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"SKYSCRAPERS" - the architectural study of high-rise buildings near the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno
Obtulovič, Marek ; Sátora, Josef (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
In this diploma thesis, I have tried to design a high-rise building in Brno and offer new opportunities for built -up areas in a manner that respects the future of urban development. I have applied the principles of the nature patterns on the very structure of the building and thus I have reached the perfection of nature which in my view offers an elegant, simple and already proven solution.
Gallery aviation technology and traditions of aviation at the airport Medlánky in Brno
Kašpárek, Michal ; Marek, Jiří (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
The theme of Master thesis is a Gallery of aviation technology and traditions of aviation at the airport Gallery aviation technology and traditions of aviation at the airport Medlánky in Brno. The project insludes overall operation of the sports airport, then deal in detail operations of the museum and related services within the airport. The new campus will humbly entered in the countryside, in an attractive location Medláneckých hills creates another attractive feature and despite the complex operation and movement techniques does not create a barrier to the contrary territory it unites and is a natural center. Airports Medlanky was founded already in the twenties of the last century, and since then the area is relatively non-conceptually grew by more hangars and various outbuildings. Of these, only two were preserved original wooden sheds, which adds yet another new administrative and ceremonial buildings. Operational buildings set limits on technology, the new representative building it closes, and defining a space for people, nature trail connects the area, offers wonderful views and creates a public space that makes passers airport. The whole area is oriented to the back area and opens onto the landscape, wide area thus presents an iconic silhouette reperzentační building. The curve of the building provides space aircraft-makers to fly and allows collision-free movement of people and equipment around the airport and also generates a dignified space for aircraft to fly longer will. Exposure air museum at the second floor of the building and the visitor thus rises to individual gliders that levitate in space, the sun's rays make their reflections on the polished bonnets and backgrounds are vivid airports and skies. The museum offers a walk through the history of aviation in a different context than conventional hangars. The entire building is representative functionally and structurally divided into three parts. The ground floor closer to the a
Polyfunction house Křenová
Láníková, Jaroslava ; Boháč, Ivo (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The multifunctional house is a part of the row of buildings lining the Krenova street. This house closes the whole line of buildings, so all the houses together create a functional unit. This multifunctional building is devided into three functional parts – a museum, an administrative part and flats. The centre of the building is used as a relaxing area – the atrium. The principle of the design is based on a simple line of block materials connecting to each other. In the front of the house, which is facing the Krenova street, will be situated the museum. The front facade is made of black and white tiles and decorated by a glass ashlar. A second glass ashlar is situated on the east side of the building – the administrative part. This east side will be visible from the newly planned town cirquit. The area in between this cirquit and the multifunctional house will be made into park and will use as a place for relaxation. The flats are situated into the quiet part of the street Skorepka
The Žižkov Freight Station
Koten, Adam ; Šindlar, Jiljí (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
Reconstruction of the former freight station in Zizkov in Prague. Industrial atmosphere is surrounding every visitor of the area and it is worth to keep it this way.
Reconstruktion and new plan of St. Tomas court in Brno
Holešovská, Anna ; Žalmanová,, Petra (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The St. Tomas Court is the official historical monument of Brno city dated back to end of 18th century. This thesis is dedicated to reconstruction and rebuilding of the whole building whose premises are currently used by a horse riding club. The purpose of this thesis is to maintain the original symetric composition of the courtyard. The yard area creates an inner space which will be used for verdure redesign including a lounge area. The inner structure will be enclosed by terrain stands. That will create a decent green area in the city centre which could be freely used by general public for relaxation purposes. The whole rebuilding will turn the building into a cultural-commercial premises. The left part of the building will be dedicated for a multipurpose cultural hall. The main building will be used for administration and other related activities. The right wing is going to be turned into cafe, shop and administration unit.
