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Political Apologies and Conservatism
Mussenden, William James Silveira ; Kubátová, Hana (advisor) ; Halamka, Tomáš (referee)
Conservatism and political apologies share a paradoxical relationship, commonly viewed as contradictory, yet upon closer inspection reveal more similarities than expected. This apparent contradiction stems primarily from the varying interpretations and applications of these concepts across different academic disciplines and areas of discourse. Existing interpretations, such as Michael Cunningham's claim that conservatism is more compatible with political apologies than other major western ideologies, are based on broad assumptions. This thesis expands on Cunningham's findings by adopting an intersectional approach to scrutinize the concepts of conservatism and political apologies, in particular within the context of Canadian parliamentary speeches. The thesis answers: are we or are we not able to conceptually locate political apologies within conservatism? Whatever the answer might be to this first question, can we find empirical evidence of that conceptual relationship in a real world context? Guided by the dual enquiries of the conceptual placement of political apologies within conservatism and empirical evidence of this relationship, the research draws upon the morphological analysis of ideologies as proposed by Michel Freeden. The study commences with the exploration of the conservative concept...
Relationship Between Citizen and State in the Countries of Former Yugoslavia: Interdisciplinary Investigations
Tasic, Nikola ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Halamka, Tomáš (referee)
The relationship between citizens and the state has intrigued scholars for centuries. This research proposes a new approach to investigating this interaction: the Bipolar Theory Framework. The Framework presupposes that citizens live between two clusters of elements, grouped in the Positive and the Negative pole, which exert diametrically opposite influences on their political loyalty. The Positive Pole acts to foster feelings of loyalty and is based on factors rooted in shared heritage. These elements include shared ethnicity, territory, religion, and symbols. On the other hand, the Negative Pole primarily comprises elements pertaining to the socio-economic and political environment and works in the opposite direction. The elements presented here are political corruption, low SES, and poor quality of public services. The final question that this Framework aims to address is which of these poles has a greater impact on citizens when they make the decision to emigrate from their state. This is presented under the presumption that emigration is the highest act of disloyalty a citizen can commit in times of peace and war alike. However, in order to get there, this thesis followed a carefully developed structure that addressed multiple hypotheses. The first task was to prove the effect of the listed...
Strength analysis of the frame for forestry cable yarder
Kovařík, Radim ; Halámka, Tomáš (referee) ; Mergl, Václav (advisor)
This work is focused on the strength analysis of the frame of the Larix Lamako forestry cable yarder rope, as an additional device of a universal agricultural tractor. The theoretical part of the work is focused on the basic description, determination of the area of use of the equipment and the distribution of forest rope transport equipment according to several criteria. The practical part of the work deals with the analytical calculation of force action. Based on the force action, the strength analysis of the original frame structure is numerically calculated. The numerical calculation is followed by structural modifications of the frame and numerical calculation of the modified structure. Assembly drawings of the original and modified structure are processed based on the original and modified equipment models.
Berlin's Positive Freedom in T. H. Green's Thought
Hulvertová, Anna ; Halamka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
Tato bakalářská práce je zaměřena na dva politické filozofy, kteří významným způsobem rozvinuli koncept pozitivní svobody. Isaiah Berlin je asi nejznámějším autorem rozdělujícím svobodu na pozitivní a negativní. T. H. Green, i když v dnešní době, a hlavně českém prostředí tolik známý není, byl ve své době považován za transformátora celého liberálního směru a myšlení o svobodě právě díky interpretaci pozitivní svobody. V této práci se proto snažím zjistit, zda pozitivní svoboda definovaná I. Berlinem odpovídá tomu, jak o ni ve svých dílech hovořil T. H. Green. Pozitivní svoboda je velice významný koncept v politické filozofii, stejně tak mají svůj zásadní význam oba autoři. Jejich komparace proto přináší na koncept pozitivní svobody nový pohled. Detailnější analýza jednotlivých autorů a následná komparace jejich myšlení o pozitivní svobodě ukazuje na výrazné odlišnosti mezi jejich pojetím pozitivní svobody, a tím pádem i na existenci možnosti odlišného uchopení tohoto pojmu, než je pouze obecně nejvíce známá Berlinova definice.
