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An Aquarium as an Ecosystem Suitable for Ethological Observations of Fish
Mejstříková, Lucie ; Hanel, Lubomír (advisor) ; Andreska, Jan (referee)
Aquaristics is a very widespread hobby not only among adults, but also among children. However, the aquarium may not only serve as an decorative and relaxing element, but also as a teaching tool. Through project-based learning, the ethology of fish, for example their orientation in space and time in relation to where they feed or their epigamous and social behaviour, can be studied there. The success and failure of fish farming and plant cultivation points to the imbalance of minerals and substances in the water, so it is important to take into account their cycling in the aquarium. This paper describes how to set up and care for an aquarium and it also provides various recommendations. To illustrate the cycling of substances, energy and matter, simple diagrams have been created that can also be used in ecology lessons. In the practical part, the biology of model aquarium fish has been described, accompanied by many photographs. In the didactic part, worksheets were designed - one to serve as a basis for project-based learning, the other for data analysis. The effectiveness of the worksheets was verified in the sixth and eighth grade of a primary school. Since the first worksheet had very low return and was frequentely misunderstood the second worksheet was created. This one was less time consuming...
Beekeeping and Its Use in Elementary School
Voska, Karel ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
This thesis focuses on beekeeping and possibilities of its use in elementary schools. The first part is dedicated to the entire superfamily Apidae with a focus on the honeybee. However, other representatives are also mentioned across various social models, from solitary bees to those living in different levels of community life, up to large bee colonies. The second part of the thesis outlines the development of beekeeping, first at a general level and then within our country. It covers the inception of the relationship between humans and bees, the first pioneers of true beekeeping in the Mediterranean by Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, and the development of beekeeping in our territory from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The third and final part of the thesis is dedicated to the utilization of beekeeping in elementary schools. In this didactic section, various possibilities of incorporating bees into education across different subjects in elementary schools are described. The text includes proposals for topics and lesson plans, possible utilization of interdisciplinary relationships and tandem teaching, as well as suggestions for worksheets. The second part of the didactic work focuses on the beekeeping club at the elementary school, particularly its rules and types for its proper functioning....
Mineral Springs of Františkovy Lázně
Hájková, Eliška ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (advisor) ; Andreska, Jan (referee)
The aim of this bachelors thesis is to summarize the available information about mineral springs in he Františkovy Lázně region and to characterize them in detail from chemical and physical point of view. The thesis also deals with the geology and hydrogeology of the given area. It defines the concept of balneology and gives examples of diseases that can be treated with the help of mineral springs. For the needs of elementary schools, individual mineral springs in Františkovy Lázně are part of the excursion circuit. Keywords: mineral springs, balneology, Františkovy Lázně, excursion, elementary school
The Use of Artificial Intelligence by High School Students When Writing a Paper
Brabenec, Daniel ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
This master's thesis concerns using artificial intelligence by six-year grammar school students when composing short essays on assigned biological topics. The issue is very current and discussed by the general public as a forthcoming change for education and, consequently, for society altogether. Therefore, the thesis aims to describe how grammar school pupils work with artificial intelligence, how often and for what purposes they use it, what trials and errors may simultaneously arise, and to analogise the constructed papers from various viewpoints. In accordance with the thesis's objective, a total of six research questions are formulated, which are answered in the thesis. Based on the answers to the research questions, two out of three established hypotheses are disproved. Mixed research combining quantitative and qualitative approaches is conducted to answer the research questions and test the suppositions. During lectures, students are assigned to create an essay on one of three biological topics (cell structure, plant reproduction, and amphibians in the Czech Republic) using internet resources and artificial intelligence. These writings are analysed using the open coding method based on grounded theory. The second segment is a questionnaire focusing on students' use of artificial...
Birdwatching in the Non-breeding Season: a Long-term Project for Years 7-9 in Secondary School
Tissari, Miia Aine ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Andreska, Jan (referee)
This master's thesis deals with creating and implementing a long-term school project focused on birdwatching and bird species identification in the non-breeding season. Over a seven-year period, ten 7th -9th grade classes, in total 181 students from two elementary schools, participated in the project. At the beginning and end of the project, students were quizzed on identifying 33 bird species that commonly visit or are seen in the area around the bird feeder. Birdwatching occurred from mid-October to mid-March at bird feeders the students had placed near their homes. The students regularly recorded their observations in their ornithological journals. The project fell under the science curriculum but was also integrated as a cross-curricular project into other subjects, especially art education. The project significantly improved the students' knowledge and skills, increased their interest in birds, and raised their awareness of the need for bird conservation. Students became significantly more proficient in using the resources and equipment needed to observe and identify birds. The students' interest in nature, especially in their immediate surroundings, increased significantly. The results show that long-term natural science-based projects can positively impact education, help build environmental...
