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Objectification and level of association between game performance and physical determinants in elite rugby players
Stárka, Daniel ; Malý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Objectification and degree of association between indicators of game load and movement assumptions in elite rugby players Objectives: The aim was to objectify and measure the association between selected indicators of game load and selected movement assumptions in elite rugby players and measure the association between selected results of different fitness tests. Methods: The research group consisted of 31 players of the Czech rugby team of the senior category. Data were acquired using GPSports. The results from fitness testing provided by the Czech Rugby Union were used as indicators of movement assumptions. In total, three matches were measured. During the individual matches, the total distance covered was measured, the distance covered in individual speed zones (1st zone 0.0-1.8 km/h, 2nd zone 1.8-6.1 km/h, 3rd zone 6, 1-13.0 km/h, 4th zone 13.0-18.0 km/h, 5th zone 18.0-24.1 km/h, zone 6th >24.1 km/h), number of inputs to individual acceleration and deceleration zones (1st zone 1.2- 2.4 m/s/s, 2nd zone 2.4-3.6 m/s/s, 3rd zone 3.6-4.8 m/s/s). Results: The results of the work contain data that are unparalleled in Czech conditions. Tight forwards run 70.50 ± 7.09 m/min lose forwards 73.89 ± 4.25 m/min, inside backs 81.70 ± 11.71 m/min and outside backs 82.82 ± 12.71 m/min. In one match,...
Factors affecting high junp performance
Hrubá, Michaela ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Factors influencing performance in high jump Aims: Describe and analyze the factors on which performance in high jump depends Methods: I worked my way up to the results gradually. The first steps were to create a syllabus and study the literature. I have collected the results of all tests and examinations that show the level of my preconditions for performance in the high jump. All the collected results of the tests examined on me were subsequently analyzed and compared with the literature or with the best jumpers in the world. All data were then summarized, processed and converted into text and image form. Results: Specific data was found expressing the levels of individual factors of my performance in the high jump. After comparing with the recommended values in the literature and with the data of the world's best high jumpers, we found that the factors limiting my performance in the high jump are influenced by training. As an athlete, I have excellent preconditions for a high jump. Crucial to my future performance will be my health, the development of také-off speed and the precision of the technique when jumping at border heights. The elaboration of my bachelor's thesis brought me a deepening of my knowledge of high jump. I would like to use this knowledge in the next years of my sports...
Evaluation of selected parameters in American football players as possible causes of their injuries
Chramosta, Roman ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Jantoš, Stanislav (referee)
Title: Evaluation of selected parameters in American football players as possible causes of their injuries Objectives: The aim of this thesis is, after studying selected theoretical backgrounds, to point out at the performance players of American football deliberately selected team to the possible causes of injuries (with special focus on the area knee joint) by evaluating body parameters, then selected three tests and at the same time by evaluating the screening of two positions in progress vertical jump. Methods: To write down the diploma thesis, we mainly used knowledge and conclusions from a literature search of foreign articles and studies dealing with the issue of injuries, injury prevention, sports performance, and normative data. In the next step, testing of selected three tests and subsequent normative evaluation was performed. Screening was also important for the evaluation of two positions during the vertical jump. Results: Through hand-picked performance tests, it was found that the selected players from the team achieved a sufficient level of movement based on the results according to standardized tables that we used. In comparison with professional players and the norm set out by Palmieri (2019), the players that we tested lag behind. As for the injuries in the selected group, the...
The issue of an ACL injury in football players
Kovář, Miroslav ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Hráský, Pavel (referee)
Title: The issue of an injury in football players Processed by: Miroslav Kovář Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Aleš Kaplan, Ph.D., MBA. Objectives: The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to collect and process knowledge from professional and scientific articles or publications dealing with the issue with the help of literary research and to create a clear study on the issue of ACL injuries in football players based on the information obtained. Methods: In order to collect data for the creation of a study dealing with the issue of ACL injuries in football, a literature search was created containing professional articles, studies and final theses of Czech, but especially foreign literature. Results: The thesis is based on the research and the opinions of valid sources and its perception on the issue of ACL injuries in football. Within this search, 118 sources were studied, of which 21 Czech and 97 foreign literature.The final thesis showed that the ACL injury is the most common as well as the most complicated injury of the knee joint in football. This type of injury usually occurs on non-contact plays. The most significant limitations are age, anatomical and biomechanical properties, types of playing activities, previous ACL injuries or sex. Studies show that women have higher risk of ACL injuries. In terms of...
