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Residential market - Prague vs. Bratislava
Killingerová, Michaela ; Dušek, David (advisor) ; Púchovský, Branislav (referee)
The residential market is in contrast to other markets and differs even from individual segments of the real estate market. This thesis provides an overview on residential market at both theoretical as well as practical level. The first part of the thesis defines and differentiates the residential market. The middle part focuses on two specific markets - Prague and Bratislava. In final chapters adopted knowledge is applied in the valuation calculations and valuation reports of specific projects owned by the internationally active developer based in Prague.
Analysis of the Real Estate Market in the Czech Republic and Ireland with Focus on Houses
Dušek, David ; Klika, Pavel (referee) ; Komosná, Milada (advisor)
This thesis compares residential realties market in the Czech Republic and in Ireland. Thesis also describes all methods of appraisement used both in the Czech Republic and Ireland. It also analyses market segmentation in chosen regions of each state. There is created database of family houses, which are destined to be sold.
Valuation of Hotels
Svoboda, Václav ; Dušek, David (advisor) ; Šrytr, Pavel (referee)
The thesis deals with comparison of selected methods applicable in valuation of hotels. Methods are applied to the valuation of a particular hotel. The hotel is valued by the cost method, comparative methods, income methods and other methods used in the valuation of hotels. The results are compared, any differences are analyzed. Valuation of the hotel is based on financial analysis, strategic analysis, forecast of value drivers and financial plan.
The real estate appraisal as a collateral
Hakl, František Marian ; Dušek, David (advisor) ; Šrytr, Pavel (referee)
The real estate appraisal within the banking industry is a specific discipline. Hence, there is a lack of theoretical background, especially in the Czech language. The aim of this work has two main parts. Firstly, there are analysed potential valuation bases and concrete approaches which are offered. Secondly, it is focused on practical determination the market value and the collateral value of the real property, regarding the current approaches using in the Czech banking industry.
Comparison of Selected Deposit Products for Individuals
Dušek, David ; Benešová, Lucie (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the comparison of deposit products for students and its current situation in the Czech Republic. At first, the bachelor thesis explains the basic terms related to the field of bank products. The analysis and subsequent comparison of selected bank products are carried out using the ranking method and then the scoring method. The results of the analysis and comparison are used for selecting the best option. The last part gives recommendations to the management of Czech banks on how to attract more students as their clients on the basis of survey.
System for Telemarketing Company
Dušek, David ; Rychlý, Marek (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
Thesis contains design and implementation of information system for Telemarketing Company. System is implemented in PHP language supported by Zend Framework. Used framework is properly described in this thesis, as well as related software pattern MVC and design pattern Front Controller. There is also explanation of Data Mapper design pattern.
Modular CMS System for Web Management
Dušek, David ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
The content of this thesis is the design and implementation of system for managing website. At first we define term content management system and existing open-source systems of this type are discussed. Then we determinate the requirements for the designed system, including an application that enables centralized management of updates, operating on different domains. In the next part we design architecture of system and implement it with using Nette framework and database layer Doctrine.
Office market in Czech Republic
Ehrenberger, Patrik ; Dušek, David (advisor) ; Rosenthaler, Jan (referee)
Master`s thesis topic is characteristic of office market and it`s distinction among other segments of reality market. Inseparable part of the thesis is also analysis of development between years 1995 and 2013 with orientation toward prague office market and it`s comparison with other european cities. Furthermore thesis discusses options of applicability of initial, reversionary and equivalent yields as comparable figures across investment and geographical markets and application of exit yield for property valuation in discounted cash-flow model. Established facts are applied on office building Rivergarden II-III in dynamically developing district Karlín in Prague 8.
Valuation of industrial real estate
Langer, Petr ; Dušek, David (advisor) ; Šrytr, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to explain the operation of the industrial market and the procedure for their valuation. The main objective is the comparison of Czech and international RICS standards and their practical application in the valuation of two concrete industrial estate. The first valuation is based on the Czech legislation and it is used the cost, comparative and DCF method together with the residual method. Valuation of the prime real estate valuation is based on international RICS standards are it is applied Hardcore & Layer and Term & Reversion valuation methods.

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