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The Phenomenon NFT in the Czech Republic: The Work of Art in Connection with Modern Technology
Červenková, Dana ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Váša, Ondřej (referee)
This diploma thesis titled "The Phenomenon NFT in the Czech Republic: The Work of Art in ConnectionwithModern Technology" first provides the basic facts and information about the virtual worldand the terms linked with. Then the work focuses on the history of the NFT and the connection of the NFT with the world of art. The main goal of the thesis is to show the possibilities of work with NFT in the world of art with the primary focus on the Czech Republic. In this sense the thesis focuses on a particular projects, exhibitions, auctions and galleries, which are working in the Czech Republic with the NFT in various ways. In this context the thesis does not focus onlyon digital art and digital artists,but tryingtogo beyond this limits of understandingandtryingtoexplainalsothe traditional andclassical institutions and art,which are working withthis phenomenonin various ways. The thesis gives evidence of a particular NFT works on interviews, which accompanies it. Interviews transcriptions are part of the thesis Attachment. These interviews also accompany the thesis with quotations,which were selectedwith regardto the topics of the thesis.The whole thesis tries to map the situationaroundNFT in the Czech Republic,that has not been done to this extent before. Key words NFT - Czech Republic - Art - Digital...
New Media and Sport: Repeated Confrontation with Failure on the Example of Ice Hockey Coach Josef Jandac
Matějka, Filip ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with the relationship between new media and sport. The main research problem is the repeated confrontation with failure on the example of professional ice hockey coach Josef Jandac. The aim of the presented thesis is to examine how Jandac's media image evolved on selected new media platforms (news websites and social networks). We also want to explore to what extent the content presented by each new media differed and whether confrontation with failure prevailed at certain times. Qualitative content analysis constitutes a means to achieve set goal. Based on the mentioned research method, articles from sport websites and posts from social networks were analyzed. The first group of sources includes the internet portals, and The second group of sources consists of comments by users on the official Facebook page of HC Sparta Prague and posts by Spartan supporters from the SHS fan club discussion forum. The research file contains a total of 132 texts (68 articles and 64 posts). The thesis is organized into theoretical, contextual and analytical section. The theoretical part provides relevant theoretical background on the relationship between new media and sport, sport content, social media, attributes of online fan audiences and sport journalism in...
Phenomenon Like House as an example of an internet-television media convergence
Svobodová, Marie ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Marcelli, Miroslav (referee)
This thesis focuses on the concept of media convergence as an complex and unpredictable process of old and new media colliding. More precisely, the the focus is of convergence between the television and the internet media. Due to digitalization the TV is undergoing changes and unavoidably interacts with the internet. The media convergence is shown on the example of a Czech reality show called Like House, where a group of influencers - internet (micro)celebrities - lives under one roof. Like House 2 is here not considered just as a reality show but as a hybrid multimedia project that spans across multiple media platforms and comes to be from multiple sources. Based on the analysis of the TV episodes as well as the associated social media, the conclusion is that the logic of television and internet is inherently linked together here. Like House 2 is an example of how media convergence can look like where media are converging on multiple levels.
Facebook as a Digital Archive
Bernasová, Jacqueline ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with Facebook archives. The topic is treated by a combination of theoretical and practical approaches. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the first chapter provides an introduction to the concepts of archives and the digital form of archives today. In the second chapter, I discuss Laura Millar's theory, which details the nature of archives in terms of its content, institution and place. This is followed by the practical part of the thesis, where in the third chapter I conduct an analysis of Facebook. I conduct two analyses, one from the perspective of the administrators of the network and the other from the perspective of its users. In both analyses I follow the same aspects defined using Laura Millar's theory, I observe Facebook in terms of the content of the archive and as a place for keeping the archive. Due to the double observation, differences emerge in the conception of the network from the perspective of the two aforementioned parties. The results of the analyses are then accompanied by a final fourth theoretical chapter in which I attempt to ground the observed practices in broader theoretical contexts. The aim of the work should be to describe as accurately as possible the situation in which Facebook works differently for its administrators than for its users in...
Logics of Internet Memes
Hřib, Matěj ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Gvoždiak, Vít (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with internet memes and their culture. It presents and elaborate five logics of memes, which are reappropriation, multimodality, collectivism, resonance and spread. Memes appropriate existing media content, they "poach" both meaning and expression material and use it for new bricolages. The created meaning is therefore intertextual, and the thesis applies older theories of literary intertextuality on the subject of memes. The form of memes is usually multimodal, they combine modes of picture and text or video and music. The thesis describes stable designs of text, picture and video memes. Collectivism of meme culture is manifested in the existences of templates that initiate creation of individual instances. The knowledge of templates and their use can function as a kind of subcultural capital, that the users use to distance themselves from the mainstream. Resonance of memes is most often founded on humor and personal identification with the message. Memes do not necessarily communicate referential information; they have an affective meaning. Resonance and the participatory nature of memes help their spread, that is of the same value as creation and reception in the meme culture. Keywords internet memes, internet culture, multimodality, intertextuality, remix, participatory...
Media representation of George Floyd's death in the discourse of selected Czech online media
Lněničková, Adéla ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
The thesis focuses on the representation of the death of the African-American man George Floyd in the media discourse of selected Czech online media. Floyd's death filled the American, Czech and world media and activated the Black Lives Matter movement. The thesis focuses on conservatively oriented media (, and The research sample will be articles from 29 May to 25 July 2020. Critical discourse analysis according to Norman Fairclough is the methodological background of the work, it also works with several basic types of representation that will be used in the thesis. The theoretical section outlines the social constructivist paradigm in which the thesis is set and introduces in particular the work of Teun van Dijk and research focusing on media representations of minorities. The contextual part introduces the theory of social movements, the portrayal of George Floyd's death in the American and Czech media, and the events that the death triggered in the US (and later in other parts of the world). The analytical part reveals the main three discursive frames in which the topic was presented, namely the death of George Floyd as the beginning of the great protests, the death of George Floyd as politics, and the death of George Floyd and left-wing ideology. This part of...
"Instagrammable" Italy: Hyperreal Photography on Social Media
Uhrová, Michaela ; Marcelli, Miroslav (advisor) ; Řehořová, Irena (referee)
"Instagrammable" Italy: Hyperreal photography on social media This diploma thesis is dedicated to the phenomenon of authenticity and truthfulness of retouched digital travel photography on the social network Instagram. Social network users create a series of simulations and cause a shift of the meanings in the image by using predefined filters, masks, and other post-production techniques that transform the interpretation of reality to the point where they ultimately create hyperreality. According to Barthes, the literal meaning of the message is always accompanied by a connotation, while the two components of the message cannot be separated. In many cases, the connotations are inserted into the visual content by the creators themselves in order to achieve their purpose. In the analytical part of this work I focus on selected "instagrammable" travel photographs, which gradually lose contact with first-order reality due to interventions in the image and a shift of meanings and contexts. The aim of this work is to show how hyperreality is built in specific travel photographs that bloggers share on Instagram and what is actually required of travel photographs shared on a social network. Keywords: cyber-photography, post-production, Instagram, hyperreality, simulacrum

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