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Self-concept of teacher's profession.
Laporčáková, Nikola ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with selected issues of self-concept of a primary school teacher. The theoretical part deals mainly with the issue of concepts related to self-concept and their clarification. The empirical part had the task of tracing important moments, people and phases leading to the formation of attitudes and ideas of what teachers have about themselves. During professional development, the construction of teachers' identity and self-confidence was crucial. The survey was qualitatively oriented and carried out through the analysis of the life history of teachers. By open coding, the narration of the respondents was divided into 5 main categories. The research of life stories led to expected and surprising findings and resulted in a draft recommendation for undergraduate teachers' training. KEYWORDS Self-concept, teacher, professional identity, key skills, self-confidence
Selected activating methods of incorporating text in multicultural education
Nouzáková, Barbora ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The thesis is concerned with activating methods in multicultural education. The focus is mainly on incorporating text. The theoretical part, therefore, deals with multicultural education, reading, text and basic concepts that relate to these. Furthermore, the crucial part is enumeration and description of methods that can be implemented to activate students. The aim of the practical part is to investigate what methods are used in multicultural education by teachers at primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic. Another objective is to map whether and how they work with texts. For the purposes of the work, quantitative research and a questionnaire as methods of data collection were selected. The practical output is a series of worksheets based on incorporating text that can serve as inspiration for other teachers. KEY WORDS: multicultural education, competence, method, reading, text
Healthy lifestyle of pupils of the second grade of selected Prague primary school
Rašovský, Matěj ; Kočí, Jana (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
This diploma thesis Healthy lifestyle of pupils of the second grade of selected Prague primary school was prepared with the aim of finding out the healthy lifestyle of the pupils of the given group that is, pupils of the second grade of the Prague school. The standard CINDI Health Monitor method was used for this finding, thanks to which it is possible to compare healthy people's lifestyles across age groups. This method includes a standard set of questions to which probands answer dichotomously or yes-no. Our research has been supplemented by questions specific to our age group. These questions were evaluated by the percentage of positive answers and compared with previous surveys across age groups. Specifically with a group of students and adults over the age of 25. In terms of statistics, a correlate was also used, which better captured the relationship between the given age groups. Another goal of this work was to establish recommendations for the recovery of the health style of students who were the subject of this work, based on the intersection of the results with theoretical background. The selected group of pupils has a good health style, which may be due to the location of the school and also its culture, as there are many sports students. The main recommendation for pupils is to limit...
Motor skills and elementary school children depending on their lifestyle
Peroutka, Michal ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Kočí, Jana (referee)
My diploma thesis consists of a theoretical part, which deals with fine motor skills, capabilities and motor learning. I am dedicating myself to divide motor capabilities and skills into separate parts and their progress, particularly the progress of an individual. It also deals with the influence and significance of physical activities to an individual's health and I am also defining the physical activities at a primary school. The following part of my diploma thesis contains a short text about testing motor skills at a primary school. Another part of my diploma thesis is a research, in which the level of movement skills of specific students of the primary school is tested by a test battery UNIFITTEST (6-60), and their lifestyles are questioned in questionnaires. I ask investigative questions and hypotheses. This part also contains tables with acquired results, data processing in graphs and results of questionnaires of chosen participants. I compare the results with statistical tables for boys and girls of the age. The last part of the diploma thesis contains a practical part which explains and answers questions from the research and it also validates or disproves said supposals. We can find an analysis, a validation and how results can be used in pedagogical practice, because I currently teach...
Relationship of students of the selected secondary schools to the alternative ways of eating
Fialová Krejzová, Lenka ; Váchová, Alena (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the relationships and opinions of students of selected secondary schools, which are connected with alternative ways of eating. The theoretical part contains basic information about rational nutrition, individual nutrients, there is a comparison of the food pyramid and a healthy plate. Last but not least, alternative diets are also clarified and then information on five specific types of alternative diets is given. In the individual subchapters, vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, paleo diet and a gluten-free diet are mentioned. The aim of the practical part is to find out the opinion of students of selected secondary schools on alternative ways of eating. These are my chosen secondary schools in the Rakovnicko region. A questionnaire survey is used as a research tool. Based on the data obtained, the questionnaire was evaluated and the results were converted into tables and graphs, which are always commented. 187 respondents answered the questionnaire. It was found that 19 of all respondents have nutrition-related health restrictions. The surprising result is that students did not learn about alternative meals primarily at school, but from their own resources (friends, family, etc.). The results of the questionnaire survey point to the fact that secondary school students...
Ethical aspects in the work of a teacher in vocational education
Demková, Jana ; Syřiště, Ivo (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
The presented bachelor thesis deals with the issue of ethical aspects in the work of a vocational training teacher. The aim of this work is to theoretically describe pedagogical (in narrower definition teaching) ethics and its aspects and then apply this information in practice in its own research, the content of which will be ethically commented case studies and opinions of students and teachers on these ethically controversial cases. In the theoretical part of the work, the method of analysis of a scholarly text is used, in the practical part, case studies are presented (in this sense, it is a qualitative research in the form of a probe into the issue). The work shows that apprenticeship education has numerous specifics and problems - currently it is a degree of education that does not have social prestige, and suffers from a material shortage and a lack of quality teachers. Related to this is the fact that apprenticeship disciplines are more concentrated than problematic pupils and pupils with special educational needs (often those who have not attended other schools), which also implies specific ethical aspects of the work of a vocational training teacher. Vocational training teachers must be able to deal not only with indiscipline, problematic behavior and lack of interest in the field on the...
Knowledge of pupils 9. classes selected primary schools about eating disorders
Navrátilová, Klára ; Váchová, Alena (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused mainly on the knowledge of 9th-grade pupils of selected primary schools about eating disorders (shortly ED). Among other things, it aimed to find out whether pupils had ever heard of ED and, if so, where they had heard about it. A partial goal of this bachelor thesis was also to show whether these pupils know about someone who suffers or has suffered from an eating disorder. If they know of such a person, who this person is? Another partial goal was to clarify whether pupils can identify the symptoms of ED and to whom they would confide their concerns, in case of suspicion of ED within their friends. Furthermore, this work focused on whether the pupils involved are aware of the potential threat to themselves in terms of ED. Last but not least partial goal of the work was to find out the relationship between stigmatization and ED. An anonymous questionnaire survey was used to obtain information The results show that pupils have 58 % knowledge of ED. Everyone has heard of ED at some point, with the media being most involved in the responses. 60 % of pupils know of someone with ED, most often a publicly known person. Only 27 % of respondents correctly selected all 3 symptoms of a person suffering from ED and a total of 35 % chose at least two. According to the survey,...

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