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Teacher professions from the point of view of pupils, parents and of teacher selected primary school
Melenová, Lada ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
This diploma thesis brings information about the perception of the teaching profession by secondary school students, their parents, and teachers of a selected primary school. The aim of the work is to find out with the help of questionnaires, how pupils and their parents subjectively see and perceive teachers and how the teachers who teach pupils themselves see their profession as a teacher. In the theoretical part, I deal with the historical development of education and the teaching profession in our territory. I also deal with the characteristics of the teaching profession by clarifying the very concept, personality traits, and typology of the teacher's personality. This section also includes chapters on the competence of the teacher, his authority and motivation to choose the teaching profession. In the last part, I deal with the current form of the teaching profession in primary school, the requirements for the profession, and including selected problems of our education. In the practical part, I used a questionnaire survey to evaluate the data obtained by individual respondents among students, parents, and teachers and then I analyzed the data of individual groups of respondents and drew a conclusion. Keywords profession, teacher, elementary school, parents, education, teacher's personality,...
Life satisfaction of Czech children: a comparison of selected researches
Matoušková, Veronika ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of life satisfaction of children. Theoretical part of the thesis characterizes the term well-being according to various authors and the issues of its Czech translation. Theoretical part also explains approaches to well-being, its components and predictors. The diploma thesis characterizes the term life satisfaction and its predictors as well. In addition, this thesis summarizes the approaches to measurement of life satisfaction of both adults and children. The crucial part of the thesis is the presentation of selected international and Czech researches carried out in the Czech Republic. The main aim of the thesis is to compare methodologies of these researches with respect to the description of research sample, data collection and measurement of life satisfaction. The thesis also aims to compare the results of selected studies and find out whether Czech children are satisfied or not. The results of this thesis show that Czech children are in general satisfied; all selected studies have confirmed that. The researches differ on whether girls are less or more satisfied than boys. Nevertheless, gender differences were proved statistically insignificant. The paper also shows that international researches focus on the level of life satisfaction only, whereas Czech...
Early leavings students'at school
Kalašová, Renata ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
The main topic of this dissertation is the phenomenon of premature exits from high-school studies which more often end by the really finish of studies. The problem is bigger that it seems to be and it is not only the problem just for education but it is the problem for the whole society with connetions to the economic, psychology, sociology and other areas. The term of this disseration is not only to determine the premature exits from high schools, their reasons and connections but to determine the pupil's personality from the evolutionary psychology view. The parts of this dissertation are also my own experiences and special arrangements to stop the premature exits from abroad. In the theoretical part I take the extract not only from the professional literature but my other sources are professional magazines, the National Education Institute and the Education Law. The practical part is based on the empirical research which is divided into few parts. It uses the quantitative research made by the data from the school register, and it is added of questionnaire for pedagogues, headmasters and new coming students. From the research we know that the premature exits mostly apply to the apprentices. It depends mostly on the disinterest in the course of study. In this part I connected the research with the...
Self-concept and professional self-concept of adolescents at secondary schools
Hušková, Andrea ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
The thesis will deal with the relationship of adolescents' self-concept according to their life plans. The work focuses on the issue of their own self-professional concept in their third term of vocational school and fourth term of secondary vocational school. The aim of this work is to describe the relation of the students of the vocational school and secondary vocational school to themselves, how they evaluate themselves, as well as their relation to self-professional concept, to their future goals related to their professional life and further education. The theoretical part deals with their own understanding of self-concept, its development from childhood to adolescence, of the development of themselves and self-professional concept, the importance of life plans for the future life of adolescents on the basis of professional Czech and foreign literature. At the end of the theoretical part, there will be laid theoretical foundations for the research, which will be the content of the practical part of this work. The empirical part of the thesis will analyze the survey made at secondary schools, which focuses on themselves and self-professional concept of selected pupils of the fourth term of secondary vocational schools and the third term of vocational schools. A combination of qualitative and...
Portfolio of professional development - Tomáš Mikule
Mikule, Tomáš ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
The goal of my bachelor's work is to prove, that during the studying at the university I got many capabilities, which could not be obtained in the practise. The work has been divided into several parts, but all of them go in for the teaching profession of the professional training, and so even from the theorethical or the practical point of view. The part of this work includes the structured curriculum vitae, the technical essay, conspectus of the book according to one's own choice, the case school study, the written preparation for the pedagogical activity, finalized by the concluding considerstion over the contribution of the study. case study, preparation, essay, teacher, abstract
Stress factors and their possible effect on the teachers in a selected school
Hudečková, Dana ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on stress factors and their possible effect on the teachers in a selected school. The theoretical part describes stressful and risk factors, which negatively influence the occupation of a teacher and therefore affect teachers' mental health. Not only stress and stressful situations are described in this chapter but also their causes and possible techniques to manage them. This part also deals with occupational burnout and its most common causes. Further, the occupational burnout prevention and relaxation techniques to avoid the burnout are described. The last important topic in the theoretical part is mental hygiene and how is mental hygiene perceived. This topic also concentrates on principles of mental hygiene, which are considered to be a tool for supporting mental health and can help avoid the mentioned syndrome. The final theoretical part describes professional development as a kind of protection of mental hygiene and gives examples of selected specific techniques. The practical part of the diploma thesis contains a research, which is focused on stressful factors influencing the teachers working in Soukromá střední škola a Základní škola, s.r.o. in Mladá Boleslav. The methods of questionnaire, interview and observation are used to find out the stress level...
Self-education as a specific professional acitvity of a teacher
Hovorková, Karolína ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on observation of a teaching staff of a small Czech rural primary school with regard to self-education of these teachers. The theoretical part focuses on the methods and principles of self-education and self-education of the primary school teachers. In the practical part, the quantitative method is used - all teachers of the surveyed staff completed a structured questionnaire as well as a qualitative method - these teachers were interviewed individually. The aim of this work is to map the methods and principles of self-education and aspects that make it difficult or impossible for teachers to self- educate, or circumstances in which the teachers would be willing to educate themselves. This work can be considered an action research that has been subjected to a small but maximum possible sample. The survey showed how these teachers educate themselves, what prevents them from self-education, and under what circumstances or in what areas they would like to be self-educated.
Burn-out of primary school teachers
Maršík, Petr ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
ABSTRACT Burn up syndrome, or a "burnout", was for the first time described in 1974. It is the psychical stadium of the human being in modern society. Especially teachers could be fully burned down. Nowadays is this problem rising up very fast in the group of educators. Teachers are the group in a huge danger of the burnout emergence, where someone could suffer with it at this time. And that`s why was dedicated this research to teachers of chosen Junior and High school. The main goal was to find out the teachers`affection of this syndrome in this concrete chosen school and find out which stressors mainly contribute to rising burnout syndrome. Partial goals should investigate methods and ways used by the teachers of this school and by the school management to protect teachers against the burnout syndrome. The quantitative research was brought into effect by the structural anonymous open, semi - closed and closed questionaire. Documents of investigation were distributed to the chosen school teachers by electronic way. The results of investigation didn't prove the burnout syndrome of this chosen school teachers. But the stressors described in professional literature were confirmed as a source of possible reason of the teachers' burnout syndrome beginning. The investigation also proved the teachers'...

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