Study of relation of public to protection of nature in Jeseníky mountains
Beranová, Markéta ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
The thesis examines a relation of visitors of the protected landscape area to the nature protection, tourism and other sport activities. It summarizes theoretical findings about the Protected Landscape Area Jeseníky and about the National nature reserve Praděd - characterizes their territory, subject of protection and is concerned also with their exploitation from the point of view of tourism and sport activities from past to present. The part of this thesis is also analysis of territorial documentation - territorial plans and a plan of the care. It is traced, how is resolved the problem of tourism and sport activities in it, in connection with protected territory. The thesis also contents the results of a field questionnaire, which came through on the territory of Praděd. The goal of the research was an investigation of opinions of visitors about the area as such, but first of all about the relation to nature protection, about the work of the administration of the landscape protected area and about the relation to downhill skiing and biking tourism. Powered by TCPDF (
Science-Oriented Courses of the University of the Third Age from the Perspective of Their Participants
Jedlička, Tomáš ; Mourek, Jan (advisor) ; Andreska, Jan (referee)
Factors affecting the motivation to study natural sciences are intensively researched. However, most authors focus on younger age groups of the population, especially primary and secondary school students. On the other hand, in my rigorous work and published article, I focused on the education of seniors. Their interest-based education at retirement age is becoming more and more important, as the population in the Czech Republic is aging overall. Using semi-structured interviews with eight participants in science-oriented university courses for the third age at the Faculty of Science of Charles University, I tried to find out the factors that motivate seniors to study and I asked them how they evaluate the courses, which they attend. I carried out the research in my diploma thesis (Jedlčka, 2018) and subsequently published in the journal Bioolgie-chemie-zeměpis (Jedlička and Mourek, 2023). In the author's commentary, I place the issue of the university of the third age and the participants in their courses in the context of the covid-19 pandemic, which significantly changed the course of the university of the third age. In the commentary, I also address the seniors themselves, who were significantly affected by the pandemic, and not only in terms of health. The author's commentary, together with...
Methods of Weather Forecasting and Their Use in Biology at the Lower Secondary School
Vladyková, Martina ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Andreska, Jan (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to meteorology and its inclusion in the teaching of biology in primary school. It also focuses on various examples of weather forecasting methods and their subsequent use in teaching. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces basic meteorological concepts, instruments and methods of weather forecasting. It also deals with the history of meteorology and weather forecasting. A large part of the chapter on weather forecasting methods consists mainly of the possibilities of forecasting on the basis of own observations and by means of observations of nature. This section also includes an analysis of textbooks for primary school grades 1 and 2 to provide an overview of the inclusion of meteorology or weather forecasting in science and science education. The practical part of the thesis is aimed at verifying the real use of three methods of weather forecasting (changes): the storm glass, the leech barometer and a simple physical barometer made from a jar and a glass bottle. The final thesis is also devoted to a practical observation in the context of laboratory activities for 6th grade primary school students. The observation was designed to enrich the teaching of the topic of ringworms, which is included in the curriculum of the sixth grade.
Application of the Reading Comprehension Method in the Teaching of Selected Species of Amphibians at Lower Secondary Education
Korečková, Valentýna ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
In my diploma thesis I apply the reading comprehension method in the biology and I focus on selected species of amphibians. Understanding the text is a prerequisite for learning from the text, and it is an important part of understanding the world. This is the reason why I use a multidisciplinary approach and I included reading comprehension methods in the teaching of amphibians in elementary school. In my diploma thesis, I made a research which I examine whether students with learning disabilities will be able to understand the text, or whether they will be more successful in a simpler text supplemented with pictures and graphs. Furthermore, I deal with whether teaching with the application of the reading comprehension method will increase students' interest in the discussed topic and whether these students will be more successful in verifying their knowledge than students who were taught using the frontal method. I have chosen methods to achieve the goals which are: a frontal teaching method, teaching with the application of developing reading comprehension, a test in the form of a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview with pupils. It is a mixed research, where I combine qualitative and quantitative research procedures. This research is implemented at a selected elementary school. The...
Teaching of Hydrobiological Themes in the Natural Science at 2nd Grade of Elementary Schools in Central Bohemia
Mázlová, Kristýna ; Hanel, Lubomír (advisor) ; Andreska, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis is focusing on explaining the teaching of hydrobiological topics in natural science classes at the secondary level of primary schools, specifically in the Central Bohemian Region. The aim of the thesis is to: - introduce the issues of hydrobiological topics in natural science classes to the reader - to implement these topics into teaching at the secondary level of primary schools - to find out how these teachings are applied into practice on the secondary level of primary schools in the Central Bohemian Region - (and) to find out how much the students are interested in learning about hydrobiological topics The diploma thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part talks about hydrobiological theory, aquatic environment, and individual representatives of fauna and flora that occur in the studied area. It also explores the idea of anthropogenic activity (which has an impact on the aquatic environment), and the protection of waters and their habitats in the Czech Republic. In the second part, the thesis explores the characteristics of the Central Bohemian Region from the perspective of hydrobiology and selected places that are interesting and suitable for excursions. In the practical part of the thesis, selected natural science textbooks were...

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