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Public Spaces of the Historic City Center of Brno - SQUARES
Vaculíková, Petra ; Doc.Ing.arch.Irena Fialová (referee) ; Kroupa, Petr (referee) ; Rudiš, Viktor (referee) ; Pelčák, Petr (advisor)
Changes of physical, functional and social structure of the city as a result of the group of variously interrelated changes and events that are fundamentally participate in the formation of the image of the urban development. This doctoral thesis is based on research of the historical city center - squared. First part is focuses on the historical development of urban texture of the inner city of Brno and its squares. We are talking about Square of Freedom, Vegetable Market, Dominican square, Jacobs square, Capuchins square and Šilingrovo square. Based on individual characteristics, describing the emergence of morphological and functional changes in Brno square was created urban classification of basic types of square. City of Brno, as the capital city of region has a significant position in the structure of settlements. This fact has become one of the key aspects for the selection of examples of European cities and their squares. The second part of the thesis is based on comparative studies of different types of historical squares. In order to define the value of public spaces, it is necessary to look at the public places of historical perspective and deal with the causes that led to the decline of the importance and role of public spaces. Austrian capital cities of region (Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt and Salzburg) will be examined with regard to similar climatic conditions and a common cultural and historical context of the city. Based on urban patterns and graphic diagrams of each square are observed inner relationships between shapes of square, form, function and location of the position of an artwork. Research areas are also focused on comparing aspects of transport, green space, functional use, visual unit and social activities. The public space is shaped by a set of characteristics that promote diversity and interdependence of functions. For a better interpretation of the results have been established two benchmarks - symbol of identification with the place and the Magnet (function and filling space). The objective of the thesis is to define an aspects and elements of space which were involved in square use.
Computational thinking development of pupils in the Early Years
Jarolímková, Lucie ; Černochová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Fialová, Irena (referee)
The master's thesis addresses the topic of developing computational thinking at the primary school. The theoretical part defines the fundamental concepts of computational thinking and its components, digital literacy. The theoretical part also includes an analysis of the curriculum for elementary school and its changes in the field of computer science focused on the primary school. The basic concepts of computational thinking are characterized, and the issues in the curriculum in the Czech Republic and abroad are outlined. The theoretical part includes an analysis of textbooks for teaching computational thinking at the primary school, mainly analyzing the textbook by Berki, J., and Drábková, J. (2020) Foundations of Informatics for the primary school, along with specific chapters for its practical verification. The practical part describes the preparation and implementation of a research survey at the primary school. The aim was to assess the level of computational thinking among students, conduct lessons using the informatics textbook, and determine the impact of teaching on the development of computational thinking. The seven-hour informatics instruction took place at a school in Prague with a group of twenty-two students in the fifth grade of elementary school. The students were given the same...
Multimedia Language Labs in Foreign Language Education
Botlík Nuc, Tomáš ; Černochová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Ondráková, Jana (referee) ; Fialová, Irena (referee)
The dissertation deals with the issue of multimedia language labs in foreign language teaching. The research study is based on the assumption that the lab helps to practice the development of students' oral expression and how the use of the lab is connected to autonomous learning, self- assessment and multilingualism. The work examines under what conditions the SmartClass Robotel lab can be used in the teaching of the German language at a secondary school. Sixty- nine high school students took part in the research conducted in the form of a case study between December 2021 and February 2022. Data from the input and output records of the oral speech recordings of individual students have been used as the main source of the research. Each recording was evaluated by the student himself, his classmate and the teacher. The assessment focused on content and oral expression, lexical, grammatical and phonological competence. The evaluation also included an assessment of the quality and identification of the speech's weaknesses. The results show that, under certain conditions, teaching in a language lab can make it easier for teachers to implement conversational activities and allow students to work at their own pace and choose the order of activities. The benefit for teachers is the ability to collect data...
Educational technology in the work of preschool children with cancer
Skalická, Jana ; Vaňková, Petra (advisor) ; Fialová, Irena (referee)
The diploma thesis in the theoretical level gives attention to the appropriate use of information technology in educating preschool children who are educated in hospitals or kindergartens at hospitals. Furthermore, the work focuses on the health issues, the impact of the disease on the child's psyche and the effects of hospitalization and long-term stay of the child in the hospital on his current life. The theoretical part of the thesis describes various types of digital technologies that are used in the educational process for preschool children nowadays. At the end of the theoretical part there are described selected cancer illnesses of children, which are often treated in FN Motol. In the introduction to the practical part of the work, the Motol University Hospital itself is described in more detail, including basic information about its history and current functioning. The practical part of the work is based on the use of digital technologies in the education of children hospitalized in the Department of Oncology of the University Hospital in Motol where the technical means most often used in long-term hospitalized children were found out not only in education, but in relation to spending their free time in hospital. On the basis of my personal experience , a ten-day educational program, which...
Conditions for the development of digital literacy of preschool children
Fenclová, Karolína ; Fialová, Irena (advisor) ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee)
TITLE: Conditions for the development of digital literacy of preschool children AUTHOR: Karolína Fenclová DEPARTMENT: Department of information technology and education SUPERVISOR: Ing. Irena Fialová, CSc. ABSTRACT This thesis analysis possibilities and directions of the development of digital literacy by preschool children. It describes the ways of creation and the construction of children's information-technology competencies in preparation for the first grade of elementary school. The theoretical part defines some basic terms such as digital literacy, ICT literacy and others, it describes specifics of development of the child's preschool and shows the possibilities of using of digital technology in nursery school. The practical part of the thesis investigates how information technologies are incorporated into the education of children in nursery school; it investigates development of information-technology competencies of children of preschool age by work on computer and by interview of children and of their parents. On the basis of the discovered facts are showed ways for the development of the information-technological competencies of preschool children. KEYWORDS digital literacy, ICT literacy, information-technological competencies, information and communication technologies, preschool age, preschool...

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