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The Winter Food Monitoring of Long-eared Owl (Asio otus) in Wintering Grounds
Pražská, Nella ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
The aim of my bachelor's thesis is to monitor the diet of the Long-eared owl (Asio otus) in wintering grounds in selected localities in the Central Bohemian Region in the vicinity of the Kladno district. These are two localities that have been monitored before, so I continue on previous work with the same focus. The main focus is the collection, analysis of discards and its methodology. I also deal with the change of food of the eared owl during a certain period with a focus on the winter phase in connection with the temperature and the total precipitation in the given localities. The work also deals with the comparison of the results of monitoring the composition of the diet of the Long-eared owl in the same and other localities from previous research.
Use of the Brdy PLA in High-School Science Teaching
Valterová, Bára ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
Presented work studies the possibilities of recently established protected landscape area (PLA) Brdy for a systematic use in teaching nature and biology related subjects at schools closely neighboring the PLA. The theoretical part of this diploma work makes a resume of basic information regarding the legal status of PLA's and introduces the reader into main facts about the PLA Brdy focusing on its natural aspects and specifics. General methods of education are reviewed briefly, followed by a more detailed discussion about the educational form of field trip and about possibilities how such trips or excursions to the PLA Brdy can be used in the education practice. The key part of this work is a relatively large questionnaire research for teachers, pupils and students of elementary and secondary schools next to Brdy. It establishes a database of their approaches to and existing experiences with field trips generally and excursions into PLA Brdy in particular. Two separate questionnaires have been used: one for teachers (16 questions, 26 respondents) and another one for pupils and students (30 questions, 152 respondents). Therefore, the database is composed of nearly 5000 responses which have been analyzed. The results show that interviewed pupils and students are clearly interested in the nature and...
Subject Matters of Experiments and Observations in School Aquarium
Siegelová, Michaela ; Hanel, Lubomír (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis deals with the use of aquariums and aquatic animals in biology and natural history lessons. It contains ideas for school experiments and observation of various groups of freshwater animals, which are selected so that the teacher could capture them in Czech waters or buy them in pet shops. This paper presents instructions for observation and experiments regarding aquatic larvae of insects, hydrozoans, turbellarians, molluscs, annelids, arthropods, amphibians and fish. The written school experiments are accompanied by illustrative pictures and videos that will help to understand the experiment or observation. For each of the mentioned animals, its brief characteristics and information about the keeping and establishment of the aquarium are provided. The thesis also describes cold-water and hot-water aquarium keeping. For each type, the species of animals and plants that can be kept and grown in these aquariums are listed. The thesis also includes a brief description of the basic aquarium equipment such as lighting, filtration, heating and aeration. It also gives a description of the maintenance, positioning and basic care of a school aquarium.
Carabid Beetle Breeding at School
Smrž, Martin ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
The main focus of this work is the collection and breeding of ground beetles (Carabidae) for use at schools. In the theoretical part, attention is paid to the morphology of images and larval developmental stages; occurrence, food specialization, reproduction and importance of carabids. The following is an overview of selected representatives that can be found in Europe. Furthermore, the collection of insects is generally described, including methods of trapping ground beetles. In addition to the individual collection, various types of traps can be used as well. Part of the work is not only the theoretical part, but also a practical description of the implementation of own collection and breeding, which were performed on the base of the theoretical part. A total of 27 individuals were collected at four sites in the Hankovec Forest, which is located in the Karlštejn National Nature Reserve. The method of individual collection and collection using traps was used for collection. Of the three types of traps, the jar proved to be the most effective. 15 representatives were used to carry out the research, and were placed in three types of insectariums. They were placed in various places to cover the needs of sunlight, shade, moisture, etc. The insectarium made of a plastic crate, the so-called faunabox,...

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