diseases in ordinary primary school....
Fine motor skills and laterality of preschool children with cerebral palsy
Stibůrková, Monika ; Zulić, Marija (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on fine motor skills and laterality of preschool children with cerebral palsy. Based on previous researches was found out, that cerebral palsy is influencing fine motor skills. With reference to these researches, the aim of this thesis is to find out, if there is difference between intact prechool children and preschool children with cerebral pals in fine motor skills and what particular differences there is. The thesis include laterality and question of pronounction in preschool age. The theoretical part describes evolution of children, defines fine motor skills and laterality, deals with cerebral palsy and describes fine motor skills of children with cerebral palsy including previous researches. The empirical part defines the aims of research, explorational questions, methods of research and testing activities. Next part is focused on selection of respondents and their characterics. Main part presents results of testing my respondents, analysis of results and discussion. The research was made by interview and qustionary for parents, and following testing of fine motor skills containing three parts - testing of laterality, grips and general fine motor skills. In results is described existing difference between intact preschool children and children with cerebral...

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