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Benefits and risks of Parkrun
Pokorný, Matyáš ; Baláš, Jiří (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title of thesis: Benefits and risks of Parkrun The thesis dealt with the Parkrun project, which can be classified as outdoor activity. The aim of the thesis was to assess the health and social benefits and risks of Parkrun. This is a research paper, the main sources of information of which were the electronic database EBSCO and the official website of the Parkrun organization, together with electronic articles and reports about Parkrun. When assessing the health benefits and risks of Parkrun, the thesis reached the following conclusions: Parkrun brings physical health benefits in the form of general improvement and maintenance of physical fitness. In particular, it helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and thus represents the prevention of the occurrence of civilization diseases. In addition, it can dampen the symptoms of asthma and help reduce the inflammation of the airways. Risks for physical health can be extreme manifestations of the weather - especially heat or cold. Another risk may be the load on the joints in the case of incorrect technique and the predominant hard surface. Parkrun also brings benefits in the field of psychological health in the sense of a general feeling of satisfaction, happiness, joy, self-confidence, as well as a...
Implementation of the Norwegian friluftsliv to the organization of school trips at Czech primary school
Bucharová, Tereza ; Chrástková, Martina (advisor) ; Kašpar, Ladislav (referee)
Title Implementation of the Norwegian friluftsliv to the organization of school trips at Czech primary school Aim of the thesis To implement a trip with elements of Norwegian Friluftsliv and then to evaluate the behaviour, reaction and reflection of pupils and teacher. On the basis of the reflection to propose the implementation of Norwegian Friluftsliv in Czech education. Methodology The work is inspired by a study stay in Norway, where experiential friluftsliv trips were part of the teaching. The theoretical background is focused on the stay in nature and planning of friluftsliv activities, according to which a school trip was designed for pupils of class 6. A and their class teacher from Vrchlického Primary School in Liberec. The research was carried out using a qualitative method, where data was obtained by observation, interviews, evaluation of tables for planning and questions for individuals and the group after the school trip with elements of Norwegian Friluftsliv. Results It is important for the planning of the trip to divide the pupils evenly into groups according to many aspects and it is necessary to have adequate time allocation for the preparation phase of the trip. Furthermore, it became clear that the trip could have been more connected to financial literacy skills and the promotion...
Land art techniques in art therapy
The bachelor thesis focuses on the potential of using land art strategies in art therapy. The theoretical part covers the history of land art, analyzes its creative principles, and explores its possible therapeutic applications. Practical examples are also presented. The practical part describes the experiences of workshop participants who created and reflected on their works inspired by land art. The practical part also deals with the interpretation possibilities of such land art works.
Postavení myslivosti v rámci současné české společnosti
Žižková, Eliška
This thesis deals with how the general public perceives hunting and hunting activities. Nowadays, more and more citizens are diverting from their relationship to nature and do not realize that hunting and the overall hunting activity positively contributes to maintaining the balance between nature and man. Also, few people admit that hunting is closely linked to nature protection and is not just about hunting. However, hunting is nowadays an important step towards reducing game numbers, especially because of the considerable damage that is usually caused by game to forest stands. In order to address the aim of the thesis, a questionnaire survey method was used, where two types of questionnaire were designed for different groups of respondents. With the help of this research, it was found that people living in the village have a more positive attitude towards nature and hunting than people living in the city. It was also found that the general public has a 70 % positive perception of deer, despite the fact that this species of game causes considerable damage to forest stands. The analysis also revealed that hunters should focus more on awareness-raising activities to make the general public more aware of their activities.
To the nature with Jáchymáček - support for environmental education in preschool education
Bachelors thesis is focused on environmental education in kindergarten. Environmental activities contained in this thesis aids for connection between nature and preschooling as well as building-up positive attitude to nature it self amongts children. Bachelor thesis further defines tems related to environmental studies and koncept with in educational framework program. The Author among others things also mentioning the influence of environment on children which is closely related to environmental studies. Than points out on benefits children gains while Theky being educated in nature. The practical part contains thematic units together with specific activities created by the author those are designed for clinical kindergarten and its nearest surroundings such as Vajgar pond, meadow and field ecosystems Jindra´s leasing travil, Slavik forest, kindergarten garden and garden that belong to secondary school. Those units and activities are than evaluated.
The insect architect: Entomologists on the trail
Zárubová, Eliška
Worksheet introducing primary and secondary school pupils to the basic types of insects in the Znojmo region. Contains tasks for observing insects in the field.
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Methodical manual for teachers for the permanent exhibition Living Nature of Znojmo
Zárubová, Eliška
Methodology for primary and secondary school teachers, introducing the Znojemsko Living Nature exhibition and the possibilities of its use for working with children.
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