Opinions of football goalkeepers on the possibilities of their conditioning training
Rotbauer, Nicolas ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Varjan, Matej (referee)
Title: Opinions of soccer goalkeepers on the possibilities of their conditioning training Author: Nicolas Rotbauer Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Aleš Kaplan, Ph.D., MBA Aim: The aim of the thesis is to record the views of respondents - soccer goalkeepers of three performance categories (professional, semi-professional, amateur) on the possibilities of their conditioning training in the club both in terms of conditioning readiness in relation to the match and in terms of systematic training of the goalkeeper. Methodology: To meet the goal, I set two working procedures. At first, research of the literature available on the assigned topic was conducted. Based on it, a survey was created, which consisted of 23 questions. 36 respondents, divided into groups according to their performance level into professional, semi-professional and amateur goalkeepers, participated in the survey. Results: The bachelor's thesis shows, in a survey of a selected group of respondents (n = 36), that conditioning training is considered by the goalkeepers of professional, semi-professional and amateur competitions to be a very important factor that affects their performance. The work also demonstrated shortcomings in the conditioning training of goalkeepers, especially in its individualization. It can therefore be used as a...
Recondition of sport performance track and field athlete after injury (explain by an exaple of heptathlete)
Treglerová, Michaela ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Vindušková, Jitka (referee)
Title: Reconditioning of sport performance track and field athlete after injury (explained by an example of heptathlete) Student: Michaela Treglerová Supervisor: Doc. PhDr. Aleš Kaplan, Ph.D. MBA Aims: The main goal of this bachelor's thesis was to orientate based on systematic research of Czech and foreign sources in the issue of injuries in athletics, find and make the occurrence of the most common and most serious injuries that lead to suspension of the training process. Also outline possible reconditioning programs (by an example of hamstring injuries). The partial goal of this thesis is to determine the most common injuries occurring in a group of athletes from the Czech Republic and their severity. Another partial aim is elaboration of case study of professional female heptathlete and an insight into the issue of her injuries during her active athletic career with objective evaluation and search for the cause of problems with insight into reconditioning and rehabilitation procedures for hamstring injuries. Methodology: The bachelor's thesis was designed in three ways: 1) Firstly, it was processed as a systematic literature research based on verified sources. I drew information from publications about injuries and magazines from verified sources, articles from the PubMed portal, Google...
Athletics in physical education lessons of elementary schools in Czech Republic and in Slovak Republic
Diószeghy, Alexander ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Vindušková, Jitka (referee)
Title: Athletics in physical education lessons of elementary schools in Czech Republic and in Slovak Republic Aims: The aim of this paper is to find out and to compare the level of teaching athletics in elementary schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and consequently, to provide an overview on how athletics is taught, what is the education level of PE teachers, how long is their experience in the education system, what is their sports focus, what is their relationship to athletics like, and how many hours of PE classes is devoted to athletics. Next, it is researched to what extent are teachers influenced by material and spatial conditions, to what extent are pupils interested in athletics in PE classes and how much it influences the content of the class. Methods: This thesis is based on the methodology of conducting a survey. It was conducted online with the use of Google Forms. The survey was sent out to elementary schools whose PE teachers were asked to provide answers. The questionnaire was sent out to Czech (n=19) and Slovak (n=26) elementary schools. For representativeness of the sample, Facebook was also used to share the survey. Results were analysed and basic statistical characteristic was used to interpret final questionnaire data, which were compared between the two countries....
Monitoring of speed training of soccer players U13
Aftanas, Lukáš ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Bujnovský, David (referee)
Title: Monitoring of speed training of soccer players U13 Objective: In the literature research to describe the basic atributes of youth soccer and on the basis of cross - sectional study in the form of single testing monitor to examine indicators of condition level of U13 youth soccer players in one soccer team, with particular regard to speed. Methods: The research group consisted of 17 youth soccer players from SK Aritma Praha U13. We used single testing monitor, consisted from 5 different assessments: Acceleration speed test (10m sprint with 5m recorded time), Absolute locomotion speed test (20m sprint), Agility and speed test (505- agility test), Test for explosive power of lower limbs (vertical jump) and test for upper limbs explosive power (overhead two- handed throw with medicine ball). To evaluate data we used paired double sides (two-tails) T- test and confident interval of student dividing with 95% probability. Results: The result of our study showed significant decrease of speed with growing number of attempts in running tests, while in power tests mean rate remain constant or was increased with the next attempt. In general we could say that mean rate of two attempts of the same test was same as our predictions, althought in every test was almost one attempt significantly different....
Training and abilities of junior athletes
Dubský, Petr ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Objective: Training and abilities of junior athletes Prepared by: Bc. Petr Dubský Supervisor: PaedDr. Jitka Vindušková, CSc. The aim of the work: The aim of the work was to find out the level of performance preconditions of two junior runners on the middle tracks, analyze the structure and content of their training, their performance in selected tests and the development of performance in their main disciplines. Methodology: The work has the character of a two-case study. Methods of literature search, analysis, comparison and evaluation were used. The analysis of training records and competition results of two athletes from the 2017 season was used to compile this work. I analyzed their performances in individual seasons. I also performed an analysis of training records, where general and special training indicators were evaluated and compared with the results of similar analyzes of other athletes. I analyzed the results of two tests in the biochemical laboratory, which we completed during the preparation for the 2017 season. Conclusion: When comparing the training records with the professional literature and with selected athletes, we come to the conclusion that the training load was insufficient for the monitored athletes. As a result, they could not achieve better results this season. By...

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