Culture and public centre Brno-damlake/Theme"Brno-city in the midle of the Europe"/
Vrágová, Pavla ; Ing.arch. Petra Žalmanová, Ph.D (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
Cultural and Public Center is located on the dam in Brno dock, addressing the promenade between the marina and Kozí Horka, starting points and bicycle path , and include marine terminal and a natural amphitheater with a restaurant. Promenade is the multilevel net of wheelchair interconnected trails and green spaces with objects of public amenities covered by reinforced concrete shell structure with walkable green roof and with color features as landmarks. The building of the cultural center is fitted in the field wave that rises and opens towards the audience. The back part of the building is composed by field wall with employees' inputs, which forms a barrier between the amphitheater and the bike path behind the building. The object reacts to different heights of promenade's trails by Raumplan arrangement. It is divided into performers' background with store of properties, public toilets and restaurant facilities. The supporting structure is a monolithic reinforced concrete wall system in module 4 m, which carry exposed reinforced concrete shell structure with walkable green roof. The main walls are rotated by 5 °. Overall height ranges from 2700 mm to 4750 mm and headroom ranges from 2300 mm to 3800 mm according to the curved shell structure. Nationwide building foundation by the base plate with circumferential bands into the frost resistant depth is affected by bottom water pressure.
Favorit Brno / cycling stadium - bicross track / architectural study - design / stage 2021/22
Jussupov, Daniyar ; Marek, Jiří (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
The task is to design a modern velodrome on the site of the existing Favorit velodrome on Křížkovského Street. The new velodrome should respond to the modern requirements and Olympic standards of the sport. The existing velodrome does not correspond to the modern Olympic standards of the cycling track, which is 250 m long. The building will be located on the premises of the existing velodrome Favorit on Křížkovského Street near the Svratka River
Velodrome Favorit Brno
Juránek, Marek ; Šindlar, Jiljí (referee) ; Žalmanová, Petra (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of Velodrom-cycling stadium in the locality Brno-Komárov, including connection to the existing sports ground, parking and transport
Community House - Rectory
Loudilová, Martina ; Matoušková, Petra (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
The theme of the dissertation is design of new building of community center with a vicarage. The building is designed as a flat for a vicar, office of a vicar, new rooms for meeting of the churchgoers and new garden. The vicarage is designed near of church. The vicagareis designed in an area, which is prepare for building of cottages. The old vicacare is in old house in the other part of street Kostelní, than is the church. Existing flat for the vicar is unsuitable. Theobject is designed with one or two floors. The object is designed of tree parts: living part – a flat of the vicar and a flat for visitors, a community center – a parish hall and a hygienic rooms, an office part – an office of a the vicar and a clubroom. All parts of building are divide with fiction, design and used materials. The building is designed with a traditional materials as wood, concrete, masonry. The shape of building is designed from three diferent blocks. An parish hall i designed with rectangle layout, in the hall are designed two windows. The north-west corner of hal lis designed higher than other part sof room, because this corner is situated to church. This window is designed with frame in cross shape. The second window is connection between the garden and hall. The external fasade is designed from smooth concrete with links, that are designed in cross kapes. The links are designe as some crosses, that are designed in gold section. The office of vicar is designed with wood arc beams. The external fasade is designed from titanzinc sheets. The fasade is designed as wall and roof. The end fasades are designed from glass walls, because wood beams are a dominant of this part of building. The living part of building is designed with two floors. Th structure is designed with traditional technologies from masonry and concrete or wood slabs.
Favorit Brno / cycling stadium - bicross track / architectural study - design / stage 2021/22
Salajová, Barbara ; Hrabec, Josef (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
The assignment of the diploma thesis was preceded by the course NGA056 Specialized studio on the topic Architectural study of the cycling stadium of the Favorit Brno sports organization. The result of this pre-diploma project was the evaluation of the current condition of the velodrome and the creation of an option for its possible modification or demolition. The diploma thesis is a continuation of the previous project and in the form of a study it elaborates a proposal for a new building of the cycling stadium of the Favorit Brno sports organization. The newly designed velodrome responds to the current requirements of track cycling, such as the length of the track (250 m), the track material, the roofing of the building, and it also takes care to meet all the needs of athletes and visitors. The building is situated on the site of the original velodrome in Brno-Pisárky.

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