Armin Mohler's political thought in his book Conservative Revolution in Deutschland 1918-1932
Kloučková, Klára ; Charvát, Jan (advisor) ; Halamka, Tomáš (referee)
The topic of the conservative revolution and the German New Right is one of the less explored topics in the Czech academic environment. The personality of Armin Mohler, who is one of the spiritual fathers of the German New Right, offers a space for finding and understanding the essential ideas that influence the German New Right to this day. The aim of this thesis is therefore to describe key concepts of Mohler's thought in his first and influential work, The Conservative Revolution in Deutschland 1918-1932. At the same time, the thesis seeks to show the moments in which Mohler straddles the line between conservatism and right- wing extremism. The analysis of this borderline relies on the key concepts of conservatism and right-wing extremism, which are described in the first section. The second part already focuses specifically on the key concepts of Mohler's work. Firstly, Mohler's understanding of what a conservative revolution is in general is explained, and it is at this point that the borderline under investigation can already be traced. Next, the thesis identifies concepts such as nation, race, and empire, and it also looks at the militarism and militant thought of the conservative revolution and the groups that represent a non-negligible part of the conservative revolution. For all of these...
Machiavelli and Erasmus in Comparison: The Prince versus The Education of a Christian Prince
Pazderová, Tereza ; Halamka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
The thesis deals with a comparison of the writings of Nicòllo Machiavelli's The Ruler and Erasmus of Rotterdam's On the Education of a Christian Ruler. The aim of the thesis is to determine whether these works are rightly regarded as contradictory. To achieve this goal, the historical context of both authors and their times is first presented. Then, through textual analysis, the two works are analysed, supplemented in places with insights from the contextual section. These are then compared using the comparative method. On the basis of the analysis and comparison of the two works, it was found that the two works cannot be considered to be completely contradictory. In some areas the views of the two authors are contradictory, however, we can also find many areas of opinion where they found agreement. This consensus was most often due to the common humanistic basis of both authors.
Responsibility of Nation States for Global Justice: The Case of Germany
Wrenger, Nora Alma Emilie ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Halamka, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis philosophically examines what moral responsibility Germany has towards non-nationals outside of its borders, based on the country's commitment to human dignity. International institutions are excluded. The focus of this work lies on the concept of human dignity as the basis for global justice. As the foundation, a political and legal background is provided in the form of a discourse analysis. Using the criteria of Dworkin's method of the "moral reading" of the constitution, the Kantian notion of human dignity is identified as the moral philosophical basis of the German concept of dignity - thereby contributing to definitional clarification of human dignity and the related concepts constituting the foundation of the German hierarchy of values. On this basis, Germany has a moral duty to respect the human dignity of every individual. To examine whether a positive duty can also be established, the philosophical foundations identified - especially Kant's theory of justice - are applied to the global level. Lastly, the concept of negative and positive duties is utilised to explore the limitations of assigning responsibility to nation states in the globalised world. As a result, this thesis establishes, for Germany, a negative duty for non-nationals and a weak positive duty manifested in the...
The Influence of Western Thinkers on Sun Yat-Sen, His Political Philosophy and Practice
Mališ, Jan ; Halamka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this paper is to highlight the influences of major Western thinkers on Sun Yat-sen, which authors have had how much of an influence, and how different influences from different authors interact. The thesis begins immediately after the introduction, with a brief summary of Sun Yat-sen's life, emphasizing the possible influences from any angle. The work then moves on to the main part, which are the influences themselves, divided into two parts. The first are the broader influences, that is, the influences of authors, stimuli, or environments that did not have as much of an influence as the four main authors, but are still worthy of a subsection in the thesis alone. These chapters analyze Mill, Rousseau, Lincoln, and then the influence of Japan and British-influenced territories. The second part then deals with the main authors, which are Montesquieu,George, Kropotkin and Marx. The thesis then concludes with a summary of the main findings, a short recapitulation of the thesis and overall concluding thoughts on the thesis.

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