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Mystification in Art Education / Reality and Fiction
Daňhelková, Anna ; Špirk, Ivan (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Pedagogická fakulta Mystifikace ve výtvarné výchově/Skutečnost a fikce Anna Daňhelková Katedra výtvarné výchovy Pedf UK Vedoucí diplomové práce: doc. ak. mal. Ivan Špirk Studijní program: Učitelství pro základní školy, I. ST 2019 ABSTRACT: The diploma thesis is focused on mystification in literary and visual arts, and on the use of this topic in art education at primary school. At the same time, the thesis deals with the concept of art and also with interdisciplinary relations. The aim of the thesis is to create an art work composed of fictitious artefacts that make a record of a foreign trip. Furthermore, the work of art is linked to the lessons of art education. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to introduce a theory that examines the subject of mystification and the diary. Furthermore, it is necessary to create artefacts and test the art lessons in practice. The contribution of the thesis is the creation of artistic work, which can be used within the motivational part of individual art lessons and thus to link the areas of education. The thesis is divided into three parts. First, the theoretical part which explains the concept of mystification and introduces authors related to this topic. It also deals with the conceptual art and its influences on the further development of...
Table game of questions and answers as a support for teaching the history of art
Poštová, Lucie ; Daniel, Ladislav (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of board games. It is divided into three parts, the theoretical, practical and didactic part. In the theoretical part, the author describes iconography of board games and playing board games from the Middle Ages to the present time. The use of board games is interpreted on specific works of art in painting, sculpture and crafts. The practical part was focused on the creation of an art history educational board game, which develops knowledge in the form of a quiz with questions and answers. The game was redesigned as a digital / online version and a mobile application. Versions of the game were created in a unified author's design. In the didactic part, the author examines whether the game is a suitable teaching material for teachers, students and a group of respondents from the general public. It also includes a methodology for secondary school teachers on how to deal with play in teaching.
Tracks in contemporary art
Houšková, Aneta ; Daniel, Ladislav (advisor) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis as a whole deals with the topic of tracks in contemporary art. It is divided into three parts. Theoretical, didactic and practical part. In the theoretical part, I first define what a track means to me and I apply this definition when searching for tracks in the works of contemporary artists. The theoretical part of the work includes an interview with Patrik Proška, an artist creating some of his works in public space. In the didactic art project, created for high school students, the topic of tracks is viewed somewhat more freely. The main goal of the thematic unit is to lead students to think about tracks through their own artistic activity. Based on the experience gained, they should be able to think about the transience of the tracks, the meaning of our legacy and the consequences of our existence. I especially focus on the art area related to land arts and street art or graffiti. The practical part is the result of my reasoning about the tracks left in public space. I established my reasoning on the knowledge gained in the theoretical part. The result is a set of author's books that document my thoughts on the tracks found or created. I focused my attention mainly on the human desire to leave their tracks in the public space. KEY WORDS track, public space, art, land art,...
New forms of sculpture in contemporary art
Macháčková, Anežka ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with new forms of sculpture in contemporary art. The theoretical part describes the development of sculpture and its changes in the course of time with a special emphasis on current Czech authors and their work. It also comments on materials and themes which most frequently occur and are used in sculpture. Last but not least, his part also deals with a public space and placing sculptures in here. The practical part presents a series of author's sculptural works which focus on various materials possibly usable in Art classes at the first school. Properties, availability and durability of the materials are examined and evaluated. In the didactic part, the author presents work of 5th year pupils who were inspired by creations of Anna Hulačová, a Czech sculptor. In the end, sculpture exhibitions visited by the author are presented. KEYWORDS Anna Hulačová, material, sculpture, theme, public space
Artistic creation as the possibility of intercultural understanding
Stránská, Nikola ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
The thesis is devoted to the topics of multicultural and intercultural education. The aim of the thesis is to illustrate the cross-sectional theme of multicultural education and its shift to intercultural education. The aim of the empirical part is to contribute to intercultural understanding through a thematic series of art assignments with intercultural content. In the reflective balances of past art blocks, the research probe uses the open coding method to find answers to research questions. The author's own collection, presenting the pupil's final work, forms part of every artistic assignment carried out.
Landscaping and other limits. (The Prehension of the landscape in the Art and Art Education throught exploration of the fine art)
Zástěrová, Alena ; Velíšek, Martin (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
/ a b s t r a c t This thesis deals with the environment of the landscape in connection to movements of the body and of the mind which result in an art gesture. It closely focuses on an individual experience of a landscape as a unique environment. It explains concepts and speculates about their meanings. Through interviews, the thesis presents different approaches to art from plethora of artists, who work in and with the landscape. It deals with a didactic project which aspires to inspire students to think more deeply about the environment that surrounds them and to communicate their understanding o fit through art. Personal artworks created in Finland in the Arctic Circle region capture motion in the landscape of the nature and that of the mind.

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