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Readiness of beginning teachers for prevention and solution of school bullying
Najmonová, Dominika ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Richterová, Magdalena (referee)
This thesis discusses to what extent new teachers are equipped and prepared to prevent and deal with school bullying. The theoretical part aims to define used terms and explain what they entail. These terms include: new teachers, teacher typology, teacher training, bullying, stages of bullying, bullying prevention, and above all, steps to handle bullying. The practical part focuses on the conducted qualitative research, describing the chosen method, the process and its results. It offers answers to whether new teachers feel equipped and prepared to deal with and prevent school bullying or not. The main aim of the research is to find out how new teachers handle situations related to school bullying: which detection methods they use; with whom they cooperate; how they address these situations or how they would do so. Moreover, the thesis provides an insight into how prepared they feel, with their formal qualification and training, for these crisis situations.
Environmental education in the after-school club
Hrabíková, Adéla ; Thorovská, Alena (advisor) ; Zvírotský, Michal (referee)
Title of bachelor's thesis: Environmental Education in School Clubs This bachelor's thesis is focused on school clubs, environmental education and possibilities of introducing the environmental education into extracurricular education of children. The theoretical part describes basic terms of the school clubs and environmental education, their history and offers examples of implementing the environmental education into the school clubs. Further on it summarizes possibilities of realizing the environmental education in school gardens. It emphasizes the importance of forming relationship with nature and the environment. The practical part of the thesis looks at using the school gardens as an irreplaceable attribute to school education. It not only forms positive attitude and knowledge of students but also provides school clubs with an outdoor space for leisure time. It gives examples of suitable and unsuitable plants and other elements for the school gardens. The thesis presents a draft design of a school garden with description of individual parts and plants of garden and its use for primary and secondary school and school clubs. It descibes the place within the garden and its close proximity. Keywords: school club, environmental education, school garden, nature, environment
Mapping the role of the child in generation gap
Hrdličková, Michaela ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Richterová, Magdalena (referee)
In my bachelor's thesis entitled Mapping the role of the child in intergenerational relationships using case studies, I focused on the important role of family upbringing in the life of the child and his/her relationship with the grandparents. Through qualitative research I looked for differences in parenting. In my small scale research sample, I met children who showed interest in their grandparents. In my work, I examined both people who are caring or have cared for a loved one and their reasons for doing so, as well as the elderly who are being cared for. I was interested in how satisfied they are with their care, and whether there is a difference between seniors who are intensively cared for by their loved ones or who are dependent on the care of other people in a facility. From the questionnaires I found out that people who care for someone regularly are extremely mentally and physically exhausted, but they do it gladly and with love. Some feel it is an obligation, but if they are able to provide care themselves, they always want to take care of their loved one. Seniors, whether living at home or in a facility, are happy to have someone helping them with their care and they are not alone. How each person deals with their old age is very individual, it depends on their satisfaction with the...

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